Reviews for Jurassic Park: Survival
Teshy chapter 20 . 10/3
*smiles* I could not stop reading Your fic. I had lots of fun with it. You have done a great job for someone who didn't know where they were going. I am so curious and want to know where you are going with this lol. I will keep my eyes peeled for more. Keep up the great work. I am also curious if Dar will be becoming part raptor or something. Or be able to talk to the raptors. I love brit too and Kel They are awesome. I so see Selene loving Dar as a mate. also see the attacks as being cause she has Selene's scent all over her. :) anyways awesome job keep it up.

dinomonfan chapter 8 . 8/21
if a t rex dies i will actively hunt you down and kill you
amber.lincoln3 chapter 20 . 8/20
Please more!
write more soon chapter 20 . 8/14
write more soon
patrick.dejong94 chapter 15 . 8/8
get off the WTF train? sorry Darla but thats not possible
write more chapter 19 . 8/3
write more
Gage the Hedgehog chapter 19 . 8/3
Good work even if it is short. Take your time when updating and if you have any problems with your stories, I understand.
the unsung antihero chapter 19 . 8/3
Short chapter, I'd almost go as far to say it was filler, however it is understandable considering the time of year(school starting back up), I actually had to delay the first post of my first fic due to it.
Gage the Hedgehog chapter 18 . 7/13
Good work on the chapter. I am glad to read it.
nick chapter 18 . 7/9
I hope the raptor and her get together, hell you could make a plot twist like becoming a mother to a baby raptor that has her eye color and abit of her personality.
Nox Arcana the Necronomicon chapter 1 . 7/11
I love this story, would you be including Jurassic world in this?
Emperor Ruanek chapter 18 . 7/5
Thank you very much for the story thus far. It's been a good read. I'll keep it followed so whenever you find your muse and decide to let your talent flow again, I can enjoy the story. Thanks again and please keep writing!
loveorpain chapter 18 . 6/28
I love this story.
Shadow315 chapter 18 . 6/27
I love this! And Kelly with a raptor? ... how *would* that work? lol

Shadowstreak chapter 18 . 6/25
I love this and i just found it please continue i cant wait for the next chapter i hope they meet the survivors real soon and i hope whats his name billy doesnt steal eggs from the pack of raptors the girls are with and why does darla keep getting hurt its like shes a trouble magnet.
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