Reviews for Lethal Injection
TJ Jordan chapter 1 . 1/18/2014
A beautifully written story that captures our attention and refuses to let go. This story is great and I actually love it. Nice work!

I like that you go from Alex's point of view to Jezzie's in this story. We only see things how Alex sees them in the novel. It feels nice and refreshing to see it behind the eyes of another. And Jezzie is the perfect candidate.

I love that you start with her in prison and also in her final moments. We can tell that she definitely is messed up on the inside, just by the first few paragraphs. But I guess that is what happens when people like her live such a life of unfairness and evil. I also just love how you manage to have us feeling bad for her. I felt bad for her in the novel. Just seeing that she has no else but Alex makes me want to cry. But at the same time, you do make us remember all of the horrible things that she has done and why she needs to be punished for them. But still, you do a great job at making us feel bad for her.

The way how you write is just beyond amazing. You manage to make this feel like a James Patterson story, while at the same time fitting in some rhythm of words and also adding a new insight on all of this. I'm captured from the beginning and I cannot help but read it all the way through. This is just amazing work. I love how you have us feel the emotions of how Jezzie feels when she is in her prison cell. It makes us realize how being in a place like that can really make a person rethink their life and go through their decisions. I just love this!

The final moments of this chapter is just amazingly done. I like the final lines when Jezzie just embraces what she has been given and acknowledges that death is beautiful. I guess it can be if you lived a life that Jezzie did. I do wonder, was that "red fire" that Jezzie saw actually "Hell" itself? If it was, you did a great job at showing what it seems like when Jezzie dies. I actually could feel the fear, while Jezzie didn't. But still, you did an amazing job! Well done!

I really do love this story! It was written so beautiful and talently! I love how you make it seem like a James Patterson novel and draw me in! You are a natural-born writer! Great job! I hope you do more Alex Cross stories! This was just amazing! Thank you for writing this! :)
SunStealingPixie chapter 1 . 5/18/2010
I am an avid Alex Cross fan. I love your use of language and the insight into her final moments. Almost makes you feel sorry for her. You write with the same indepth knowlege of the great man we all strive to write like. Thank you for sharing this with this comunity! Simply beautiful!
tashalynn93 chapter 1 . 11/17/2009
I loved this point of view, it totally switched from what you normally read, james patteson is one of my favorite authors, and yes i am working on his work at the moment, but hey, i loved ur view on his Alez Cross series!
tryke14 chapter 1 . 11/6/2009
:) Kept me reading each word:)
Atilio Montenegro chapter 1 . 8/9/2009
Very fine work. The reader is able to enjoy the story without being persuaded either way in deeming the worthiness of the final judgement. Humanizing the character, not through pity, but through the actions we see. Actions that may otherwise be beyond the readers comprehension are given new meaning. The death, especially the last thoughts of life, hold true to this character, the dynamism of the attention-seeker, the self-delusioned, the beyond hope.

A real knack for expressing the beauty in a setting as mundane as a prison cell. The transitions, are seemless, allowing the reader to skirt along without pause, so that when the end hits you, it hits home.

I greatly approve. :D