Reviews for Creation
S-Bumblebee chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
Really fresh perspective :D I really enjoyed reading this. I do like a bit of Greek Mythology :) Great Work!
Sentimental Semantics chapter 1 . 9/25/2010
Wow. This is a fantastic story! When I saw it I was sort of skeptical, but just...incredible! I love the personalities you gave each of the Greek deities, and how they-despite being contemporary-are very fitting. Admittedly I never realized Sera was Ares backwards until now-but what a way to learn it! This is tremendous work! Awesome job.
mito lou chapter 1 . 7/11/2009
Interesting idea. Haha, it was funny how he kept getting rebuffed so he just gave up and made his own place. xD Kinda like when kids are shunned by their peers so they play all by themselves and think they are so cool... kind of sad, really.

I was one of those kids. *emo* :P

Anyway, I think this was very clever to try and tie in the Sera/Ares thing – and it actually makes sense. The summary, I think, was perfect. It drew me right in, and while it was a little weird to all of the sudden be reading about ancient gods, and was a pleasure to read. This was pretty short, but I think you said all that needed to be said – there would have been little point in drawing it out into a 40-chapter novel... ehe. Nice work.
Jord chapter 1 . 6/28/2009
A beautiful piece! I've loved the family feuds that Greek deities had ever since I was a kid; and loathe as I am to admit it, sometimes it does feel like a glorified soap opera. In any case, it makes for terrific entertainment.

With your story, I think you've managed to weave a little bit of tragic irony, humour and sadness together. Ironic because like you said, Ares created something that Zeus couldn't (or didn't want to...who knows). Funny because I like the exchanges Ares has with Aphrodite (who is hilarious, by the way - it seems easy to picture her swooning over man-made works of art) and Poseidon - who is willing to wait for climate change to wreck havoc. And sad because in wanting his creation to be like himself, Ares has created a world ready and waiting to be torn apart by war - unbeknownst to its inhabitants.

A really enjoyable read, and I think it deserves more reviews than this.