Reviews for Devour Prometheus
WiseFly chapter 12 . 8/12
provocotive for sure... i enjoyed this existential question... the show the 100, adressed this in a way as well over the several seasons..
but this was very good, likely will reread
Guest chapter 12 . 6/16/2021
Wow! This story is dark and what is more disturbing is that such massacres happened in reality and at some level are still happening.
Things that happen here are so brutal that it hurts.
You are an amazing writer!
Guest chapter 4 . 6/15/2021
I just remembered why I can’t stand Kagome. With her desire to always do the right thing she is sometimes such a hypocrite. You put the accent quite right here.
Ichihimeisthebest chapter 12 . 11/1/2020
This was so deep. I feel for Kagome, she has lost more than Inuyasha in this ordeal. Perhaps, she also won something, but I don't think the experience was worth the sacrifice.

Sesshomaru melancholy was unexpected, yes, I know he lost his brother and retainers, so he had every right to think things are just about to get darker, but still, it surprised me.

Without a doubt, this fic was deep.
Kit chapter 12 . 4/15/2020
That was there darkest thing I think I have ever read. Buy it was wonderful and wonderfully written; it strikes true on the heart of humanity. Many do the wrong things because, to them, it seems right. Or perhaps they do the right thing, and it just seems wrong depending on your perspective? Either way, brilliant story, definitely makes you stop and think. Thank you!
Illyavonillya chapter 12 . 9/20/2019
this was masterful and I enjoyed it so very much
thank you
mariselortiz chapter 12 . 3/29/2019
Woww, that was supper depressing. Now, I nknow how the people in consecrated camps felt while they awaited their death. I need happy stories, please!
KannaKyomu chapter 12 . 1/5/2019
God damn. This is the darkest, ugliest take on the harshest of truths I have ever read. I want to be able to say it was beautiful in the end, like most things that are base and honest about our natures are- especially concerning the comparison of human nature and youkai nature- but damn. There isn't really any saving grace here is there? But you did write it to be this way. Dark and ugly and horrible and so terribly honest. You definitely achieved what you set out to write I'm sure, this work is unique and horrible and it slaps you in the face with it over and over again, completely and unabashedly exactly what it is. God awful and dark. This ending here is just a final nail in the coffin of fucking life. They escape, leaving nothing but utter annihilation behind them only for a final metaphor oh life setting on all of yokai kind. This shit was brutal to read, I loved every moment of it. Fantastically paced, tonally the darked fucking thing i have hands down ever read, and never shying away from the nature of people- of yokai. Thank you for all your hard work.
KannaKyomu chapter 3 . 1/5/2019
Brutal. Also, ew.
sorrellkaren chapter 12 . 7/31/2018
I feel worse for Sesshomaru than anyone. He lost his brother, both his companions, and he knows his whole race will soon fade into legend. What more can be done to him? He survived but like Kagome the cost will be too great to fathom. I hope he returns to Rin since she wasn't with him and still survives. Kagome will go home and continue to wonder what is truly right in this world. Though fantasy many lessons can be learned from this story. Men are born evil or good and they may walk both paths many times before their deaths. Like the ying and yang there is good and evil in all of us. And yes everyone falls short. It is up to us to make our lives better than others. This story really brings that home. It was brilliantly crafted and told the reader of the real story behind InuYasha's time. His father's race was disappearing and even though Sesshomaru would outlive him, even he would not be able to save them. Men were learning to rid the world of demons. You were able to take that and run with it in a way I would have never dreamed of. And give us the moral dilemma that always comes with the need to kill. Is it worth the lives of some to save the lives of others? Do we weigh lives against each other using our own pre conceived notions or is there justice in it? Ask Sesshomaru for he looses either way. Great story, loved it and marathon read it in one night.
sorrellkaren chapter 4 . 7/30/2018
I did not expect her to do that. She seems naïve to the true nature of the demon lord even though she has fought demons for years now. I love the story but that one fact seems to bother me. Has her time with InuYasha made her forget he is half of what his brother is? Or perhaps she put too much faith into Sesshomaru, because he raised Rin and loved her. I see only what we have been offered all along. A self reliant demon lord of privilege and power who loves only those he chooses and sees the rest as insects or food. The story showed he had accepted those close to him not all of humanity. Nor would he ever. I do hope he intends to save his brother though. And of course his own crew. He is faithful to those he cares about and Kagome could have been in that small group had she not just betrayed him.
sorrellkaren chapter 2 . 7/30/2018
Wow, this is interesting. Completely original from anything else I have read in any fandom the story has already pulled me in. The idea of InuYasha and Rin being taken has me concerned for them even more than Sesshomaru. Poor Jaken is also a full demon so he may be dead. Who are these people and why would they take Rin if they are human? I do not ship Kagome and Sesshomaru so I am so glad you have them together but not a couple. It makes for an interesting team to work together for their loved ones.
insanity1911 chapter 12 . 5/9/2016
Terrifying. ..disgusting...unthinkable. ...and so magnificent, intriguing, enthralling. piece of work. *chapeau*
chocolander chapter 12 . 4/23/2016
Disturbingly brilliant, but what a breath of fresh air breathed into the Inuyasha fanfic canon that probes deeper for the complex struggles and the increasingly blurry boundaries separating humans and demons. The reader is like Kagome, who naively and misguidedly assumes humans are always right in killing demons for attacking them, but is humanity really that humane after all, bleeding demons out to make medicine? This has disturbing parallels in society when humans do the same to animals, torturing them for food and medicine etc. Sesshomaru offers a contradicting view - that we do not impose our own human thinking and judgment on him, who is by nature different and leads a wholly different way of life. Too many fanfics have glossed over the primal nature of Sesshomaru who would have relied on the devouring of human flesh and organs to sustain their superior bodies and abilities. I can realistically see his pov being the indiscriminate one, not bound by any demon-centric pov, but by his own brand of morals - killing all humans and demons alike who seek to harm him and his lands. The ending is a poignant and bittersweet one; even if he has defeated the evil human merchants, but the future for demons looks very bleak and grim for the declining numbers of demons. Who knows if another greedy and bloodthirsty human merchant have it in their heads to capture and poach the few remaining demons and eventually drive them all to extinction? Please write a sequel! Maybe one in which Kagome and Sesshomaru work together for a future when demons and humans can coexist peacefully...
Guest chapter 12 . 10/18/2015
Smart fic I love it
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