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Sarifina Filth chapter 5 . 3/25/2010
Woot! Woot!

I got a mention! YAY!

That's SO much of a relief, I was freaking out when you didn't reply for a while, I was like:

OMGOMGOMGOMG! She hates me now for abandoning her for so long. No, wait! Maybe she saw my reveiw, thought my speech was lame and dorky, and then decided I wasn't worth her time anymore! Nah, that isn't like her... Oh. My. Gosh. WHAT IF SHE QUIT FANFICTION? NO!

So thank goodness everything I guessed was incorrect!

The battle scene was SO TOTALLY WICKED!

It was a little confusing at first, the way they were supposed to fight; however, after seeing how the battle played out, it's crystal clear now, and let me tell you, It's a heck of a lot clearer in battle then it is in explanations. Either way, I think it's super super super super cool!

Is this idea derived off of something? The idea for the frequencers? I've never heard of something like that before, but I think it's a wonderful idea and I love the way you wrote that out. AM and FM? Genius! And don't worry, it made a ton of sense!

And so the plot thickens...

So the pirate didn't have Amy after all? What a shame. Where could she be then?

*gasp* Maybe... Maybe she's on *gulp* Hell's Isle! DUM DUM DUM!

I'm suprised Sonic went in sync with anyone but Amy, I was sure they were going to run away and then, with finding Amy being the only way they could fight back, go search for Amy before Blackbeard catches them! But of course my Mz. SapphireLibra3 wouldn't settle for predictable! I never know whatcha doing next! Don't worry, I'm sure I'll catch your flow of things the more of your fanfics I read.

Speaking of which, I think I want to start more of your fanfics because I'm always so bored and both The Dark Side and this one have been a blast to read. Which do you recommend?

I'm surprised your surprised I caught on that you're a girl. I understand that most girls write over-the-top fluffy fanfics while yours are half adventure (3/4 adventure, somewhere around there) and the rest fluffiness, but your name I'd never believe would belong to a dude.

Speaking of genders, I'm actually a guy...


Attempting to fill the now awkward silence,

~Sarifina Filth


Lol, I wish I could see if you fell for it, and if you had, I wish I coulda seen your expression! Tee hee.

I'm just playin', I luv ya girl! Can't wait for the next update!
Sarifina Filth chapter 4 . 3/21/2010
~I'm back!~

Hey! Wipe that terrified expression off your face! Just because you'll be forced to endure the agonizing length of my reviews as I sadsticaly analyse your chapters with a cruel accuracy on every update isn't any reason for you to be so horrified... actually I take that back. Be afraid. Be very afraid! XP

Sorry it took me so long to read this fanfic. I don't know a thing about Sonic, but I decided I should give it a shot. I suddenly had a serious missin' for the 3 whom I admire greatly for her outstanding feats with terrifyingly amazing fics. -

I hope you understand that I've only seen the first five episodes of Sonic and like half of a few other random ones here and there, so i may start rambling about things I don't understand that I would had I watched the whole show. If I do start doing that, I hereby give you permission to computer-whack me on the head. Okay?

Anyways, the first chapter was very different from what I had expected. It was a little difficult to imagine their new looks, well, besides Knuckles look, that was actually fairly predictable. -

I always used to find Amy SO annoying, it's like 'personal bubble Amy, gosh!', so i like how she's changed. Yet at the same time, it was kinda cute, ya know?

Man, and just as Sonic was going to come out and say it too... CURSE YOU STATIC!

For some reason, I am fairly amused by the title of the first chapter, 'Beginning of the End' and I'm completely overreacting about something so trivial, but I can't help it.

I was all like, 'ooh! The first chapter is the beginning of the fanfic, so that must mean the whole fanfic is the end! Wait what? The fanfic is called 'End of the World'? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! That is super amazing!' .;

Hey take that thought back about me! I'm not slow, and that's not 'just plain sad' D

As for the second chapter, OW! That was a big, heavy load to just dump on the reader! -

Just kidding, but seriously, that's a lot to process, but it's cool the way you did it like that. By dumping it on the reader like that, you were able to allow the reader to mimic Sonic's thoughts almost exactly!

It was hilarious, I was all like, "I don't really understand this" and the next line I read was, "he didn't understand any of this" XP

It really does fit well, because by the time I got to the forth chapter where everything was beginig to calm down, I was able to get a grip on the facts when Sonic was lost in thought.

Oh! And here's a random guess, is Amy on the black pirates ship? ISSHEISSHEISSHEISSHE?

Guess I'll have to wait to find out.

Oh, and speaking of waiting, I noticed updates haven't been very frequent. Not that I'm an expert on punctuality or anything (farthest from in fact), but let me remind you of a promise "I will never abandon a story", you sent me that a while ago, and I respect you dearly for that. To be honest, I've never finished a fanfic before. I'm ashamed to say every fanfic I've started, I ended up deleting without finishing. And what's more, I've just recently found out, when looking back on some of my favorite fanfics, five of them have been deleted! FIVE! I'm horrified.

So let's stick together, what do you say? I'll put my heart into reveiws to give you the strength to keep writing, and you keep writing to give me the strength to continue reveiwing. And maybe, eventually, inspired by your perseverance, I'll be able to finish a fanfic of my very own.

I love how epically I phrased that! -

Anyways, that's just a fancy way of saying you have my support, 120% and growing! 130%, 140%, 150%... well, you get the idea!

Back from the dead and ready to roll,

~Sarifina Filth
XxCheChexX chapter 2 . 6/24/2009
That was cool! Update soon!
XxCheChexX chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
Thats was a great chapter! Update soon!