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angel of poems chapter 15 . 8/8/2012
this story is great and it's funny because the Princess has the same name as me.
whatdotheydream chapter 15 . 7/23/2012
Hey, I thought she'd taken the love potion, right? But she still acts the same. Is that because she already loved him? It was an amazing story!
SomeoneElse chapter 15 . 6/3/2011
I like it! Well done, though not quite what I'm used to. 4/5 stars!
cartoonromancer chapter 15 . 2/6/2011
HA! HA! HA! This really should have gotten a million more reviews, I couldn't stop reading! (even though I really should have done some homework) I loved it! Every chapter kept me going, and it was certainly not the Rumpelstilskin tale I was hoping for, it was much more!
Svadilfari chapter 10 . 11/19/2009
Paron has a dangerous back story of his own? WHY did you cut those bits off? Sacrilege! If these bit and pieces which you have written have survived your editing may I please have the pleasure of reading them?

“Wolves, too,” he continued happily, and earned himself a cuff from the king, who beckoned Sanna to ride next to him.“Take no notice,” Oberon smiled warmly, “there are wolves, but they never venture near the palace.

What, is he five years-old? This is proof that the Georgie Porgie in men never die, not really. Anyway now that you mentioned Thranduil and his merry band of Elves, yes, Oberon and Paron remind me of them. It was a nice thrill as a Tolkien fan to see traces of Middle-earth in another world. Parallels and stuff, the academic in me approves.

“I’m beginning to wish I’d left her behind,” growled Páron, still holding her. Oberon raised an eyebrow at the sight of his captain’s arms wrapped so protectively around the girl he claimed annoyed him so much. Páron scowled, and set Sanna safely down in a chair.”

What can I say? I adore this couple! Two utterly darling idiots.

“You haven’t done a great deal in the way of planning at all,” snapped Oberon. “Dismissed, Captain.”

Oberon is awesomeness and love. Oh, and he’s available, is he now? Why, I just so happen to be looking for a king myself, lolz.

I was honestly cheesed off with Sanna’s behavior with regards to her frog-child. I kept thinking, ‘It’s just a bloody frog!’ Until of course it occurred to me had it been me with my cockroach child I may not be any better.

And with his king’s advice ringing in his ears to ‘try and make her LIKE you’ Paron goes and forcefully steals a kiss from Sanna. *sigh* if I was unfortunate enough to be their relationship counselor I’d have thrown down the towel and consoled myself with a G&T that not everyone is as daft as those two.

“I need help,” said Páron to the old woman who sat across her table from him.” No, what you two need is divine intervention, THAT’s what.

“Without trying to rip my clothes off every time she sees me?”“I can’t believe you think that’s a problem, and anyway, isn’t that what you tried to do to her?” the old woman shot back.” EXACTLY, Crella! And Paron, I think you might be losing the plot here.

“It was a kiss, nothing more.” Sure, we believe you. “Oh, do pardon me, but you were certainly thinking about ripping her…” You can’t hoodwink crones, Paron!

Not that the whole scene in Chapter 11 wasn’t hot. Sweetness and light was never my type, a little rough and tumble is always better for the soul, I say. Which, I suppose, is why I so enjoy your stories. I really enjoyed how it all ended, all neatly tied up for Paron and Sanna, a happily ever after, in so far as it can be with those two.
Svadilfari chapter 1 . 10/14/2009
Yes, this story pwns ALL. I don't even know where to start. I simply ADORE almost every single character I have meet here. Páron and Sanna are perfect darlings.

I do have a question to ask.

“Therefore, my dear, I will indulge you. You may keep him.”

I do understand, of course, you need this for the plot and you later mention that nudity is perfectly normal in Sanna's culture but Páron's blatant display of his nudity in Chapter Two proves how dangerous this can be even in such a non-prudish society. Do you have a valid defence for this or is this a case where one should suspend disbelief?

“If it were you marrying him, then that would be fine!” Seriously, how can you NOT like Sanna?

That tiny bit of SannaxPáron action in Chapter Three. So hot and it was just a few freaking lines with no overblown prose.

I have no love for Teku, by the way.

“You false, fickle woman,” he snarled, his eyes full of anger, “but so be it. I will not take your child – yet. If you can guess my name, you can keep my child.”

Páron is a jackass. I mean I can see where he is coming from, Sanna did promise after all, and this was her mistake, to agree without having the terms and conditions agreed upon prior. But let’s be frank here, how on earth was she ever to guess that that was what Páron wanted? Only the reader blessed with hindsight can sigh and shake his/her head sagely and berate her. So in this, I cannot blame Sanna even if she’s proving herself false. Let Páron carry a babe for nine bloody months and then pop it out and then see how amendable HE is to such an agreement.

“She stared at him, then berated him for not saying so before if he intended to take her too, scolded him thoroughly for making her play silly guessing games and causing her so much grief.”

Idiot totally deserved it even if Sanna was just making her life harder by being unwilling in the first place.

“I don’t know you,” she wept. “You’re nothing like me, you never make me feel safe, you’re dangerous, you’re a murderer and a thief and a liar…..” *blushes* These were ALL the reasons I thought made him hot! Well, besides those ice green eyes and that cool, soft voice.

“He looked nearly as bad as he’d done when she’d first laid eyes on him in Isken. It didn’t appear to bother him.” That’s because he’s a MAN, Sanna, focus here!

“Páron had taken to avoiding her over the last few days”.

“Enough of this,” he said to Sanna, once they were alone. “sulks and tantrums will avail you nothing, and your bad temper is costing me my sleep. Tell me what I have done to earn your hatred.”

Lolz Sanna’s throwing a strop with her erstwhile slave. Oh come on, I bet everyone but those two thickheads can see how they totally fancy each other.

… He SLAPPED her. Hm…well, it stopped her hysteria but still…

Páron is love. He’s dangerous and hot and kind of scary too. Sanna’ s a bit of a twit at times but she just a princess and she really does try so you have to commend her efforts.

Oberon. Is. Totally. Awesome.

I have to stop here at Chapter Nine or there will be nothing nice left to read for me.
Imagination's-Dreams chapter 15 . 7/28/2009
Wow, my computer breaks and when I finally get back to this story, I find it finished! I love happy endings and I'm glad it was Paron all along who was the rightful ruler of Derun, even if he didn't want to be. It certainly made more sense for him to be the true heir, rather than Sanna's daughter (who you still have not named, btw). And as a bonus, I think I'm finally warming up to Sanna, though just a bit _. Nice twist, by the way, it was very unexpected, lol. Now that this story's finished, I might just check out your other ones...

Dreamer _
Scatter Hart chapter 14 . 7/24/2009
Wow! So the setting is so well described and i really loved the detail and the image it painted in my mind. I hope you keep up this standard of writing because its amazing!

Take Your Bow
Mage of Swords chapter 1 . 7/15/2009
This definitely caught my attention. I have always felt Rumpelstiltskin had a few gaping holes in it myself, and not only is your story well written, but judging by this chapter alone it is going to be an absolutely wonderful, well-rounded retelling. I look forward to reading more of your version of events!
Imagination's-Dreams chapter 11 . 7/11/2009
Double update? I'm embarrassed to say that I very nearly missed the previous chapter (10) and so was a bit confused about this one, heh. Anyway, I think you chose the setting for Carne perfectly, doesn't matter if the palace mostly belongs to someone else, it really fits the story. I understand how you feel about tarantulas (I myself am arachnaphobic), and so what Sanna feels about frogs , however, if my baby were ever turned into a big, hairy, hideous monster of a spider, I'd still love them and would do anything to change them back, so my sympathy for Sanna is fading rather rapidly. I still think she deserves a good slap, so maybe Paron's confession will be the wake-up call she so desperately needs.

You've added a bit of angst and tension in this chapter, yet I'm glad the plot seems to be thickening. Oberon mentioned a prophecy? I also had my suspicions about Sanna's, as yet unnamed, daughter being the heir, but I don't quite see how. I'm curious about how Sanna is supposed to change her child back, though... Can't wait to see how she reacts to Paron's declaration of love .

This keeps getting better, so please update ASAP :) :)
meowkatj chapter 11 . 7/9/2009
Well, for the past few chapters I've wanted Sanna slapped; well, I guess she got slapped in a way...definitely shocked... I hope she starts behaving like her old self (i.e. having a spine...start eavesdropping or something...) a bit more now. But I guess it means she's written well if I care enough to be annoyed by a character. I'm interested in where this story's going: happy writing!

p.s.: Fear of Frogs Radinaphobia; or, if you prefer, Batrachophobia Fear of amphibians. I wonder what a Carne psychiatrist would be like...
Imagination's-Dreams chapter 9 . 7/8/2009
Nice chapter, we finally learn a little more about this war and what it involves. I'm guessing this missing heir will be important later on, though I'm still clueless as to what Sanna's daughter's role in all this is.

Sanna, as ever, shows how much of a spoilt, self-centred, whiny princess she is, but, given the circumstances, it's understandable and I'm willing to give her a chance to prove herself. You've also got me curious about what your plan for her might be.

It always irked me how, in the original tale, as in your version of it, the princess/queen was so unbelievably ungrateful towards the one who saved her life many times and without any real reason to go to so much trouble for her. Sanna is even more ungrateful, since she's a seemingly useless and dangerous burden on Paron and his people, yet all she does is sulk and complain, despite all Paron has done for her (though this does make me like him all the more for it). Still, as I said, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and be patient with her, and I most definitely will keep reading and reviewing.

Please update ASAP :)
zagato chapter 9 . 7/8/2009
Thanks for writing!
Scatter Hart chapter 9 . 7/7/2009
Another wonderful chapter, I'm seriously suprised that im one of the only people reveiwing, because your story is of great style and so well written. I feel like an amataur compared to you LOL.

Take Your Bow
Scatter Hart chapter 8 . 7/3/2009
You manage to pull the reader right into your story, right into your characters shoes. Good Job and i cant wait for the next chapter!

Take Your Bow
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