Reviews for Happy Birthday Nikki
JEREMY chapter 1 . 6/19/2016
I'm glad the TV show NEVER touched on this,so we cybergeeks can have these moments to ourselves.

Slayer3 chapter 1 . 8/10/2009
Welcome to the VIP section of the Pit of Voles. There are very few fics in this section as well this fandoms pretty obscure..I stumbled upon your fic quite by accident. And despite me being a the biggest Nikki/Johnny shipper in the world I decided that I would try and see if I read this one...Well I couldnt..Its not bad, its just boring..Nothing happens..Nikkis been reduced to well someone I dont recognize at all..and Kay? Shes the last person I would ever think to even go that way..And for the record Nikki was 28 in Season One, maybe younger..Its not a big deal, just that you could easily look that up on the as far as everyone writing Tasha/Val that only came about in Season 4 in after the eppy Sunshine Girls, but I have yet to see any T/V fics on here...99.9% of the fics on this site are Nikki/Johnny..I and my friends having written most of them..Now that its out of the way..Let me say one or two or three things..Nikki wouldnt speak or act in the way youve made her..Season One isnt the best record of her character at all..I mean granted they didnt have the greatest talent in character development well the lack thereof lol..But still shes former Marine for Gods sake, just cause she likes to blow stuff up doesnt automatically suggest she would go that way, not that she wouldnt...But there is ZERO canonical evidence of that...On the other hand I can believe just about any ship as long as its written well and is believable..mortal enemies, no...rivals sure...Another thing is the fact its a one shot..ITs soo annoying..You just cant throw out all of canon and just assume they've both decided to go that direction for no other reason than you want them too which isnt a good reason at all...Seriously I wouldntve have minded if it was a longer fic that explored both their feelings and thoughts..the fact that Nikki is Italian and catholic how would that play into it? and kay shes very reserved well most of the time how would she come to grips with her choice? Relationships are complex you just cant write about two people getting together in one chapter and call it a day..Esspeically that kind of relationship it took Willow on Buffy like what 4years to figure out she was gay...All the while she was struggling with her previous relationships with Xander and Oz...Slow down dont jump to the good stuff right away...Really think about how each characater and their friends would react to such a finding...And finnally please please watch more than season one..Season two might put a different spin on well youll see..Anyhow welcome and you can choose to take my advice or not which is fine..I know its fanfiction you can write what you want..its more of should you...Feel free to flame or review any fic Ive written I dont mind..most of them arent finished yet, cause well Ive had writers block for a long time..Im not flaming you or anything theres plenty of other people that will do that..Im giving constructive comments, which I hope you will take to heart as a fellow writer..:-D

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