Reviews for Set in Stone
SchimoniBun chapter 1 . 4/21
holy shit one of the BEST fanfics out there! really good!
Guest chapter 61 . 3/11
Got it, you are a Fangirl, crushing on Felton na poor Ginny has tu suffer for that.
stefanie1955 chapter 53 . 2/21
Fred and George xD hahahahahah
stefanie1955 chapter 7 . 2/21
Please please tell me he's going to become a spy for the order. I really need to see Draco and Ron bickering, it's going to be just hilarious.
stefanie1955 chapter 4 . 2/21
OMG! I'm really looking forward to Ron's reaction! :D
Guest chapter 61 . 2/6
Guest chapter 61 . 11/17/2017
Sweet :)
Illidan Strormrage chapter 1 . 2/5/2017
Hey! I've just started reading your beautiful fanfic. It seems to be a very interesting story reading only the first chapter. I'll review later in detail after I have finished 10 chapters.
Ginny chapter 61 . 11/8/2016
I feel sad this fanfic is over. It was an AWESOME story!
Ginny chapter 28 . 11/8/2016
Ginny/Draco forever!
Guest chapter 61 . 10/11/2016
Tears man.
Like through out this story I laughed, cried and just started giggling cause ITSS SO BLOODY GREAT!'!'
B'nai Yf'en
BookwormKAH chapter 61 . 9/5/2016
Golden Disasters chapter 21 . 8/28/2016
Okay, so I know I'm three years too late to be reviewing this with constructive criticism, but one of my favorite things is when authors come back years later and rework their fics just for shits and giggles, so this is my shot in the dark hoping it will happen here!

Okay, good things first. Your plot is genius, definitely one of the best G/D plots on the site (trust me, I've read almost every fic available). I also love how you write in first person; I've noticed that many people struggle with this and it's a true sign of talent if you can do it effectively.

However, I would recommend you to edit for spelling and grammar, though I believe it's been pointed out before. Another thing is that I feel as though both Draco and Ginny are extremely out of character at certain points. Draco, however, is extremely hard to write, especially in romances. Not only is he incredibly complex and faced with impossible choices and unbelievably difficult situations, he doesn't get enough screen time, as it were, in the books. At least, not enough for us fanfic writers to reproduce him accordingly . However, for Ginny, i feel as though there are definitely things you could do to boost her character here. For example, canon - Ginny would never have immediately accepted and trusted the necklace Draco gave her, considering her experiences with magical objects given to her by a member of the Malfoy family in Chamber of Secrets (not to mention the recently cursed Katie Bell, who, if you remember, was cursed by accepting a necklace from a stranger). Ginny is also portrayed in the books as being much tougher and more mature than you have her here.

Also, I feel as though their relationship progresses way too quickly. However, considering the fact that they are only 15 and 16, it's imaginable (remember your overly passionate relationships at that age?).

The last thing is more of a personal pet peeve of mine rather than something you did incorrectly. I personally hate it when writers follow the canon of the movies with more faith than they follow the books. However, considering how either can be considered source material, it's acceptable ;)

All in all I do love this story and really really REALLY hope you come back someday and rework it. Anything that gives me fangirl squees I want more of :3

Happy writing!
Woemcat chapter 61 . 7/19/2016
very good story. the plot and flow held really well. the only thing that detracted from this was the spelling and word usage errors. there were so many, it was frustrating. I hope you proofread your future stories. you've got a gift of story, and I hate that spelling and word usage errors take away from the story. anyway, I will try some of your other ones. I did enjoy this one.
Woemcat chapter 28 . 7/17/2016
I think you mean amour for the cat. armour is protection from weapons and amour is love. proofread, please.
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