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HeartlessNeoshadow chapter 17 . 1/19/2010
Very good! I didn't really notice it until now (and that's probably because of how long I am taking to read this), but Josh has matured A LOT since when he was first introduced. And I gotta give props to Pepper for being able to show off what he is capable of.

Again though, those 'y's seem to have a thing for replacing 'i's. Maybe not in your recent chapters, but I figured I should point it out again. Keep writing! :)
HeartlessNeoshadow chapter 15 . 1/12/2010
Here I am again, and boy have things gotten better, even though I'm still not up-to-date. Jake has been an interesting addition so far, as has Pepper (I can't recall if he was introduced before Chapter 11, so excuse me if I'm wrong). But it seems like they're newest member has a lot to learn when it comes to his attitude. And it sticks out a lot because your ability to write great battle scenes! The only thing to nitpick though is that you seem to have some thing for replacing the letter 'i' with 'y' in some cases ('ryght' is an example). It's a pretty passable error, though.

This is Finals week for me right now so I don't know when I'll be able to get back to you, but keep things up!
Miishee chapter 48 . 12/30/2009
What a NICE Christmas present. Ty :) It was an awesome Chapter. Kept me glued to the page. Very suspenseful. I'm still in hopes that Josh and Liesa can finally get together. The ever romantic. Chapter had humor too! Well done.
Miishee chapter 45 . 12/24/2009
This is review for chapter 46, since I goofed and reviewed chapter 45 in 46. ~Sigh~ Such is life, lots of mistakes.

In the castle, I had some questions as to where the electricity came from for the lights. When Josh went back to the kitchen, I thought the light bulb had gone out, but it says "it was pitch black beyond where the kitchen light reached."

I laughed at Pepper and Jake meeting at the door when Pepper heard Josh shout and had headed to Jake's door. I was expecting them to collide, would have been funny to see.

I was in awe of the discovery of the armor room and all it's descriptions.

The "claw marks" is good subtle humor. They are so scared and Josh is out haveing fun exploring.

The "Sheila" reference is so funny. I chuckled outloud.

Excellent chapter. Can't wait to
Miishee chapter 46 . 12/22/2009
I am very curious to find out what Brian and the others had found out.

Why do good friends have to die? :( Now Brian is alone. I feel soo bad for him.

The battle was well written, nice flow. The reader could picture every detail.

It's hard to see how Josh is going to make it all better. Must read to find out!
Miishee chapter 44 . 12/15/2009
Man! I had tears at X's explanation of Josh's burden he feels and how he is torn up so much with each death. Maybe I have been too hard on him too. Now I, the reader, feel bad that I was so hard on Josh. But jeese, it's your fault, the writer, for making me feel that way! You are able to pull all the emotions out of the reader. Good job!

Just the simple saying of Good night let the reader know there are definately feelings there between Liesa and Josh. So subtle. Way to go ninetails :)

Wow! Shelter! How cool!
Miishee chapter 43 . 12/15/2009
My heart soared with the reunion of the group!

The battle scene was well written, a good pace.

What? Liesa got hurt? NO! I was kinda disappointed that Josh didnt' stay with Liesa: just dropped her off with the paramedics. Seemed cold and uncaring of him to not stay with her. I mean she is seriously hurt it seems. Internal injuries? She could die! Could he have stayed with her and the others come find him?

Ugh! Josh ran off Liesa once AGAIN! He needs to face facts that he is a better fighter with her there. The tension you create is very good, makes the reader want to read on to see how it resolves.
Miishee chapter 42 . 12/7/2009
Who is this mysterious man in white Josh has a vision about? I need to read on and find out!

Josh's family was able to contact him and he was able to find out Liesa is with them. I love that!

Josh has those he loves and trusts most coming to help him, once again! I look forward to the reunion.
Miishee chapter 41 . 12/7/2009
Wow! I am so glad Josh was there to stop the sacrifices. Jeese! silly people! Jumping for joy, Pepper and Jake are still alive! OH! Liesa gets her own gundum? YAY! Hurries off to read next chapter!
Miishee chapter 40 . 12/7/2009
I loved the info on X. Liesa is with Josh's family! wow! Josh is THINKING about Liesa a lot. There is hope for them yet! I loved the conversations between Gunner and Josh. The cliff hanger at the end of the chapter... Sorry have to read on... :)
Miishee chapter 39 . 12/1/2009
I LOVED IT! My heart strings pulled and tears came. I want Josh and Liesa to be able to be together, no more fighting/war. They have had enough heartache. I know it was hard for Josh to be strong and not let Liesa come. It seems at times he is still too harsh with her. He needs to tell her how he really feels. She so desparately wants to hear it. Makes the reader keep reading to find out WHEN he is going to finally let loose and tell her is true feelings.

I feel so sorry for Josh being all alone in Africa. I can feel the loneliness. You did a good job describing everything setting the stage.

Sounds like Liesa is with some caring people, getting her new clothes. :)

Your word pictures are very descriptive. They really allow me, the reader, to actually picture in my mind the scene. Can't wait for more story :)
Miishee chapter 38 . 11/29/2009
Wow! I think you outdid yourself with this chapter! Finally, Josh gets some sense knocked (literally) into him. And he and Liesa are once again reconciled. Yay for X. I really had a good laugh at Liesa asking Josh what happened to him and he told her it was "anger management". That was really good :) The picture you painted with Josh coming out of Gunner all greasy was really well worded. Painted with words really well. I'm glad to see Josh and Liesa getting along. EVER the romantic, you know!
Miishee chapter 37 . 11/18/2009
I was shocked to see Andrew in the gundum, was so glad he had info for them. It added new intrigue to the story.

I'm gonna strangle Josh! haha Poor Leisa, Josh is breaking her heart. He needs to tell her what he's thinking and not keep all that is his going through to himself.

AND, I, Mishee, may kill the writer, 9tails, for leaving me hanging so long! haha

Can't wait for more story! Chapter was too short! I want more!
Miishee chapter 36 . 11/13/2009
Nice flow through out chapter.

Josh gets a title! WOW! .. of course he doesn't want it. haha

I loved how Gunner gears up for BIG attack and others are askng.. WHAT is is doing? But Gunner knows!

Poor Leisa, will she ever figure Josh out. He's so busy fighting the war, he doesn't even notice her turmoil. His focus is on protecting everyone.

Keep up good work :)
Miishee chapter 35 . 11/12/2009
I wanted to shake Leisa into trusting Josh and not question his motives. He has a good head on his shoulders. She needs to trust him. He has always done what is best for all.

She should NOT have helped the prisoner without Josh's ok. What was she thinking? Fortunately, it turned out ok. I was afraid it would not.

Sounds like Leisa is really confused about Josh. Hope she gets it sorted out. They belong together!

Army comes to help! YAY.

Good writing, good story flow. Nothing negative to say, loved it all.
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