Reviews for Land of Ice
Shu Ouma GC chapter 7 . 2/7
Love an OP Naruto
Shu Ouma GC chapter 1 . 2/7
Interesting story
YeagerMeister31 chapter 40 . 2/2
well it's all over and i must say an awesome story NaruSaku what's not to like
YeagerMeister31 chapter 39 . 2/2
well this was interesting
YeagerMeister31 chapter 38 . 2/2
well this was interesting chapter an interesting way how Katara won. Hinata well she's just stupid. Danzo died awesome now it's NaruSaku vs MinaKush
YeagerMeister31 chapter 37 . 2/2
well this should be interesting Katara vs Ino Sakura vs Hinata and Naruto vs the 5 should be tough
YeagerMeister31 chapter 36 . 2/2
well this was interesting wonder what Jutsu Danzo's talking about it will fail anywayz
YeagerMeister31 chapter 35 . 2/2
well i didn't expect that poor Saaya and Alexius they died honorably take that Sasgay sent to hell by your own niece
YeagerMeister31 chapter 34 . 2/2
well this is bad Sasuke is so pathetic
YeagerMeister31 chapter 33 . 2/2
well that sux the weak pathetic excrement known as Sasgay was just a coward figures he'd be to scared to fight still he's still weak and will die i look forward to that. As for Choji seems like he's next shot by a missile from a ship now that's gotta hurt
YeagerMeister31 chapter 32 . 2/1
well this was interesting now Saito and Katara know about there dad that should be interesting
YeagerMeister31 chapter 31 . 2/1
well this was sad poor Shino wonder if Choji will be next. Glad Iruka and Shizune are alive. Wonder if Naruto will get there in time Sasuke needs to die
YeagerMeister31 chapter 30 . 1/31
well this was interesting Katara and Reiji kissed how sweet. Damn i hate Sasgay he needs to die slowly and painfully
YeagerMeister31 chapter 29 . 1/31
interesting chapter kind of funny and damn i hate Sasgay how can he get in the ice village he needs to die he's to weak to fight Naruto
YeagerMeister31 chapter 28 . 1/31
well this was interesting another filler type chapter man i can't wait for that weak scum Sasgay to die he thinks he's strong but he's weak
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