Reviews for A Day and A Night
Pommepoire95 chapter 40 . 4/4
This was one of the best Dramione fics I’ve ever read! Awesome job. Thank you for this!
Guest chapter 8 . 2/11
So far what I've read is wonderful. It's cute and funny at times. The mystery pulls me in deeper. Keep up the good work.
reallyseaweed chapter 35 . 1/15
What the muck is wrong with this Milo guy? Hermione is Draco mate, Draco dreamed about her since he was 14 or 15! This Milo guy made me so angry right now. He used his spell on Hermione. Ohh gawd! Please put a stop to this guy, please.
reallyseaweed chapter 34 . 1/15
Hermione was on the fast track with her mind today. Started out with the obvious evidence. Now who is this Jenifer Cravens? I kinda lose interest already.
Well at least Harry and Malfoy gave som amused interaction. They both said I love you Hermione. Awe
reallyseaweed chapter 33 . 1/15
I don't understand what is so Special about Hermione? I know for sure that she is the brightest witch, but what else is so special about her that someone had to kill her?
Poor Cat, why did she have to take the necklace and Draco jacket?
reallyseaweed chapter 32 . 1/15
ohhh my gosh! It is not fair to Cat at all that she was stuck in this stupid betroth. Mili and Iver just wasted her life for so many years. And now she was dead when she was trying to get Iver to love her back.
wait, so Iver knew who was his mate? who was it?
why did they kill Cat? Where was Hermione? Why the necklace and Malfoy jacket were on Cat's body?
reallyseaweed chapter 31 . 1/15
aweee! I love Dramione relationship after the hot spring. Ohh Draco is so jealous when Hermione talked and laugh with Iver. ohh Draco! Their healthy banter and kisses! I'm so glad that they are so confident in their love for one another.
what was it at the end of this chapter? gosh! someone died again!
reallyseaweed chapter 30 . 1/15
Dramione banter. Yay, they admitted their own feeling now.
It's time to deal with the case. Hmm, now that both of them think Cat was a suspect too, I began to think the same
reallyseaweed chapter 29 . 1/15
A love scene? Yes it really is. He claimed her alright! And she said she loved him as much as he loved her. Aweeeeeeeeeee. That's enough
reallyseaweed chapter 28 . 1/15
I feel bad for this Milo guy. He wasn't able to find his mate yet. He liked Hermione too, but she's not his mate. She's Draco mate. Milo wanted these couple to consummate their bond. Yeses, good thinking Milo.
Yesss, they are in the hot spring now. Good thing will happen in the next chapter, right?
reallyseaweed chapter 27 . 1/15
Yessssssss. He said that he love her. Ohh yes, he almost claimed her, but damn Hermione, she wanted to take thing slow.
reallyseaweed chapter 26 . 1/14
So Cat finally asked Draco if he loved Hermione? What would he say? Right now Granger is looking for him too, wondering why he took so long to go to her room to finish reading with her and end their date night.
reallyseaweed chapter 25 . 1/14
So Draco was the lost prince in the book? Hahah only Hermione would end their date night by reading the book, and Malfoy didn't care because he would get his kisses from her.
Now Iver is safe from the clan.
reallyseaweed chapter 24 . 1/14
Lol, continue with their date. Draco wanted to claim Hermione tonight, but it was interrupted by Cat.
Ohh no! Iver is not the murder here. What is with this other clan wanting to take Iver?
reallyseaweed chapter 23 . 1/14
Granger is always right. Draco is afraid that he would hurt her, then his actions would hurt him back. So this was his nightmare . Well they kissed and make up again. Ohh jeez when will this pass? This date was contained only a kiss . Is that it? Nothing romantic for this first date?
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