Reviews for For Every Year
Inita chapter 1 . 2/25/2010
Aw, this was so cute. :) If you ask me, the "cake incident" was my favorite. ;) And the part where Shu lost his parents was pretty sad and I must say I can picture Shu acting like that when he was younger. It's pretty funny how Jiro and Kluke used to get along. Look at them now. ;) Best friends. (Or possibly more...) Your very last snippet ("twelve years old" I resume) should've been put in the game. Though that's just me. :) Honest to god, I mean what I say. Keep up the good, no... excellent work. ;)
Random Reviwer chapter 1 . 8/5/2009
You know, what can I say? Their friendship started out when they were just little kids! And I mean really little! ;) Shu seems so cute as a baby. Then again, when is a baby not cute? : Nice names for Jiro and Shu's parents. I've always wondered if Jiro's parents had a name in the game. (Heh. Rhymes.) Jiro seems really shy...then again, he is Jiro. Hmm...odd dreams about Shu disappearing? Well you can't not worry about your friend. LOL did Shu really trick Jiro?

Man Jiro and Kluke got along well in the past! XD It's nice to hear of Kluke's parents. (As well as Shu's!) Not many fanfics deal with the three's past. (here it comes!) Jerk! Darn you Nene! Killing innocent people like that? Go Jiro! Wow. Never thought I'd see the day of him playing as the hero for one part.

Ah I'm glad Shu came back to his normal self. Worried about how long it would take.

Jiro probably feels somewhat like a babysitter. Looking after Shu and all. And I'm sure it's pretty hard work seeing hos Shu's always wondering off. Even now!

Good so Jiro was able to get help after Shu had fallen. At least Kluke was able to help. And there goes Jiro who's now developed feelings for Kluke. ;)

Hah! Don't worry Shu you're not alone! I hate math just as much as you do. That's one way to get Shu to do his math, Jiro. ;)

I wonder what Shu and Kluke were arguing about? I would know if Shu wasn't being so stubborn and told Jiro in the first place. Poor Jiro. I know how he feels though when he saw Shu and Kluke together, looking happy. Oh and now he's no longer jealous of his crush.

So like Shu to say, "It's not my favorite spot's fault!" And I knew there was a connection to his favorite spot in the past and that he'd rest near it with his two best friends.

Another Land Shark attack and Shu's discussing his feelings to his "brother". I like this part. I'll try to remember it. ;)

Okay, now the cake incident I can see happening at the beginning of a new Blue Dragon game! XD Shu is so in character as well as Jiro and Kluke! So Fushira can't watch the cake without it blowing up, eh? Hilirious! Love this part!

So this is how they built the net to catch the Land Shark and I see their exchanging a few words as well.

Hm. Kind of saw this coming. Their friendship was starting to tear apart after and maybe before Kluke's birthday. Oh well I'm glad that they're back to being like they used too! _ This part should've been the "Epilogue".
hungergamesrpg chapter 1 . 7/21/2009

This beats my b-day present to her (Prince of Tennis Shaman), lol. I got her a mushroom (the stuffed thing that's in the Mario games, not the actual food).

I'm just here to reiterate how much she loves this fic (I actually have not read/seen Blue Dragon) so...yup. She was like uber-excited about this fic and apparently wanted to kill trees/print it out and paste it onto her wall or something like that lol. It's been like a month since her actual birthday and she still talks about this. Whenever she starts going on about fanfics/Blue Dragon, you and/or this fanfic comes up in the discussion (actually a lecture to me because I can't really reply back).

Anyway! I have to say that I love the last part with the conversation. Excellent ending to an excellent story. ]

-Alexandrite Celestea
Crescenta chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
I love the friendship of Jiro, Kluke and Shu. It's always flashing in my past somehow...
kotokei chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
Y-yamadori-s-senpai! A-are you a-alright? (Jiro: panicking already? Wow. It hasn't even been a week since you last talked to...*is interrupted*)(B-but...!)

Y-yes...i-its very long...ah, but before I read more...thank you. Thank you and...*bursts into tears* (Jiro: Gah!) I-I'm s-so s-sorry...A-ah, I-I'm a little o-overwhelmed r-right now...I-I'm s-so...*can't describe it at all* But...thank you.

A-and...*flushes from embarrassment*...f-for a-as long as senpai wants to, I-I (I-I'm s-so s-selfish) w-want to b-be like Shu/ is, b-best f-friends w-who c-can r-rely on each other and t-tell each other stuff and *rants on and on* (Jiro: really long.)

A-ah! D-don't be! I-it's not even a week! And I-I don't care that it's late! A-as l-long a-as it's from senpai, then...Ack! D-don't b-be! O-oh no! (Jiro: Woo, look at An panic like crazy.)(J-jiro! *flails*) I-is s-senpai a-alright? N-no, s-senpai should have r-rested a-and g-gotten b-better. *looks incredibly guilty and starts crying again* T-this i-is my f-fault, isn't it? I-I s-should have...*ranting* (Jiro: Wow. Look at that. Another panicking fit.)I-it i-is really long...No, don't be sorry! O-of course! I-I l-love everything of yours, and this...this is the most special thing in the world. (Jiro: *sigh* Great...)

T-this is definitely the b-best o-oneshot i-in the w-world...or m-my w-world, a-anyway. No~! J-just b-because s-senpai p-put e-everything i-into it makes it the best! The hardest...*starts crying again* I-I'm s-so...h-happy y-yet s-so s-selfish...*sniffs* I-I'm sure i-it is t-the b-best. I-I'm g-going to ch-cherish a-and l-love t-this f-forever. I-it's the b-best g-gift I-I've e-ever g-gotten. (Jiro: Stop stuttering.)(I c-can't h-help it!) I have tons of fanart I want to do. *makes note of them* (Jiro: UH no. No. . No.)(Sorry?)(Jiro: *groans*)T-this is the c-cutest t-thing ever! (Jiro: *groans again* Why...)

Ahahaha...Now I want to do that,too. xP (Jiro: Oh, you wouldn't dare. *backing away*)(Really? And how would you know that?)(Jiro: *backs away until his back is against the door*)(*sigh* You already know that doesn't work.)(Jiro: But I can still hope...)(*sigh* I suppose.)Aw...t-that's so a-adorable~! (Shu: Seriously! Jiro, how could you think that we shouldn't be friends?)(Jiro: If you were going to get hurt because you were my friend, I would have rather kept you safe...well, if I knew for certain...otherwise, it's way too hard to stay away. *blushes*)(Shu: But I'd rather get hurt than be separated from Jiro! I always want to be with you!)(Jiro: *blushes even harder*)(*giggling* So cute and touching~! *snaps picture*)(Jiro: AN!)(Ack! *runs*) Ahahaha...

A-ah...that's exactly what I think Jiro's voice is like...(for Shu, anyway). Ah, Kluke...*sweatdrop* What an interesting first impression (well, of sorts)...(Jiro: Shut it.)(F-fine.*pout*)O-oh...t-that's s-so...*suddenly growls* Nene, you...*changes suddenly* P-poor Shu...W-wow, g-go Jiro! E-even when he was so y-young...*smiles suddenly* But that's what friends do. (Jiro: *flushes deeply*)(*smiles*)(Jiro: Y-yeah...definitely. *also smiles*) Ack! Jiro! P-phew, t-thank goodness for F-fushira. (Shu: Yeah, when you started falling, I was so freaked out!)(Jiro: S-shu...*blushing*)(*laughing* How cute! But seriously, that was scary.)

Yeah...some scars don't go away...(Jiro: Would you mind stop looking like you're going to cry?)(S-sorry. B-but i-it's s-so...)(Jiro: *frustrated yell*) Yay Shu! Yay Jiro!

Wow...Jiro, panic much? (Jiro: *blushes then smirks* Shut up! If I remember correctly, a certain someone panicked when that someone's senpai didn't reply for...what...two days only?)(*blushing* I have no idea who you're talking about.)

Gah...I hate that feeling when something happens to my friends and it's my (or partially my) if a best friend gets sick/tired/upset because of me. (Jiro: Y-yeah...I-I hate it, too.)Ah...but at least he's alright,, Jiro, you fell in love really young. (Jiro: *blushing* S-shut up!)(;P Just saying. xD)

Jiro~! *whine/pout* *mutters* Stupid geniuses and their ability to do math and think it's fun. (Jiro: What was that? *narrowed eyes*)(*smiles innocently* Nothing at all, genius, nothing at all.) Ah! T-that w-was l-like a-another chapter of K-Kaleidoscope...(Jiro: Get to work on it, then.)(I-I know!)(Jiro: *rolls eyes*) Ahaha...robots and math...*Shudder* Math...

*sigh* Well, there will always be arguments, even in the best of relationships. (Jiro, you smart, smart genius person. *pouts* Help me with math?)(Jiro: No. Pre-calc is not my favorite area of math.)(Jeez...)

Ah! Same wavelengths again! K-kaleidoscope was supposed to have a cloud-watching chapter,too! (Jiro: *sigh*)(But it's nice, yes?)(Jiro: True...*Grudgingly* Stars are, too.)(*smiles* I know. So I take it you have no objections to the next, next chapter?)(Jiro: *sigh* I guess not.)(Mkay.)

True...:) Everyone needs someone to lean on, someone who will listen to them, someone who will help them. :D Thank you for emphasizing that. (Jiro: I can't even describe how content An looks...)(J-jiro! *blushes darkly*)

*Sweatdrop* Next time, Shu, leave the overseeing to Jiro. *sweatdrops again* Ahahaha...Aw...what fun! I want to be covered in cake batter! (Jiro: Uh, no you don't. Trust me.)

Ah...I know the feeling Jiro got...from my friend Shannon.

*whine* Shu! Stop being a jerk! You're hurting Jiro! (Shu: Hah?)(, never mind. I-I'm talking to my teddy bear.)(Jiro: You have the lamest excuses ever.)(And I was standing up for you! Jerk!)(Jiro: I think An's feelings are doing 360-spins and such.)(H-hush!)

Aw...the ending...*sniffles* (Jiro: I am never going to hear the end of this.) What a wonderful blend of everything, this fic was...*rants about it forever*

A-ah! P-please g-get some r-rest. *guilty look* (Jiro: Great. Now An looks ready to cry...again, because...*looks incredulous at An* you told Yamadori your birthday?)(U-uh w-well... N-now s-senpai is t-tired...) N-nothing's w-wrong w-with it! I-it's perfect! (Jiro: Despite An not believing in perfection...)(Um...exception to the rule?) A-ah...e-eto...i-it's like bullet points for My Memories (well, that one has more, but...)...A-ack! T-thank y-you! *blushes furiously, still a bit teary* Um...I just wanted to say (Jiro: Well, not technically) t-that, a-again...for as long as senpai wants to be my best friend, then we'll be best friends. (On my side, that would be f-for f-forever...)
Rosella95 chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
Hey! This story is GREAT! So stop being worried about whether it's good or not! I love it!XD Anyhoo, I must agree, this IS the LONGEST oneshot EVER! Congrats! Well, I don't have much more to say so, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!XD
WindGoddess Rune chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
Oh yeah! I sent you messages two days ago!:)
Wind Paradox chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
This is the longest oneshot I ever read! The beginning with Shu as a baby and two year-old Jiro was so cute!:D The cake thing was my favorite part and I was sad how Shu's parents died during a festival by the Land Stark.:( Nene, you jerk!*Brawls in tears*

Best oneshot ever!:)
Kasumi Kusanagi chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
Okay, now that was so cool! :D (Then again, a lot of Jiro/Shu friendship stories I've read are good) I like how Jiro comforted Shu after the death of his parents. Poor Shu. (He's my second favorite character y'know) And it was so funny how Shu hated math. Although I think almost every human in the world hates math. (I know that my brother and I do.) And the part where Jiro got flustered in front of Kluke with the cake thing, that was so like Jiro. (Anime Jiro: No it's not!) (Not you! The other you!) And of course, the brotherly bond of Shu and Jiro is ever-so present in this story like in all the others. I actually planned to use that bond in a "season 3" story that I plan to make, although the outcome isn't pretty. Well, This review seems long enough so... sayonara!

PS: You were right, this oneshot IS the longest one ever. It's even longer than the first chapter of Maple Leaf. And that chapter was long.