Reviews for Dragons in the Closet
Euuca chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
Ok I have no idea why a few hundred people haven't told you just how awesome this fic is. But I refuse to be a part of those few hundreds and so I shall proceed to tell you just how much I enjoyed your fic.

Frankly, it's the best Draco/Pansy fic I've come across and trust me, I've practically read each one there is. I'm crazy about this couple and even more crazy about writers like you who write such nice fics about them. D

I thought the fic was really well-written; the language was simple but it always managed to get the point across. I liked the dry comments from Millicent and Pansy. I LOVED the whole idea of Draco being scared of dragons in his closet... there was something so awfully nice about the childhood memories you made up for them. Their relation isn't exactly how I imagined but it's pretty close. I can imagine their relation this way... Honestly, I was sitting with a tub of ice-cream and I actually forgot I had to stuff myself with the incredibly tasty chocolate ice cream when Draco... broke down. I always love moments like those and I'm glad you captured it well.

So yeah... awesome job and I wish you write loads of more Draco/Pansy for us fans! D
kisssanitygoodbye chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
i love it! especially the end, it was so sad :( you're an amazing writer! :) keep it up!
miss anthrope chapter 1 . 6/29/2009
this was so well written. absolutely love it! the emotions were so intense and just amazing.