Reviews for Second Chances
emilyhotchner-and-olicityfan chapter 22 . 4/14
Awwww! I love the conversation! Lol. Hotchkin! Hahahha! I cried when they had the kid talk, the pic in the wallet. Lol. Papa prentiss didn't know about jack. I love hotch's reason for what he did to that s.o.b. Go papa prentiss! Help dave! Go! Go! Go!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/12
So happy to see an update on this one. I love how you write Emily's dad. And I can't wait to find out how things get "fixed" by Papa Prentiss. Please don't leave us hanging too long! :)
Guest chapter 22 . 4/12
Lovely chapter. Thank you so much.
MH96 chapter 22 . 4/12
Love this fic, love how you've written Emily's dad :)
ramona chapter 22 . 4/10
rmpcmfan chapter 22 . 4/10
I definitely like this version of Emily's father, so protective of her and her team.
SouthunLady chapter 22 . 4/9
Oh, yes, Papa Prentiss coming to the rescue! Doing what Hotch and Rossi couldn't do and without anything coming back to haunt them. And hopefully, we'll have another little Hotchkin soon.
Guest chapter 22 . 4/9
I love this story!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/9
Yes, thank you for updating this. I loved this chapter and it made my day. There is no love like fatherly love, this coming from a Daddy's Little Girl. Can't wait for another chapter :)
lovelyja chapter 22 . 4/9
I feel your pain there with the migraines, I usually get at least one bad one a week, and mostly one headache a day. Writing sure is fun with them suckers around, right? And even though this story and the hours sometimes have months between updates, I never have to reread parts of it to remember what's going on, because I always remember your stories and these are my favourite fanfictions I've read. So even though there are huge gaps between updates, I don't mind because the quality of your writing definitely makes up for it. Keep it up, and I can't wait for your next updates :)
Sam 'Dimples' Swarek chapter 22 . 4/9
Great chapter. I feel for
U with the migraines. I suffer badly too.
HPforever-after chapter 22 . 4/9
Good job and I'm so happy that someone is going to help Rossi
gitana082 chapter 22 . 4/9
Finally, update! I love this story, and happy to read a new chapter.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/28
Beautifully done loved it! Hope you plan to update soon. :)
gitana082 chapter 21 . 2/12
Great chapters, I dont understand, how the updates escaped my attention. You love to write about Emily's dad, and I love to read about him. :) I'm too tired to write an extra comment on the Lonly Heart update, but I liked it as well as this!
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