Reviews for The Wizard of Inazuka
Midwich Cuckoo chapter 2 . 11/9/2015
I will have to read more of the chapters. But so far it's an interesting beginning - mostly because you decided to base your The Wizard of Oz story on the reality of life in Japan - which btw, isn't even a "real" country to me XD - not after all those mangas and animes XD It just seems to me it's just some sort of magical land existing somewhere out there - maybe in a different dimension, maybe in just heads of otaku folks XD but certainly not in our world - sorry but my main association is the world of anime :) Not that I like anime; on the opposite but I'm very curious as for how you managed to cross the idea for the world of the wizard of Oz over with the world of Japan :) I will have to read the rest of the chapters to check it out :)