Reviews for That Butler, My Release Sono Shitsuji, Waga Kaihou
TheVHolland chapter 16 . 4/22/2016
When do you plan to update? Such a good story! Please.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/2/2016
I read the whole thing. So great. I LOVE YOU OMG AND CIEL AND SEBASTIAN AND OMG. But yeah it was good :3
wildtrance chapter 2 . 12/27/2015
The word you are looking for is spaniel. If you are going for calling Ceil a dog
Bloodina Carnage chapter 16 . 12/13/2015
Cannot unsee the horror-r o-omg
Sann chapter 14 . 11/23/2014
I've read to chapter 14 and this fanfiction is good.

But I personally don't like that Ciel is calling Sebastian for 'Master' because I sometimes get confused over if 'master' is Sebastian or Ciel. I also don't really get why Sebastian calls Ciel for 'Spinel'. But it's the authors fiction and I can't change what they want to write.

I really really dislike that Ciel is getting raped by Lau and that group of men. Normally Sebastian would have coming for thw rescue even if Ciel didn't call him but again, author's story, author's choice.

Overall 8/10.
BlackPhoenixRose chapter 16 . 5/15/2014
Why have you not updated?!
Such a good story.
Guest chapter 16 . 10/28/2013
Silver-Knightmare chapter 6 . 9/22/2012
I might explode if there isnt any of sebastian rape soon.
DeathCobraEater chapter 16 . 4/7/2012
I am in LOVE with this.

No really this is one of the best Kuroshitsuji fics I have ever read and I have read allot of them so that is saying something. I love how dominating Sebastian is and how Ceil keeps getting rapped by other people its fun in a sick twisted sort of way. Also that last chapter with Elizabeth and Maylene was priceless.

Loving it and Waiting for more,

Death Cobra Eater
JezebelStrike chapter 16 . 4/2/2012
Woah! Like for real wow. I did not see that coming.
Kick-Aft chapter 1 . 2/16/2012
read the whole thing. most interesting.
babygodzilla chapter 12 . 1/3/2012
Oh how you make my blood boil...

And not in a good way...

The thoughts of focred sex and rape. Its brutal just watching it yet to experience it thats beyond my eloquence (which isnt such a distance as it turns out) I was putting up with the crossdressing and the worn out cliche femme boy for the hopes of something good but im seriously reconsidering why im reading this. *laugh* Imagine, me getting so worked up over the corruption of an already broken fictional character. I am amazed i can feel an emotion for such q trivial and perverted thing. It seems im still too naive. but as i inwardly sigh due to exasperation and exhaustion of overused cliches and plotless smut stories i overlook the lack of originality and use of cheap mediocre porn and hentai scenarios and say 'This sucked ass' Im aware the mass majority dont agree with me. but thats fine.

Sincerely yours snd an asshole when convinient


P.s. i do not flame.
babygodzilla chapter 10 . 1/3/2012
This was interesting to say the least. I think for something that brings up a deeprooted fear from within oneself its well written enough for me to keep reading it. or as how you put it morbid fascination. (i apologize im partial since im sensitive to 'those' kind of things) not the BDSM itself but the people who participate. It scares me. Still I look to reading the rest of of the story. But out of interest on your last note as of the psychology part ive heard men who were abusees tend to become abusers so would ciel be a dom instead given his somewhat sadistic streak (or rather sociopathic, its only natural to be in such a situation)but i digress i have little to no knowledge on these things ive also been rambling a bit yes. How does one ramble on a review? (my inner monolouge seems to have adopted an old posh british accent sooo...)


Thank you for your time.

From the quite senile reptile.
1mirai chapter 16 . 5/27/2011
I know this is common question but will you ever continoue this story? It has obviously lots of fans, (because its so awesomly written _), so I bet everyone would be very happy if you'd finish it. Well, anyway, I really love your story :)
kay-kw33n chapter 13 . 5/16/2011
Ciel is disgusting me! He should have kalled sebastian seems like he wanted 2 b raped
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