Reviews for Hogwarts a ReWrite Part 1
sketchtheunicorn chapter 3 . 16h
It's one thing to gain a vital piece of info that only becomes relevant months later, it is another thing entirely to read a card that clearly states "black jar of evil" and ignore the mysterious jar you found and are currently messing around with. you'd have to be a complete idiot to not at least think that this might be the very thing you just read about, even if you weren't absolutely sure. Not to say this story, or this chapter, is bad, just that is a glaringly obvious connection to make.
JC70s chapter 13 . 22h
This Owen character is intriguing me. What roll is he playing? Why did he take the position of Advisor to the Board of Governors if he knows is a trap from Lucius? Why did he make clear to this Artemus guy that he knew Lucius was setting that trap for him? Now Lucius knows. I guess Councilor Owen is playing a game of Chess where Harry's name is being rolled around. Hope Councilor Owen is not playing for his own benefits.
I see Harry and Ginny are starting to question what is what they are feeling towards each other. I hope they found out soon enough.
Is the black cloaked guy Neville? Or that will be Draco following Lucius instructions?
Can't wait for your new installment! :o)
mariam08 chapter 13 . 11/24
What I love about this story is that Ginny is in the same year as Harry. I also appreciate the twists that makes this story unique from other rewrites. Please keep writing. Also you mentioned in your A/N about young writers, do you recommend any? Thank you again for sharing your talent it is much appreciated.
sbmcneil chapter 11 . 11/5
So Blackthorn is the bigger threat, not Voldemort? Owen sounds like a huge threat himself.
sbmcneil chapter 10 . 11/5
Neville? That is a definite twist - interesting. Ginny slapped him? Why? That seems so out of character for her. You slap a boy who has been abused most of his life - that will help him. Hermione needs to be petrified sooner rather than later. They can't practice because Hermione wants to study? Why does she get to decide what they do? Parseltongue in the language of snakes. Someone who can speak Parseltongue is a Parselmouth.
sbmcneil chapter 8 . 11/5
I don't like that Ginny has picked up some of Hermione's bitchiness and bossiness. Harry can't decide for himself if he needs something for a headache? They need to ditch Hermione now! Interesting about Neville's jealousy. Ron and Tom? Should be interesting.
sbmcneil chapter 7 . 11/5
I hate that Harry is befriending Peter. An interesting take on Sirius. Can't wait to see what you have planned for them.
sbmcneil chapter 2 . 11/5
Dean was a bit rude, but he was right. Hermione has no sense of humor, she's self-righteous, and keeps complaining that Harry and Ginny don't really like her. Can you blame them? She's worse than canon Hermione.
Patronusdoe chapter 14 . 11/2
I like the idea of making Ginny the second youngest weasley child. It makes for an interesting premise. Unfortunately, I felt a tad disappointed by the story.

First of all, I can't stand your version of Hermione. She's not only annoying. But also too clingy and dominating.

Secondly, Harry in this story seems fairly OOC.

Thirdly, 11 year olds dating or 13 year olds talking about breasts is just WRONG. Like pointed out by a reviewer earlier, these thoughts are more suited to a 16 year old.

I hope you don't take too much offence to my statements. I tried to look past these things but the formatting seems all over the place, with misplaced or missing punctuations and that is making it too difficult for me to read it.

I'm not flaming you, merely offering some constructive criticism.

Good luck with the rest of the story.
Paternas chapter 14 . 10/25
Wonderful story so far. I love that you avoid the typical trappings of a re-do and have used new ideas instead of a rehash of canon for your story. A lot of fanfics unfortunately have been done before or offer little in the way of surprises. Anyway I am looking forward to the next update.
Jman chapter 14 . 10/23
I'm loving this fic so far! Keep up the good work! Btw I think I know what blackthorns been up to but I won't spoil it lol ;)
Jman chapter 1 . 10/22
I like this fic so far. Keep up the good work! :)
Guest chapter 14 . 10/22
Love you story. I've been trying to motivate authors to work on their unfinished stories for years now. I try to cycle through the list of stories I love every 12 to 18 months. I plan to continue to do so. Good luck.
JC70s chapter 14 . 10/21
Thank you for this quick update! I like the way you are portraying Harry and Ginny. She is very proactive, happy and a fighter, the opposite of what a bunch of writers write about her. I really love how she and Harry interact, and how the awaited relationship between is being developed...slow and easy. Excellent! You know, I don't trust this Councilor Owen. Maybe it's because I don't trust politicians but, this guy seems as if he has a hidden agenda.
Hope you don't lose interest in writing this very liked fiction.
Update soon?
Deadman19 chapter 14 . 10/21
Very good chapter. I don't really thinks that it has much to do with the books having ended because most of us are pretty good at coming up with our own material. I think the problem lies in lack of motivation to write. I have this problem often with my own stories and that can be attributed to lack of reviews or just a lack of initiative to write. I myself am guilty of not reviewing because I'm usually to lazy to do it. But I am going to make it a point to review because I always smile when I get a review (that's not flaming) and that will motivate a writer to write more. When they're praised or even lightly criticized, it lights a fire. It makes them confident that people are reading their work and enjoying it. When you don't review, people get discouraged and stop writing. Very good point about reviewing you made and I love your story. Keep up the good work!
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