Reviews for Happiness
True to the bone chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
i feel that you dont really know this character very well, Lois is completly occ here and Clark too, lois lane never in a million years behave this way and also clark , the different betewen the lois and clark relationship is that when they finaly togheter clark kent never in a million years could cheat on lois lane because she is his soulmate and the woman of his life so no matter what lana lang do ,he never will be a cheating bastard . so sorry but this story is a joke if you don't know the story behind this character or how they act please dont write about them at all, respect the 70 years of history and dont crap on them this way. LAME PLOT AWFUL STORYLINE
LatinaGurl96 chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
Lois was OC, she forgave him so easily! Knowning how Lois is, if she found out Clark was cheating on her with LANA (hate her!) she'd be mad at him for a LONG time!
jock wizard chapter 1 . 7/20/2009
very good i was wondering is lex bad or what in this 9/10
gigga chapter 1 . 7/13/2009
That was kind of weird. I can't believe Lois is so angry about Clark cheating and then she just throws her hands up in the air and after a few seconds of superspeeding to the loft she is completely okay with everything and kissing him. That is just not realistic at all for any woman, much less Lois Lane. Where was Clark's explanation for the photos because him thinking she was with Lex one time just doesn't cut it? How was he supposed to know? Um, gee I don't know Clark, try asking. I also found it odd that if he's already Superman since Lois referred to his Superman powers, seemingly quite loudly and in public since a crowd gather around but i digress, why he didn't fly them to the barn instead of superspeeding. It is a bit out of character too for Clark to go over to Lex and just start hitting him, confronting him yes but physically attacking him, I don't know about that. The end was cute but it still bothered me that she just seemed to accept his infidelity and it was just swept under the rug by her promising to always be there no matter what, almost as if he cheats again and says sorry that it is okay.
drvr8 chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
I have a couple of questions about the story, what were the pictures of Lana and Clark in reference to? Were they intimate pictures? And what time frame were they taken in at least how long ago were they taken in? Lois does the angry, jealous turn so quickly to acceptance and then forgiveness but it didn't seem to work because there was no moment of finding her point of resolve with situation. I didn't feel an emotional transition so it just confuses me.

Secondly, Clark wouldn't punch anyone, especially Lex unless he lost his powers. With Clark able to knock out an ordinary person with the flick of a finger, there's no way he would throw a punch at someone without nearly killing him. If he's Superman at this point especially, there's no way he's going to attack Lex as Clark. Lex would have him arrested and charged with battery for throwing the punch and Lois would have definitely made a stink to stop him from doing something so foolish like risking being exposed or getting arrested and unable to perform his duties as Superman.

By the way, the upper part of the Kent Barn is called the loft. If anything, the Lex part should have been omitted and just focused on the Clois part of the relationship and really let them work things out. The last conversation between Lois and Clark is really nice though but still plays weird because when she touches his jaw, he's thinking about the jaw he just smacked. While Superman fights evil in the world, he and Lex don't really physically fight unless Lex is wearing his battlesuit. Lex always tries to win fights without getting his hands dirty and wouldn't do something so blatantly obvious to set himself as a target unless he really did want Clark to lose his temper and get into trouble.
XMarisolX chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
I think ou are guilty of wonky characterization (Clark a jokester? adn Lex casually admitting to breaking folks up?) and purple prose. But still, I was really entertained by this story. I liked the brisk pacing, almost like in a comic book, and your Clois scenario was believable and tightly told.