Reviews for Desiderata
dpennell007 chapter 29 . 2/10
Thanks for entertaining me with your memorable story over the last few days - between shoveling massive amounts of snow from the end of my driveway. I think I got the short end of the stick by refusing to learn how to use our snowblower.

I enjoyed watching Snarky and Smirky Cullen fall for each other. At times I wanted to bop them both over the head for being in denial for so long, but it made their coming together oh so sweet. Speaking of which - Rosalie and Emmett were a hoot from their first conversation, which led to their very excellent office encounter... And you wrapped it up with a perfect ending. Loved it!
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 29 . 1/28
Loved it so much!
Cullenosopy chapter 28 . 10/24/2014
Hi there retired fanfic writer. I read this over the last few days and I gotta wonder why it took me so long to find it. I'm glad that I did, it was most enjoyable and funny! I do wish that you were still writing fanfic, but ya gotta do what is best for yourself. I agree with your assessment of some guest reviewers. They pretty much suck. Good luck with your original fiction endeavors.

Twiolic chapter 13 . 11/27/2013
Oh what a wonderful oops!
Twiolic chapter 4 . 11/26/2013
What a fun story! I'm loving it!
onlybelieved chapter 29 . 11/14/2013
oh my god I loved this story. Thank you so much for sharing this. I wish I'd have known about it while you were posting it - I worked in a tshirt shop where you could print your own motives and slogans for a while, I've seen a few gems ;-)
maphie chapter 29 . 10/27/2013
Woot woot!
maphie chapter 10 . 10/27/2013
I'm an p&p fan too so I knew this scene was coming but I think Edward's snub is even more hurtful than Darcy's. Ouch!
FriscoTwilightChick chapter 29 . 9/5/2013
Absolutely loved this story!
LAB1 chapter 29 . 6/12/2013
Cute story! Love the awkward moments! chapter 1 . 3/27/2013
Desiderata has been added to the Featured Fics Library on www . twifanfictionrecs . com ;-)
MatingInspires chapter 29 . 1/17/2013
Surprised this doesn't have more reviews yet I couldn't stop reading once I started :). Great work!
Guest chapter 16 . 11/29/2012
I'm sorry but I don't like this Bella. She's very annoying. She has some type of a split personality. I don't know any sensible man who would want to be with her longer that it's necessery to get a blowjob.
kinsano chapter 26 . 11/12/2012
I had to find a chapter I didn't review the first time I read this. Loved it the second time, too! I've added it to my faves list!
kinsano chapter 16 . 11/11/2012
I'm reading this for the second time, so I'm hoping I haven't reviewed this chapter-I hate when I write the equivalent of a book (for me, which is around 100 words) and it won't post because I've already review before... Anyway, I caught your Notting Hill reference, but I know I missed others because I've vaguely recognized what could be other references, but couldn't for the life of me remember where.

By the way, jsyk, twizzlers do not even deserve to be called red licorice! They are like a harder version of an extruded fruit roll up, only made with fake fruit. Only Red Vines has the real licorice texture! And, since I am a licorice connoisseur and snob, I have to say that the only real licorice is black licorice and the best licorice is Red Vines! I even named my first black cat Licorice...and the second Sambuca. The third cat's name was supposed to be Anisette, Annie for short, but she earned a different nickname... Actually, your twizzler reference and my indignation reminded me I need to order more licorice from Amazon. I have to buy it by the case because I can't find the good shit anywhere, lol!
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