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magicdemi-god223 chapter 15 . 3h
You seriously gotta love how every time Shizuru gets on the court, a hush falls on the crowd. Talk about charisma! And on another hand, I may be a fan of the Tezuka-Shizuru pairing but really, you have to admit their drive for tennis has long passed the "absurd" and "insane" level. It's downright ludicrous how those two would willing play in a storm. Although I guess I can relate to a degree. When you love what you do, external factors don't matter. You'll do what you can just for the thrill.

On a completely unrelated note, I wonder who's calling the score. I kinda thought about it only now lol.

Tezuka and that Iris flower keychain! That's so cute and something unexpected. Then again, if Shizuru was the one who gave it to him well... ;D I wonder how many times Tezuka's imagined killing Fuji, or even just thinking "Fuji, you're going to die one day". xD It's definitely a hilarious thought, especially coming from our beloved stone-faced Tezuka.

You know, sometimes I really can't understand if Oshitari and Shishido see Shizuru as more than just a friend/sister. Sometimes they act like they're vying for her attention, but then it's times when they see stuff like "She may be queen, but she's still our sister" that REALLY gets me confused as to where they really stand. Still, regardless, Shizuru's lucky to have senpais as caring as Oshitari and Shishido.

It's so funny how practically the entire female Hyotei team is talking about who to set Shizuru up with while they're all training. Even funnier is somehow, only Isane understands where Shizuru's heart already lies. Funnier still is how, one moment they're all saying "NO" to Tezuka dating Shizuru but add Shizuru's presence into the picture and they all suddenly tease her about being a good match with the stoic male Seigaku captain. *sigh* Sometimes I just don't understand how the minds of friends work (my friends did this to me once... sort of... they were more on fangirling about me and my male friend after we spent a day in each other's company. We didn't even do anything cus we're just friends but my friends seem to think there's more to it. *sigh*)

And yes, when you see Shizuru smirking and saying things like "Pray do tell" especially when the topic happens to be love or something akin to it, you KNOW Oshitari Yuushi has not been a good influence to his wonderful kohai.

Really loved all the light-hearted bantering in this chapter! The ones with Fuji and Tezuka were my favorite for this chapter. I hope there's more in the upcoming chapters!
magicdemi-god223 chapter 14 . 4h
Dang, I forgot how scary Fuji can be when he gets mad. Luckily Mai was able to impress on him in her own way that violence (in any way or form) was not the answer. Kudos for such an amazing match between two tensais. I really don't have much to say other than how amazed I am at how long each chapter seems to be as well as how consistent they are. Sure there are some mistakes here and there but they're few and far in-between. You're seriously a brilliant author! Can't wait to read about another match between our two beloved captains!
magicdemi-god223 chapter 13 . 6h
Golden Pair of Seigaku versus the Hearts and Clovers Pair of Hyotei. I absolutely love the tension in this match, how Ayane and Kiyone manage to surprise Oishi and Eiji and how, regardless of the score, both parties were having fun playing tennis.

At some point, the transition from the tennis game to Momo's reminiscing/Fuji's revenge spree-thing was kind of awkward to be honest. It's like one minute, I'm reading about someone pile driving, and then suddenly it shifts to Fuji planning on making Momo pay. Course it could just be me but I thought I'd put that in here for future reference or something :)
magicdemi-god223 chapter 12 . 6h
I'm quite glad Momo managed to get herself out of her crazed state. It really takes a lot of strength to surpass the hate and pain one feels after getting betrayed by someone they're close to. Shizuru was right. If there's anyone who can make Momo bring out her true style, then it's definitely Echizen Ryoma.
Ah tensais and sadism. Always the perfect combo to keep people on their toes and with their guards up. Although, I think it's true, to be honest. Fuji makes Tezuka get headaches, Marui definitely knows how to make Sanada's (despite him not being captain) blood pressure shoot up. Mai, despite being Shizuru's best friend, really can be a bit too much to handle at times with how sadistic she can be. I think the only captain NOT affected by sadistic tensais is Yukimura (cus he's sadistic himself, let's be honest), Atobe (because really, what can you expect from the great 'ore-sama'), and maybe Sengoku too (the guy's too cheerful to be put down by sadistic geniuses).
Anyway, this was a good chapter. I like the character development so far. :)
magicdemi-god223 chapter 11 . 7h
Ohh I thought I should point out something. A couple of chapters back (when Seigaku had only just arrived at the training camp), Eiji mentioned how "Rin kept the 'kuwee'" sound but in this chapter, he was utterly surprised at hearing her say her "signature" word. I know it's pretty minor a detail but I thought I'd point it out nevertheless.
Ehehe younger Shizuru playing tennis against a younger Tezuka; I can imagine it now. -
You know, sometimes I believe people overlook Isane too much. I mean sure she's really tall and afraid of a few things, but she's just as determined as anyone in the Hyotei team. This chapter really showed Isane's strength and definitely raises the level of respect she gets.
magicdemi-god223 chapter 10 . 8h
This chapter really showed how devious Fuji can be. Makes me wonder where he acquired the alcohol too. Anyway, I'm surprised Tezuka passed out to be honest... then again, a whole bottle of vodka plus Inui's concoctions would be strong enough to make even the hardest fall. I feel bad for Shizuru. She may have been kissed by the guy she likes but it was far from romantic, as well as alcohol-induced. Still I gotta commend Shizuru's recovery rate.

I seriously love reading this story. Every scene just keeps getting better and better.
magicdemi-god223 chapter 9 . 8h
Ah the fusion of the Atobe and Kobayagi companies. It's a guaranteed mayhem if Atobe and Ayane are to work together in the future. The teasing which the team does to both Ayane and Shizuru is quite cute, in my opinion.

Next, you really have to admire how great Yumiko's timing is. Without her, Seigaku wouldn't have been able to go to the training camp and it would have definitely been more boring that it is. In addition, we wouldn't have been graced with a tennis match between Tezuka and Shizuru. It's fun how even the adults admit that they're no match for the captains. I'd really like to see how those two would fare in a mixed doubles match.

Fuji's "I saw that~" expression omg! Priceless! I'm sure Fuji would say the exact same thing if Tezuka were to blush in the anime.
magicdemi-god223 chapter 8 . 8h
I'm writing this review as I read so if it seems disconnected, well you know why. xD It feels so disheartening to know that Shizuru's keeping secrets from the people she calls her friends, even if it is for their sakes. Luckily, she still has Shishido and Ohtori as her pillars of support.
Shizuru meeting Fuji at the bookstore was quite a nice touch. Fuji definitely knows how to keep people on their toes.
Oh my gosh that part with the feasibility defense had me cringing. It reminded me of the time when I was going through hell because of /my/ feasibility study. Luckily, we didn't need to have an oral defense for it, unlike with our Science Research/Inverstigatory Project for Physics class. I can totally sympathize with Rin, Haruka, and Isane.
I'm pretty sure if I were part of the Hyotei Female Team I would NEVER have put on a bathing suit, especially in the presence of guys I don't know. Poor Shizuru. The fact that she's hydrophobic only made things worse. Thank God for Mai who looks out for Shizuru. The karaoke was a good idea too. No relaxation session is ever complete without music and food (well in my opinion anyway). Out of all the songs, I can definitely say I liked Mai's song choice the best; partly because I'm a huge fan of FMA and partly because I agree that the song suits Mai.
Skipping to Shizuru and Sanada. Ahhh social retards. I can definitely relate here too. I'm more a wallflower; I listen more than I talk. Good thing the two were able to have some form of conversation though. And that cliffhanger! Wew. You seriouly make me want to forego sleep in favor of reading this fic. xD Good job on this nice chapter!
magicdemi-god223 chapter 7 . 6/30
Gosh you have no idea how much I love reading about Shizuru playing tennis. It's like her love for the sport gets transferred to the reader and makes you want to do your best in the things you love.

I like how, despite being so humble, Shizuru is actually very prideful and -dare I say it- arrogant in her own way. I think this manifested in the times when Shizuru goaded Atobe, accepting nothing but his best efforts in the match. When she said her line ("I'll show you what it means to dance among the diamonds"), you can really see how confident Shizuru is in her abilities but not overly so like how others would be. It's a perfect balance between humility and self-esteem. Gosh I really wish I had Shizuru's personality sometimes! xD Her bluntness is really endearing. No wonder Atobe can't stand her sometimes! xD He doesn't know how to properly deal with someone who can shoot down his ego in the way Shizuru does.

It also seems that her love for Tezuka really started before they spent more time with each other. The fact that he is her inspiration to strive to become better really says something about the relationship Shizuru wants with our beloved stoic Seigaku captain.

Hehe it's always an amazing experience to read about Shizuru's fighting spirit. Can't wait to read more of her tennis matches now!
magicdemi-god223 chapter 6 . 6/30
It's definitely a good day when you read about how girls and boys duke it out with tennis. I adore the bantering in this chapter; Atobe's and Shizuru's, Kiyone's and Ayane's, heck even Shishido arguing with himself was fun to read.

I find it funny how Atobe had demanded a match from Shizuru since the game between Momo and Hiyoshi as well as the one between the Oshitari-Mukahi pair and the Hikifumi-Shimohi pair and somehow, they (Atobe and Shizuru) STILL didn't play yet! It's like unintended procrastination! :D Definitely like how the Kobayagi-Getsugan pair didn't give up despite how hard playing against the Shishido-Ohtori pair can be. What's even better is that both pairs ENJOYED their game; a true show of sportsmanship and good will.

Can't wait to see Mai reveal more of her tricks in the next matches. Ditto with Kiyone. But the one I'm still most excited about is Shizuru haha :)
magicdemi-god223 chapter 5 . 6/30
You seriously gotta love how Hiyoshi didn't give despite the odds being against him. Sanada getting called "Gen-chan" is definitely one way to lessen his stone-facedness! xD I'm still waiting for the time when you'll give us a match between Momo and Sanada.

I also find it rather sweet how Oshitari's trying to impress Shizuru, even though it's a futile act. But hey, you gotta give the guy some points for trying anyway. Can't wait to reread about how Ayane and Kiyone wll go up against Shishido and Ohtori. Ditto with Shizuru and Atobe.

Seriously, with each chapter, you just get more and more excited. Kudos for that :)
magicdemi-god223 chapter 4 . 6/30
You know, I just realized that at a first glance, Shizuru's somewhat Mary-Sue-ish. Polite, somewhat smart ('cus Gakuto said she isn't the best in Geometry), and an amazing tennis player. It's a good thing you inserted her mental debate in the part where she meets Atobe. It balances up the character traits nicely. I quite like how she "borrowed" Atobe's line.

On another note, I have to congratulate you on how spot on you managed to make the Seigaku males act. I mean, they weren't at all OOC. Inui was his usual stalker-person, Echizen is still after the Ponta. Momoshiro and Kaidoh still argue with each other; Eiji's still as hyper and Oishi's still the resident peace-maker. Fuji is as sadistic as ever (it feels like his life's goal to embarrass Tezuka) while Tezuka's still as stoic as ever.

I commend you for this chapter. It definitely gave the readers a sneak peak at what the Hyotei girls will face.
magicdemi-god223 chapter 3 . 6/30
I can't believe I didn't realize this before! In the early parts of the chapter, it was mentioned that Shizuru picked up her racket to warm up but she never left. Then a few paragraphs after this, Shizuru said (in a non-verbal way) that Mai had ten minutes to finish her opponent but then the next line contradicted this time limit with Shizuru saying Mai had five minutes left. I dunno if it looks wrong to you, but it does to me so I thought I'd point it out. :) Hope that helps if you ever decide to go over the chapter again for the sake of fixing minor mistakes. (Of course I could be totally wrong too and if that's the case I hope you can explain it to me! _)
magicdemi-god223 chapter 2 . 6/30
I forgot how utterly amusing it is to see Ayane blow up at Atobe. It's definitely something I don't encounter in fics. On a completely different note, why are you apologizing for a long chapter? xD People love it when a chapter's long, especially if it's well written and has exciting scenes.

I will admit though that I found this chapter somewhat dull in terms of the tennis match. I think it's partly because I already know some of the more exciting matches and partly because of the numerous one-liners. I have the tendency to either read without really comprehending or skip some words or lines entirely, so don't feel bad about that. :) It was still a good chapter.
magicdemi-god223 chapter 1 . 6/30
This is probably the fifth time I'm reading this fic and I don't know if it's just me but it keeps getting better and better! I'm gonna try and make a conscious effort to leave a review for the chapters I haven't reviewed yet so get ready for an influx of email notifications!

I like how you introduced the characters. Normally, people would just write out the information like a slambook or something similar, but you really took the time to describe their appearances and tennis styles. Kudos for that. I also like how you started off with a tennis tournament immediately. It really gets interesting, especially when you create moves for an OC.

Despite already knowing how the story goes, I can't wait to reread those chapters where Shizuru plays tennis!
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