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kofi chapter 4 . 9/23/2013
is beatifll
sol chapter 6 . 7/19/2010
you did a great build up . . . then spoil it with a not so great ending...

Princess Cruella chapter 6 . 5/11/2010
Awww! This was so cute! I loved. Chad was the knight! ]
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 6 . 2/22/2010
She had no problem entering the MacKenzie Falls studio and was surprised to see that the "So Random!" cast was taken off the "Do Not Admit Wall"—except for Zac Efron.

I’m just curious, but when did Zac Efron become a member of the SR cast? Ohh yeah, and how did Sonny know to go looking for Chad? I thought she didn’t know who the other knight was. Are you telling me she ACTUALLY figured it out? Aw, Sonny, I’m so proud of you!

Wait…didn’t you say I probably wouldn’t like this chapter? Uh oh…now I’m expecting something bad to happen. Can’t you just have the two of them get together and live happily ever after? Please? Yeah right…it can’t be that easy. With Sonny and Chad, nothing is ever easy. It’s too complicated instead.

(Yeah, this is the same from my other story, "Sonny's Super Silly Slumber Party aka S4P)

I was just going to ask you that question - thanks for answering!

"It's Sonny," Sonny beamed, shrugging happily.

No, it’s Sonny acting sunny! I love how quickly this girl can change emotions - if only real life was like that.

MacKenzie had grown jealous that Chloe had chosen Devon over him.

Well, that’s not giving anything away, Chad. I mean, there’s really no reason you wouldn’t protest when Sonny came into your room and instead of yelling at her, you just sit there with your eyes firmly planted on the TV. And watching the episode where the girl picks the wrong guy - just like Sonny did during the sketch.

Nope. I don’t see any reason at all for Sonny to make the connection. *rolls eyes*

"Oh, it went great. Yeah, everything went as planned," she spoke calmly, eying Chad through peripheral vision.

Chad's mind froze but kept cover. "…That's good?" he shrugged, trying to feign boredom. But no! He had to step up to his game. "I don't know. I don't really care," he conversed conceitedly.

*cough, cough* LIARS!

"Chad," she slowly said as if he were a child. "You're MacKenzie—you know what happens!"

But I don’t know what happens at the end of this story! Come on already - admit your feelings for each other!

"But none of his eyes sparkle! I don't get lost in his!" she spoke ecstatically fast, before realizing what she had spilled.

What are you trying to say? That Grady is too much of a caveman for Sonny?

Chad rolled his eyes to the side, gently smiling. "Don't get used to it."

Aww…there’s so much I could’ve quoted! I don’t know why you said I probably wouldn’t like this chapter - I’m seriously loving it so far! They are going to admit to liking each other or something though…aren’t they?

"So what does MacKenzie do?" Sonny whispered softly.

"I don't know! You didn't let me finish watching it—!"

I have a feeling we’re about to find out. :D

Sonny suddenly rose on her tip-toes, landing a small kiss on his cheek, her cherry soft lips on his perfect smooth skin for several seconds before she broke the contact.

During the time, a shock ran through her—a friendly warmth that she desired more of. Even her first kiss with Robert was nothing compared to this small insignificant peck she was giving Chad.

With a stunned look, Chad slowly turned to face a soft-smiling Sonny, her face glowing.

"Thanks for looking out for me…" she gently grinned as her nose wrinkled. "…buddy."

Sonny and Chad sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

"Actually, cancel rehearsal for today. Chad Dylan Cooper's feeling way too happy to do drama right now," he suavely smirked.

I love how one little kiss on the cheek is enough to make Chad happy enough to cancel his show - which is saying a lot, seeing as to how much he loves Mackenzie Falls. Who cares if Robert got a kiss on the lips - Chad knows the truth.

Which is exactly what Sonny admitted in the very first chapter of this story: she really did fall in love with him when he came to guest-star on her show. :D

Just like him, she was grooving around, passing weird looks, grinning like crazy.

Great minds think alike! Sonny and Chad are both happy - they like each other and FINALLY they both know it! Oh how I wish Disney would make an episode like this!

"Why was I afraid of you horses again? Oh! I remember now! Cuz you're all jerks!" The horses neighed in agreement as Grady tried helping Nico up, but landed him self into the mud also.

The perfect Disney ending to this story. :D

I have no idea why you said you were embarrassed as you re-read this story with me. I seriously loved it! There was laughter, drama, friendliness between Chad and Zora, cookies, music, a kiss with Robert which Sonny hated, two happy members of the channy relationship who ended up dancing like idiots…Overall, I thought it was an AMAZING story!

Sorry it took me so long to review, but this story deserved to have long reviews included with it. I love it so much!

You deserve cookies! Oh yeah…Grady ate them already…
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 5 . 2/22/2010
The live taping for this week's "So Random" show was to start in five minutes and Grady was still no where to be seen since he had last disappeared off with Chad.

Shouldn’t Nico have told everyone that Grady went off to eat the cookies? I could see everyone standing around, not really worried. I mean, Grady was already in his costume and everything - they probably figure he would be back at the last second, cookie crumbs all over his face.

Unless they were smart and caught on that Chad was up to something. But Sonny is denying her feelings for him and saying there’s no possible way he feels the same way about her.

In other words, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to catch on.

"Here," said a knight in a deep voice, assuming to be Grady. As the person he was supposed to be playing was chubby and big, the man inside the knight costume thought he should imitate a grubby caveman voice.

Yes, because all chubby and big men talk with cavemen voices. “Me make wheel! You watch spin! We hunt rhino with me club!” my lame attempt at caveman talk. Maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t alive back then…And how can you call Grady chubby and big? He isn’t chubby - he’s huggable like a huge teddy bear! :D

"Don't scare us like that!" he patted the knight on the back, and then called out. "OK. Places everyone!"

*sigh* What did I tell you? No one noticed it’s not really Grady. I wish I could use a caveman voice to make people think I’m someone I’m really not. Why does Chad Dylan Cooper get all the perks?

"Cookies. Yum-yum."

Hey! ‘You speak gooder than me! You make fire tonight. But no touch once you start! Fire HOT!’

We're not cavemen, that's our next sketch! You didn't think this was it, right?"

WHAT? There are no cavemen in this sketch? How is Chad going to rap if he can’t use his caveman voice?

"Let's get back to "So Random!" with special guest star Robert Adamson!" voiced the announcer as the hundreds of audience clapped and cheered. Unbeknownst, there were two guest stars.

I was just about to type “And special hidden guest star, Chad Dylan Cooper, playing the dual role of a knight AND a caveman!”

"Yo, listen up Adamson.

You think you're all that, mon…"

I can already tell I’m going to LOVE this…

The people on and offstage gaped in horror.

One of the actors forgot their lines! One of the actors forgot their lines! Let’s not whisper them to him or cover up for his mistake - no, let’s simply stare at him until he remembers! Haha - I love the seriousness of this. :D

Robert now knew this wasn't Grady, despite the visor of the helmet revealing blond hair and blue eyes.

Let’s see the score so far. People who know Grady isn’t Grady: 1. People who still believe Grady is Grady and is just having some sort of horrible stage freight: the rest of the SR cast.

The audience didn't seem to have figured out what was happening, cheering as they thought it was all part of the sketch.

No, they are only cheering because that’s what they sign told them to do. You know the sign I’m talking about - those ones they use at live recordings sometimes that tell people when to laugh or clap or go “Aww!” Yeah. That’s what these people are staring it. They don’t really want to cheer; they are too horror-struck that someone forgot their line!

"Nice horsie!" rang Chad's normal voice as Robert dashed over to him with his jousting stick.

Aww…Cavemen Chad is gone. He shall be missed. *tear*

"Oh yeah, I'm Prince Alarming, people!" the knight dorkily said waving his lance around to the audience.

Seriously…I’m like DYING of laughter over here! Oh Chad…you never cease to amaze me. :D

Chad had never seen anything so angelic and beautiful in his life—not even his own reflection.

On the count of three: AW!

I’m just wondering. Is Sonny going to be smart like Robert and figure out this knight isn’t Grady? Or is she going to stay same old Sonny and not figure it out? Then again, if he tries to kiss her she’ll probably start freaking out because…well, it’s Grady. Or at least, that’s what she thinks!

The knight began lifting up the visor part of the helmet when he was savagely shoved to the side

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Chad here? Because I really don’t. He should be getting pushed off to the side - he’s ruining (and yet improving so much!) the sketch! Go team…Chad! Yeah…I’m rooting for Chad this time. I don’t want Robert to kiss Sonny first. Chad really likes her if he’s willing to go through all this. He deserves to be her first kiss. :D :D

"Let us seal our passion with a kiss!"

I need to stop quoting or it won’t let me post my full review…But I LOVE that line!

The princess slowly walked towards him, forcibly smiling despite being so confused when she was tugged backwards, and clashed with the knight behind her, who had managed to haul himself up to his feet, now standing on the balcony rail.

Although I don’t feel bad for Chad (he could’ve avoided this whole mess just by being honest with Sonny), I do feel bad for Sonny. Here she is, thinking this is going to be the sketch she’s been practicing, and now instead she has two guys fighting over her. On camera. Live.

Poor baby.

Running on stage was Grady in his boxers and a T-shirt…with a cookie.


All was finally silent for a moment as every single person on the set and crowd caught their breath when an enormous applause thundered from the audience.

Okay, yes! I agree with everyone, this is a very epic scene! Now where’s my Channy?

when his lips ever so softly grazed on Sonny's lips, their heat sweltering together. It lasted for a few short seconds but Sonny felt as if she were suffocating, that this wasn't right.

YOU LET ROBERT KISS HER FIRST? AFTER EVERYTHING CHAD WENT THROUGH? Aww…I can actually feel his pain right now, having to watch that…At least Sonny’s not enjoying the kiss.

Sonny quickly dashed off, gown and all, to find her mysterious Prince Charming.

Um…This story is going to have a happily ever after…right?

lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 4 . 2/22/2010
I think I remember hearing that Demi story before. It’s really cool that she picked your question to answer out of all the millions rolling in at her! See, even she can tell how great of a person you are! :D And now, back to reading.

"I thought it wasn't you when my nose and lips were burning like an inferno," he chuckled.

Haha - Chad’s plan is backfiring! But…Sonny doesn’t believe it’s really Chad’s doing. So…I really don’t know what’s going to happen now because, like…well, I know Sonny and Robert aren’t going to end up together, but if she won’t believe Chad likes her, then…

Hmm. I guess I’ll have to keep reading to figure it out.

"Yeah…that reminds me. About your lunch…"

And now they’re going to figure out it really is Chad’s fault, since Chad’s the one who told Sonny what Robert was going to be eating. I’m curious though - who was he staring at before turning his attention back to Sonny?

As he continued eavesdropping, he heard confusion draw in between Sonny and Robert, how the lunch and breath mints Chad had described to them were false. Chad's eyes appeared snooping from behind a large newspaper to see their expressions. It didn't look pretty; they appeared to be in a "freaked out" state.

Ok, so now they’re starting to figure things out. Got it! I want to know what’s going to happen though if this plan works. Like, if Chad does end up stealing the kiss. Is he going to admit his feelings to Sonny because then everyone at the studio will know about his crush on her and his image will be destroyed. Or is he just going to lie to her and come up with a whole excuse about why he didn’t want her and Robert to kiss?

"Why does everyone keep saying Chad likes me? Chad does NOT like me! And I don't like Chad!" she raged on

I’m sorry, Sonny, but according to your confession in the first chapter, you do indeed like Chad. I think you should stop lying about it and trying to get with Robert. If Chad likes you (which he OBVIOUSLY does!), then you should give him a chance. Besides, you know you like him better than Robert. :D

"I could—wait—that's not me talking."

Who is talking while I’m acting? - Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

I really love the interaction between Chad and Zora in this story. It shows that although Chad doesn’t get along with anyone on the cast very well, he is capable of doing so if they reach out to him first. Or…something like that. Maybe I’m just trying to make too much out of it. Either way, love their conversations. ;D

Chad opened the door as if it were his door to open. Grady and Nico jumped as they registered what Chad did.

Chad is either going to them for advice, or to find out more information about Sonny and Robert, or to trick them into something…


Wait a second….Chad wouldn’t bake Grady cookies! He’s trying to get rid of him! So that means he would have to take Grady’s place in the sketch. And Grady is the other knight fighting against Robert for Sonny’s heart. So instead of acting the way the sketch is supposed to go, Chad will have Robert lose the fight-

Giving him Sonny’s heart!

The young men continued walking quietly to a remote part of the studio where no one ever visited

If you stopped right there, this story could be thought of as some sort of murder case!

"Chad, you're so cool. I don't even remember why I never liked you in the first place!"

Grady then opened the door when Chad answered hastily, "Yeah? Well you're gonna remember it now! "

Grady, you are such an idiot for falling for that - but I love you anyway! Chad - no, you’re just a jerk. Try telling the girl you like her instead of throwing one of her friends into a room. That’s not going to get you on her good side. *shakes head sadly*

The knight then hurriedly barricaded the door with the chair and broomstick to keep it locked, then maliciously grinned, "Peace out, suckaz! Whaha!" and ran off to where the taping was just about to begin for the sketch.

A muffled voice shouted out from the closet. "Oh yeah! Why didn't I like you? I remember now! Because you're a jerk! … Ooh! But thanks for the double chip chocolate cookies!"

Two questions: 1. Chad really did bake Grady cookies? 2. How is he going to eat them if he’s tied up?
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 3 . 2/22/2010
"It's gonna EAT me!" cried Nico, jumping right into Grady's arms.

I’m pretty sure horses don’t eat people. Unless it’s some sort of monster horse. TV reporter: I have just been informed that human eating horses are overtaking the world! It is advised that you stay inside your houses and don’t come out for any reason. When the house kicks your window…well, then you could try calling 9-1-1, although I heard THE ARMY HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE HORSES!

Hmm….that was random even for me. Sorry. :D

"Mommy!" Nico screamed as if he were racing 100 miles and hour on it

I could really picture Nico reacting like that - nice job!

Right at the moment, Nico was suddenly bucked off, flying into the dumpster with a loud clash.

I was totally going to ask what this had to do with the story. Then I remembered that you actually care about Nico and Grady and try to keep everyone involved with your story. So this must be the side-path the two of them are going to be dealing with while Chad and Robert and Sonny and Tawni and Zora deal with everything else. Got it!

Robert Adamson walked into the guest star dressing room. Marshall had felt it be suitable that one be built when Nico and Grady used Marshall's authoritative power in his office as Chad had taken their dressing room when he had guest-stared.

Where did SR get the money to build a whole new room? They can’t even afford good lunches! Or uniforms. Or dental plans that allow for all those different shades of white.

"Dreamy kissable Robert Adamson,

I'm so excited to have you guest star on our show—the only reason why Marshall let you come on was so I could kiss you. (It's to make Chad jealous. But I really do like you though!) You have such GORGEOUS plush lips—you'd probably never want to see me again for saying that, let alone kiss me.

And if that doesn't creep you out, good, because I'd like to say I follow you and watch you everywhere.

; ) Can't wait until tomorrow!

Obsessively in love, Sonny Monroe

PS: Don't forget to smell the roses!

PPS: I can't wait until we're married!"

Seriously - I couldn’t even find a spot to stop quoting! That’s what you meant in your last review reply when you said I was going to get surprised! Well, I am glad Chad didn’t buy himself the flowers and gloat to Robert about it - this is so much better! And now I bet there’s going to be awkwardness between Sonny and Robert, and she’ll have no idea what’s going on, and maybe she’ll even talk to Chad about it, figuring it’s his fault, and…

Sorry. I’ll stop talking and read now.

Reading the note, Robert looked officially freaked out. Hidden behind a pillar in Rob's room stood Chad, making sure his plan would work successfully. So far, if Robert was freaked, he'd go diva crazy and not kiss Sonny. And if he didn't—hopefully the itching powder and the world's spiciest red pepper on the roses would. Then Chad heard familiar footsteps enter in. A panicked expression crossed his face—this was not good!

Or maybe he’ll get found out right now. :D

"Robert, I didn't write this!" she cried, then saw Chad's figure at the doorway. She sighed with disgust, clearly she hadn't necessarily forgotten what happened during lunch.

Or not. Come on, Sonny, use your head! Put two and two together! Why would Chad be hiding in Robert’s room if he wanted to talk to you? Why would the flowers have a note signed from you when you’re not the one who sent them? Think, Sonny, think!

Chad followed, looking innocent.

No innocent! Come on, Sonny! DON’T TRUST HIM!

"Anyway, catch ya later. Good luck for tomorrow," he clicked, winked and snapped at her, exiting the room. Sonny watched him leave in horror.

Chad really knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he? I’m kind of mad Sonny didn’t figure it out yet - but I’m only halfway done with the story. She will figure it out eventually-

Won’t she?

"You fools! It's someone in the studio! And there's only one heartthrob here!"

I love the relationship between the Random girls. They’re so cute. :D And maybe Sonny will realize the truth now!

"I'm queen!" she sang out. "And pretty!" After singing her "I'm a little teapot" song multiple times last week, she grew fond of the song. Tawni started rapping all gangsta-like, "I'm a little teapot, yo—short and stout, oh yeah…"

Return of the rapping! Speaking of that and your clueless demean of what ‘word’ means, what sketch do you need help working on for your sequel? I would love to help if you told me more about it!
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 2 . 2/22/2010
RAPPER! Did you know that rapping is something that happens every day? Haha - sorry, couldn’t resist after my typo on IM last night. :D

"Ok, kiddos. Last dress rehearsal for 'Rappin' Robin of the Hood'

Oh goodness. I really CAN NOT WAIT to read this! I would tell you how much I laughed after reading the name of the sketch, but I am too impatient to keep reading. Sorry!

it just wasn't fair that the prettiest one couldn't wear the most beautiful dress any girl had laid eyes on.

There’s the jealous Tawni I was complaining about last chapter! I knew she would make an appearance somewhere throughout the story - you’re too great of an author to not include her!

Nico and Tawni, as king and queen, sat in their thrones.

Ohh, so now instead of shipping Grady and Sonny, you’re shipping Nico and Tawni. Got it. I really want to hear them rap, but I keep finding other quotes to send you instead! Blah. I am way to hyper! How can I not be when reading an amazing story like this though?

I love Robert’s random “Oh yeah!” in the middle of all the rapping. I would say more, but I REALLY need to read this!

"Yo, listen up, foo.

Prince Alarming's the name

You ain't gonna steal my princess

No way, no way.

Oh, just kidding. You are still shipping Grady and Sonny. Hmm, thought you would’ve moved on to Sonny and Robert by now. Oh wait - silly me. That doesn’t happen until later this chapter!

While the knights fought, everyone else on stage danced to the beat of the music, even a certain drama snob who hid uncomfortably in the vents concealed in darkness and looked down at the rehearsal.

I was going to comment earlier about where Chad was while all this was going on - since you clearly stated in your first author’s note that he would be around whenever Sonny got her first kiss. CHAD IS DANCING! CHAD IS DANCING! So, when Sonny and Robert go to kiss, is like, the vent going to break or something and Chad will come tumbling to the ground, putting a stop to the near kiss?

"Hear ye! Yo, hear ye!

Robin Hood has won,

Cuz Alarming ain't so Charming and he made some fun.

So Rappin' Robin and his princess lovin' will marry and be one!"

"Word," smirked Robert.


My favorite part was Robert’s “Word” ! Did you get that from those commercials for Gatorade or whatever that drink is or were you just trying to sound gansta? Either way, great job!

Of course - Marshall cuts right before the kiss. Would’ve been better if Chad fell from the vent - well, not better, just funnier. I suppose that would be hard to explain though because he’d have to come up with some sort of excuse as to why he was in the vent, and why he was at the SR set. “Well, you see, I went into the vent in the first place because I saw dust and knew there couldn’t be any dust in Chad Dylan Cooper’s dressing room. When I tried to clean it though, I kind of got…stuck. You know, because my muscles are just too big for the tiny vents. Since I couldn’t go backwards to get out, I realized I had to go forwards until I found another exit, so I started crawling and somehow wound up on the wrong set…” Hehe. My imagination is too big sometimes. :D

Chad, still lying in the vent, stared at Sonny with disgust and hatred, for her not picking him. Now that he knew what the sketch would be like, he could find a way to have Sonny's lips kiss him and not that wanna-be.

This is going to be like that Jonas episode. You know, the one where they were doing the school play and Joe dropped out because he found out Stella and him were playing love interests. Then the big football player dude got Joe’s part, so on performance night, Joe kissed Stella before big football player dude could!

Except, you know, this will be better because it’s Chad and Sonny. And you’re the one writing it instead of Disney.

"Told'ja I'd see you," grinned a voice beside him. Chad jumped out in terror, banging his head on the vent when he saw Zora squished beside him and the vent's wall.

In this story, Zora is my favorite so far. And I just got your review reply to my last review - wow, you’re fast! Sorry I’m so slow at reviewing…this story is too great for short reviews!

She gave Chad a death glare and suddenly he was shoved out of the vent, screaming and thudded onto the stage.

HEY! THAT’S WHAT I SAID SHOULD HAPPEN! I’m glad you waited until now to do it though - much better with Zora being the one to push him instead of the vent just breaking. :D

"Hi. May I order an extra large bouquet of red roses? You need my name? Ok! It's Sonny Monroe!"

Ohh….now he’s just asking for trouble. What is he going to do, order flowers for himself then brag to Robert that Sonny sent him flowers? Haha - time for chapter three!

Look, I actually reviewed! I actually reviewed!
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 1 . 2/22/2010
I’m pretty sure this is the story you were telling me about, the one where…hmm. Well, I remember we were talking about something relating to Nico and Grady (at least, I think we were) and you said something and I had no idea whatsoever what you were talking about, and you said it was in your story where Sonny got her first kiss. I think. Unless I’m totally confused and am making this whole story up. In that case, you should ignore this entire paragraph. :P

I love your author’s note (paraphrasing): “If Sonny’s getting her first kiss, then OBVIOUSLY Chad’s going to see it! Of course he’ll see it - even if it’s by looking at the cover of Tween Weekly and then storming over to her set to yell at her about the Kiss Cam. Which was technically Sonny’s first kiss. And now you’re making her second one be with…I’m assuming the guy guest-starring on her show. What do you have against Chad getting a chance?

Hmm. Perhaps I should start reading the actual story now.

"So, you sure if you had to kiss this guy, you would?" Marshall repeated once again

That’s really sweet of Marshall, actually, letting Sonny pick the next guest-star even though she should be punished for not kissing Chad last time, not rewarded by getting to pick the new guest. Shouldn’t Tawni be jealous that Sonny gets to pick out the guest though? If I were her, I’d be protesting that Sonny had her chance at a kiss and it should be my turn now since she was stupid and let the pig do it for her. Although, I guess the pig did get a lot of laughs from the people watching SR. Seems like the fans were happy as long as Sonny and Chad were doing a scene together. :D

Granted, if Chad hadn't been so full of himself the whole time, stating she'd fall for him, she wouldn't had mind at all kissing Chad.

Ok, I know your other stories had Channy in them - but I think this is the first one that has actually really centered around the two of them. The one where Sonny is being the most honest about her relationship with him. I love where you’re starting it. You point out that yes, she did fall for him, and yes, she would’ve kissed him. If he wasn’t such a jerk throb, anyway. It’s really…it’s really in character for Sonny to be thinking like that.

"I'd actually rather work on it now so it'll be perfect for the perfect lady," he winked and walked away.

He is SO using the fact that he can tell she’s in love with him. Haha - He’s kind of like Chad, except for instead of making fun of her for acting all love-sick, he flirts back. I think that makes him the smarter of the two. :D

"Nah. That'd be me!"

TOTALLY thought you were adding some Sonny/Grady to this story. I’m sorry, but Sonny and Grady? *starts laughing* No offense to them. I just… *starts laughing again*

And as if he had the right to, he took a bite out of Sonny's pizza.

Please remind me why I didn’t read this last night when I was in a bad mood? I love your writing. Period. :D :D

"So you know what, Chad Dylan Cooper?" Chad was pressed upon his chair lowering in his seat by all the actual hatred spewing out from Sonny. "That kiss that was supposed to be yours in the last sketch—it's Robert's now!" She maniacally laughed. "So back off, PUNK!"


"See you in a few minutes, Chad," she called out.

Actually, I love all their reactions - Tawni for saying Sonny could get a much cuter guy…Ok, I’m curious with that one. Did she mean Sonny could get Chad as her much cuter guy or did she just mean in general? And considering the show, since Tawni always seems to think she’s prettier than Sonny, that’s actually a pretty big statement. And Nico and Grady asking why Chad cares - then noticing he’s lying when he says he doesn’t care - I love that. And Zora for knowing Chad maybe better than anyone else because she knows he’s not going to sit back and watch Sonny get kissed by some other guy…

You know exactly how each of the characters would react. And I LOVE it!

You don’t think this chapter is good? Hmm…we must have VERY different opinions. I’m going to click on chapter two now. See you soon!
TeddyLuver chapter 6 . 2/19/2010
aww that was sweet D
KimLuvv chapter 6 . 2/8/2010
You should seriously continue.
movystr2b chapter 6 . 1/16/2010

im OBSESSED with ur stories!

KEEP WRITING FOR SWAC! its one of my favs and this is just making it bettr!

accontended chapter 6 . 1/4/2010
Ah,an awesome story!Haha;Chads dance moves!:D Aw that's such a very cute Channy moment!Grr,Sonny could've done better than that evil ugly guy who isn't better than Chad!(:

Awesome work,like always!:D

-much love,animelovinkidd
Cody Simpson vs. Billy Unger chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
DamonSalvatoresVampiress chapter 6 . 12/13/2009
Luv luv luv the story, esp. When Chad tricks Grady. ROFL Nico w/ da horses p

Peace out suckas!

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