Reviews for Loss of a Lovegood
yeah chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
nice descriptions & stronq words & whatnot.
asterdarling chapter 1 . 6/22/2010
Ashley chapter 1 . 3/29/2010
Woo luna. you might want to put this in her dad's point of veiw
Scared-Like-Me chapter 1 . 8/3/2009
loved it, so ad!

heal my bleeding heart
xXBrittanyXx chapter 1 . 7/17/2009
AW! so sad! :( :( but it was great! :) :)
Lula with the snakes chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
I love Luna! Poor girl u.u
Amanda 676 chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
Luna is my favorite character of the HP series!

I loved your story! It captured the horror of Luna's loss beautifully as children do tend to believe their parents can fix anything. I got lost for a moment in the hallway while Luna searches for her mother but only because I didn't understand how time was moving at first but you explain that well. Luna's unique outlook is humanized a bit when she smiles at people to make them more uncomfortable at the funeral. You really nailed it!
Echo Chambers chapter 1 . 6/24/2009
You captured Luna perfectly. Beautiful story.
Jane chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
This is quiet sad...
kataang160 chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
I liked this.
ThePip6 chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
Hmm Interesting

I guess I never actually thought about how Luna's mother died, I thought you had a rather good description although it seems a little bit like it was Xeno's fault.

Keep on writing

carlos chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
Woah that was a sad story.

sSounds like something that would be on a harry potter book.

Its awesome, good job i guess.