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Mykall chapter 27 . 6/8/2014
good but another one that would fit with Nick and Cherise is god gave me you by blake Shelton I dont know who the other singer is but there are two versions anyway here you go have fun!
catiegates chapter 48 . 1/27/2013
For Jess, Indian Outlaw was the only song I could think of that matched his character. After I finished the book, I listened to that song a hundred times! :D

I'm just glad that I wasn't the only one who thought of that song!
catiegates chapter 5 . 12/1/2012
I really like this list for her! :) But did you realize you put Single Ladies on here twice?
Countess Millarca chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
I have the same habit...there are some songs that every time I hear, I'm reminded of characters in books I've read. For example, when I first listened to "All these things" by "The Cinematics", my mind went straight to Ash & Artemis's relationship. It just fits perfectly in my opinion.
nairiefairie chapter 41 . 8/11/2012
Your use a lot of the same songs for multiple characters.
Personally i'd add a few to ash's
Rootless Tree - Damien Rice : Ash and Arty to a 't'
Dare you to Move - Switchfoot : Ash against everyone, mainly i think Nick
Brother - Matt Corby : Nick again
Dirty Little Secret - All American rejects : lol ok so it’s Arty about ash …
Gin Sling - Yves Klein Blue : Ash’s anthem almost
Just Like You - Three Days Grace
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Make Damn Sure - Taking Back Sunday : creepy but this works for all the times Arty summons Ash
Say you’ll haunt me - Stone sour : For Tory
Apple of the Eye - Something with Numbers
Wandered - Skipping Girl Vinegar
My World - Sick puppies
nairiefairie chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
Lonely day - system of a down
thats what i picture for him
CrazySleepinBitchNewGirlCousin chapter 33 . 3/31/2011
she said no but it sounded like go by this romantic tragedy. this song makes me think of appollymi

bad girlfriend by theory of a dead man. reminds me of tabby and val.
CrazySleepinBitchNewGirlCousin chapter 38 . 3/30/2011
issues by escape the fate for the dark hunters

the letter by hoobastank all the dark hunters betrayed by their significant others.

everything by michael buble
HerMemoriesErased chapter 2 . 1/25/2011
I think Dirty Diana (because Diana is Artemis' Roman name...I think) would apply to Acheron's relationship to Artemis. This is why.

"You'll never make me stay

So take your weight off of me

I know you're every move

So won't you just let me be

I've been here times before

But I was too blind to see"

This reminds me of the way Acheron acts towards Artemis after he dies. Before, when he was human, she was his world, but after that he hated her and wanted nothing to do with her.

"She's saying that's ok

Hey baby do what you want

I have the stuff that you want

I am the thing that you need

She looked me deep in the eyes

She's touchin' me so to start"

He needs her because they are bonded and he needs her blood (before he bonds with Soteria). She knows this, so she uses that against him so she can use and abuse his body.

"Dirty Diana, nah

Dirty Diana, nah

Dirty Diana, no

Dirty Diana

Let me be!"

This is about Acheron's frustration with Artemis. He wants her to go away, he wants to be free of her. But he will never be free of her because they share a child and because of the Dark Hunters.
kyoko minion chapter 37 . 1/22/2011
Guardian Angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus
kyoko minion chapter 2 . 1/22/2011

Also another good song for Ash would be Angels by Within Temptation and 3 Day Graces "World So Cold".This song kept playing in my head threw the chapters for after Ash was castrated and on his 21st birthday.
RiNiTee chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
How come: E D-12: (Ash (Kon Artis, warning Nick about Artemis), Nick (Eminem), Kyrian (Proof))

Learn to be Lonely: Phantom of the Opera sound track: Minnie Driver/ Beyonce (Goes with the majority of the Dark-hunter and Were-hunters, but I have to give it to Fury while he was w/ his mom (he had Angelia but still didn’t tell her the truth) and during the time with his father and brothers (he couldn’t tell them b/c he was scared they would treat him like his mom did.)

(Brighter Than Sunshine: Aqualung): (You and Me: Lifehouse): (Endless Love (English version of Jackie Chan’s Myth sound track): (I Need You: Groove Coverage) : for heartbroken people who found new love: Ash and Tory, Kyrian and Amanda, Ravyn and Susan, Grace and Julian, Sunshine and Talon etc…

Take Me Away: Fefe Dobson: Katra to Ash about wanting to know about him growing up, but Artemis was always watching.

(What Have You Done? : Within Temptation): (Everbody’s Fool: Evanescence): (Angels: Within Temptation): (Ash & Artemis) he thought she was his angel and truly loved him, but she wasn’t.

(Naughty Boy: Gunther) : (Irresistible: Jessica Simpson): (Toxic: Britney Spears): All of the Dark-hunters, Were-hunter, Dream-hunters, and some Daimons.

Magic Melody: DHT: (Artemis, Ash and Dark-hunters) she said she’d show them their dreams but lied.

(You: Groove Coverage): (She: Groove Coverage): (Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me: Tata Young) : for most of the girls in the series, but the last two are for Tabitha and Cassie mostly

Fa Ru Xue: Jay Chou [Snow-Like Hair] (English Subtitles) Talon and Sunshine: Not English but it’s about reincarnation and the chance of meeting past life lovers. Sadly in the song they didn’t get together, let’s just say Artemis is the evil women in red in the music video, who steals Talon away.

Sorry if it’s too much. I listen to a lot of songs also. I know some foreign ones with subtitles as well that would go perfectly with some of the couples but don’t know if that’s your style.
xxXX1trueloveXXxx chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
As a theme for the lucky ones that found themselves a dark, were, or dream hunter cause most of them have dark pasts. Marianas trench sings beside you and it is sucha beautiful song to hear after all those years alone.

think about it as you listen to may cry...
xxXX1trueloveXXxx chapter 28 . 1/16/2011
does anyone remember a book where the girl told the guy to give her space and he was all sad and angry. well I forget the couple cause its really late but i just thought of all to my self by marianas trench for him
xxXX1trueloveXXxx chapter 37 . 1/16/2011
I have though about good to you by marianas trench for Fang and Aimee. The whoel duet thing seem perfect to me.
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