Reviews for Rebirth
dragonball256 chapter 2 . 8/4/2013
Great story this was, sad u never finished it
dragonball256 chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
Well this was great, this should have happened after the film ended
Swandie chapter 2 . 10/3/2011
update please! XD wanna know next!
Swandie chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
I love it! Why this ending isn't the part of advent children? I think this story is so brilliant
Kaitlin A. Blagg chapter 2 . 5/28/2011
I absolutely love this(:

More please!
LeonHyuga chapter 2 . 3/25/2010
It was great.

I like how you continuously give insight into each of the characters' thoughts as the story progressed. Giving thoughts adds another layer to the experience, for me at least.

The fact that this story picks up right when Advent Children begins make this feel that much more part of FFVII.

I like how the reasons for both of them to openly express their feelings seemed plausible and better explained than in a decent amount of CloudxTifa fics. I also wasn't expecting the piano gift which was particularly thoughtful and sweet: he got someone else a gift on -his- birthday. I can't think of too many people who would do that. And she offered to consummate their realtionship(which is a heck of a birthday present I might add) eventhough, with it being Cloud's nature, he would've never forced or even asked that of her, especially the first time.

So...yeah. Good job. :D
Silvermoonarisato chapter 2 . 12/17/2009
Love this
LadyTeefStrife chapter 2 . 12/10/2009
Continue! please! it's so sweet!

Tifa's theme is so beautifull... I love it.

cloti is happiness!
Chibipinkbunny chapter 2 . 8/31/2009
Aw, this was really sweet _ Your writing was beautiful too. You kept everyone in character really well. I love good Cloti romance stories. Lol, it was fanfiction that really turned me onto the Cloti pairing. I was never opposed, but I didn't really care. I'm a true Zerith at heart, which you addressed nicely in chapter 1. Awesome! Yeah, that's be great if you continue it! The only thing I have against happy Cloti romance stories is that I think there is a small part of Cloud that will always be angsty. I think he moves on with Tifa after AC, but I'd like to think he's still haunted occasionally by the ghost of Zack. Hm, I don't care as much about Aerith. Lol, but that's just me ;)
TailCutter chapter 2 . 8/13/2009
you totally need to make this a full on story! oneshots are good, but this one has the potential to be a great and long fanfic
cloudlover2989 chapter 2 . 8/12/2009
very nice
Element's Sole Protector chapter 1 . 8/12/2009
Oh, I like your ending to Advent Children! (sighs) Shame on me for still looking for ways to tie myself to that awesome movie.

Ironically, one of my upcoming fics has a chapter by the name of Rebirth. But tell no one! Sh!
TheTwoDragonsQueen chapter 2 . 8/12/2009
hey i love this story its aeswome
Kisdota-The Freak Gamer chapter 2 . 8/11/2009
vLuna chapter 1 . 8/10/2009
Wow, that was really cute Perfect ending. Great work!
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