Reviews for OOM-9's Revenge
Lord Metallex chapter 46 . 10/4
Hey ZakoBattledroid, I really like your story. OOM-9 is very cool! I also like the other droids in the story as well. You are one of the authors I like. But I have a question. When will the next chapter come, I really don't mean to rush you, I'm just curious.
Mentle13 chapter 3 . 9/28
Excellent and I admit color coding armour was dumb but i still love the clones
Guest chapter 46 . 9/28
Awesome story update soon plz ): its been so long
Matthew chapter 41 . 9/28
there are actually scorpion droids, the Type-I VX9 Scorpion War Droids and the Trade Federation SCP-90 Scorpion Droids and the Scorpion Annihilator droid
Guest chapter 1 . 9/9
Bob chapter 46 . 7/23
This is an awsome fanfic, sucks that not many know about it

Also do u have a schedule for when ur gonna update the fanfic?
Guest chapter 46 . 6/23
This is an amazing fanfic! Im shocked at the fact that few know about this fabulous fanfic ):
When do you plan on updating it?
Guest chapter 46 . 6/18
I really like this fanfiction it is THE best Star Wars Fanfiction, and one of the things that makes it so special is that its from the CIS particularly the droids( for most of the time ) point of view. I am just wandering if Durge will appear, I also wanted to say that weren't both sides equal in the war? So how come the Seps are losing?

Amazing fanfction 1000000000000/10
weaponwes123 chapter 46 . 5/13
I am glad that you are breaking up the fight scenes in the last couple of chapters to have an adventure with the main cast of characters. Yes, it was interesting to see droids kicking ass but after watching each campaign per chapter, it was getting really repetitive and tedious. I am really thankful for the small interludes of your hints of Count Dooku and Palpatine grand plan of flipping the universe upside down. I do understand the logic that as a droid, they would be just be deployed to the next battle but you need to put some more breaks in between. Like how OOM-9 is affecting the Jedi or how Anakin is becoming more hostile to the Jedi order after the confrontation. Do continue this story though, there aren't many long and interesting fanfics. I do love the parallel you draw between clones and droids though so props to you!
Whyeren chapter 16 . 4/12
Wow, I know I am not that far through the story but I cant help but review anyway so far. This is probably my favorite Star Wars fanficton as it shows droids as I think they should be, relentless killing machines. Plus, I love the nod to the WW2 saying -When the Germans shoot, we duck. When we shoot, the Germans duck. When the Americans shoot, everyone ducks
Neo-byzantium chapter 46 . 4/5
Great story you've got going here so far but do you really have to stick to canon? Since this is a pro-CIS fanfic, you should alter events so the Separatists win the war BUT through events triggered unwittingly by OOM 9 and his friend, Dooku finds a way to kill Sidious and leads his side to take over the Galaxy. Having a post Clone Wars setting with the CIS ruling the galaxy and with OOM 9 as the supreme commander of the CIS's military forces would be nice. The Jedi can still be destroyed of course and Dooku creates his own order of Dark Jedi to enforce his new order, it certainly wouldn't be any worse then the Empire in canon. Truth be told, I've grown attached to all the Battle Droids in general and I don't want them to die like in canon.

Anyhow, you've painted the Battle Droids of the CIS as being competent and even skilled soldiers in combat who are capable of having personalities and emotional development not to mention a brotherhood of sorts as they're computer linked to each other. You also showed how the Republic and the Jedi aren't all good either and how they're not perfect in battle no matter how hard early seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars try to paint the Republic as 100 percent good and the CIS as 100 percent evil /though later seasons of the Clone Wars fixed this/.

I like how OOM 9 got under Anakin's skin with his verbal jabs about his mother's death being the fault of the Jedi, I'd have said those things too in OOM 9's position as I'd believe them to be the truth. Dooku would be proud of him if he learned what OOM 9 said to Anakin.

Zako, Katen, Sledge and Vex are pretty cool despite being nuts but hey, it's part of their charm after all. It was quite dramatic but pleasing to see Zako mouth off to Grievous for striking down a Battle Droid, I can imagine most people who've met Grievous want to mouth off to him, I know I do. He goes around blaming others for his failures, he's uber-bloodthirsty, he lashes out at his troops for stuff that isn't their fault, he's a bully AND he's a coward not to mention that he's bigoted against battle droids. Even IF you take my advice and move away from canon, I'd want you to kill off Grievous at some point.

On a final note, when will Ahsoka show up in your fanfic? It'd be interesting to see her clash physically and verbally with OOM-9 and the others. I can imagine Ahsoka calling them scum and berating them for their loyalty to the Separatist cause before one of them /preferably OOM-9/ criticizes her blind loyalty to the Republic and how it keeps her from seeing the corruption around her.

Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 46 . 3/28
I really like you fanfiction and all, but you must not forget that general grievous is a very good leader, and has come up with thousands of amazing strategies. A reason why is the supreme general of the droid army
Jwsponky chapter 46 . 3/10
Another impressive chapter, though I must admit I did not see the jail break coming, I had assumed the 8th fleet would have come barreling in all guns blazing to stage a grand rescue mission
corshy chapter 46 . 3/6
And wow, what a very well done chapter, I like the amount of detail you go into different situations, like the ways of escaping and how Commander Krane plugged them all up (until the prisoner transfer)

The one scene that made me scratch my head in thought was the massacre on Anchorhead over bullying a cat. But as I look deeply into it, it really mirrors with some of the character's experiences. How Grievous and other organic officers treats anyone who is inferior to him as pathetic. How republic politicians treat their civilians and planetary allies as resources to be sucked from (particularly inferior ones). Other factors such as how the characters lack civil morality, and how the cat was native to Zakkudos, an allied planet battle droids respected. This scene works quite well.
Invader Viceroy chapter 46 . 3/6
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