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lisazj chapter 11 . 6/22/2010
Love Em just as much as Bubba, and he’s still himself, under all the dirt and dash. :) Being Bubba, I’m not surprised at all that he got invited to a shotgun wedding and even less surprised that he didn’t stay for the reception.

Bubba might have lit out of Tennessee without any money, but he seems really good at making the best of the opportunities that come his way. A coat with $50 and a window out, a place to stay and dinner, a new coat with a ticket for Alaska in the pocket. Bubba really is a lucky mutherf*cker. Until he meets up with that grizzly. But I guess you could call that luck of a different kind.

If there was ever anybody suited to being happy as a vampire, that was Bubba. He’s just naturally kind of happy no matter what his situation is. Though Eddie might not admit it, I bet things were a lot more fun once Bubba joined the family. Touring through Europe and living in England had to be a blast with a country boy vamp like Bubba.

Oh my Lord, I laughed til I bout choked, Bubba reading Barbara Cartland! Hahahaha, that is f*cking perfect! Yep, this is Bubba to me: ”No matter what, I've always got my people and a big ol' grin. When it seems like I might be forgettin' that and fixin' to get all down in the mouth about what's to come, I just take me another novel out and get to readin'.” That’s Bubba, always happy, always loyal to his family.

Touring Europe wasn’t all fun and games. Bubba spent a lot of time looking out for Eddie, to make sure the Volturi kept their a*s away from his brother. Until he was so far up Eddie’s butt it made him antsy, and he basically told Bubba to find something else to do.

I thought it was kinda sad that Bubba could never bring himself to go look for his mama. *Sniff*

Fair to say thought that Bubba had just as much his share of the ladies, undead and alive, as Eddie did. Being willing to make ‘em laugh will go just as far as being drop dead fine as Eddie is. Not that Bubba’s not fine too but he’s got that cute and mischievous thing going.

Love Bubba’s rules for getting poontang! Pretty simple and also pretty damn similar to the rules that women have for hookin’ peen, heh. ;) Except for the makin’ an a*s out of yourself. No, we don’t do that one. Not intentionally anyway. *Snicker* Bubba’s philosophy: ” Just never, ever let it rattle your fuckin' cage. They's just girls. Wait five minutes and they'll be another one that'll come along right behind the first one. I don't care how fine they look, how good they smell, or even how good they is at gobblin' your gopher. Ain't no need to get all down in the mouth about 'em. We Cullen boys is hard motherfuckers, 's how we roll.” Uh-huh. Til Eddie meets Bella, right? Then Bubba’s busy feeling all sorry for Eddie once he falls in love with Bella, cause he ain’t getting’ any from anywhere.

Until Bubba sees Rose. Then it’s over for Mr. Smooth. I’d never before considered how it was with Bubba and Rose hookin’ up, cause Rose is a take-no-sh*t kinda woman. But it was sweet. Bubba got all fumbly and clumsy for a cat-quick, perfect reflexes predator, and fell flat on his face. That’s embarrassing even if you are undead. But I really liked this: Without a word, she caught me by the collar, jerked me clean up off the ground and dropped me back to the gravel softly. She passed her hand over my shirt briskly, wiping parking lot dust off of me, her head bent down so I couldn't see her face and then did the same with the legs of my jeans. Those damn witchy golden-flecked amber eyes traveled up the length of my body to meet mine.

My luck had gone flat as a cow's cunt.

"Shall we try that again?" she whispered. She took my arm again, and I walked her around, opening the door and letting down the chrome step. Really sweet and kind of tender. Which actually said it all about how Rose felt about Bubba, if he’d just been listening.

Boy, did Rose save Bubba’s a*s, keeping that deer from totaling Eddie’s truck, cause Eddie would have had a sh*t fit for sure. Rose has got Bubba sewed up without even trying hard: "Hey, Big Pappa... supper's ready." ;)

Loved it winterstale! Not that I didn’t love Bubba/Emmett anyway, but that just helped me see him a little more clearly, as more than Eddie’s funny a*s brother. Thanks for writing him!
Uk Alice chapter 1 . 6/22/2010
*waves hello* i've come over here to see these out-take and i feel like i know Eddie boy a whole lot better now its good to see what makes him tick!
Gasaway Alley chapter 11 . 6/21/2010
No one can channel Rie's Bubba like Winterstale! Mighty fine job you did on this one.

Fast paced just like you know his mind works. His A.D.D. makes for one hell of a funny ride through his thoughts. I take that boat ride any day!

Your southernisms were hilarious!

Funny how gobsmacked he was when he met his match in Rosie Reaper!

Rosmarina chapter 11 . 6/20/2010
"I'm Bubba Cullen. And I AM the luckiest dead sumbitch in South Cackalakee."

This outtake, this one right here? Deliciously funny as all get out, from start to finish. :)
LoriSweetCream chapter 11 . 6/20/2010
I know I'm late to the "Bubba Train" but I got sidetracked...Ok, enough ass kissin' from me! Ms Winterstale I love the way you have handled our Bubba! I think my fave part is the rules he follows for them there women! I am partial to #5. A word about cockblockers. They are out there, like damn potholes in the road to your intended pussy. That there is very true and accurate. But then again, I kinda love how you handled Bubba and Rosalie and the deer. Although, the deer never saw Rosalie comin'. Loved the drop of blood on the tongue at the end too. Ok, let's just narrow it all down to this... I loved every train hoppin', bed jumpin' and bear breakin' moment of it all! Much love to Ms Rie and of course Mister Eddie. I be missin' ya, sir. I'll stop by the DW for a cold one sometime this next week. xx sweetcream
Annetteskitty1 chapter 11 . 6/19/2010
Oh man, I LOVE Bubba! That was fantastic, bb. I am so impressed. *hugs*

RowanMoon chapter 11 . 6/19/2010
This Bubba POV was absolute poignant hilarity. Bubba gettin' in trouble for what comes natchurally with tha ladies was so in character and done so well I was endeared and enamored with this gorgeous bohunk of man; riding women of all shapes and sizes.(Bubba, I love that you appreciate a good sturdy one.~waggles eyebrows~), riding the rails to escape angry fathers and brothers or jealous husbands with big guns and little knowledge on how to satisfy their womenfolk...all the way to Alaska! THAT was brilliance in showing us how this delightful Sevier county boy made it to Alaska to be sired by Carlisle.

His voice is positively perfect. Asking Carlisle for some aspirin and a warm place to lie down after getting mauled by a Grizzly was such a Bubba thing to do. His colloquilisms were awesome. I especially loved;

~I'd lit out of Granny's kitchen hotter than a goat's ass in a pepper patch ~

I love seeing sayings like that. I have a few, and I haven't put them on your facebook page as I was only reminded of them after reading this brilliant o/s. The funny thing is I use the often enough I should have remembered and sent them to you;

"Stiffer than a three peckered billy goat" is my favorite. I also use "Hotter than a whore in church." ~giggles~

Bubba's recount of what his change felt like and how he handled was another section I really enjoyed;

~'Course I had no idea I was about to be fried up like a side of bacon in my own blood and sinew, changed from man to inhuman. Bitch of it was, I was the first McCarty to cross the Mason–Dixon line and, with no job to speak of, I hadn't even had a cent to send my mama a telegram about it all. That might have been a spot of luck, though. Mama could carry a grudge when it came to actin' up at Sunday lunch.~

"Bubba's 5 rules for pulling good cooter" had me rolling on the floor. I most definitely shoved it under Paul's nose to read. He snickered and smiled and thought it was pretty brilliant also.

You expose the heart of the man we love but don't give enough credit with the admission of his guilty pleasure; his love of Barbara Cartland novels and family adventures;

~Besides, somethin' about love and togetherness and the bonds of friend and family winnin' out in the end just lumped up my throat ever' time. No matter what, I've always got my people and a big ol' grin. When it seems like I might be forgettin' that and fixin' to get all down in the mouth about what's to come, I just take me another novel out and get to readin'.

I absolutely adored this journey into Bubba's heart and soul. Thank you so much for showing him to us!


Mistress Moon
LoveDanielsNuts chapter 11 . 6/19/2010
I totally love Bubba, and I lvoed seeing this side of him too, coz he can come across as a stupid hick dumb shit, but I still love him all the same.

Thanks for writing xx
Starnani21 chapter 11 . 6/18/2010
Awww, that wonderful, loveable oaf. Em can always make me smile. Bubba ain't half bad too. See ya later Bubbs.
Burntcore chapter 11 . 6/18/2010
That was awesome. I love the guest authors you have...
twilightnaley19 chapter 11 . 6/18/2010
sleeptalker1 chapter 5 . 6/18/2010
Viola Cornuta and Gasaway Alley ... well you two have outdone yourselves with The Edward & M'Esme in this one.

Totally pissing myself!

About time someone made The Edward take things in hand lol

This was hilarious & presented in such a clever way.

Loving it all the way!
sleeptalker1 chapter 4 . 6/18/2010
Fab bit of first time FF from Mer - you done a great job (& so did Jasper lol)

Great insight to junior. Well written too!
sleeptalker1 chapter 3 . 6/18/2010
Rowanmoon did an amazing job with Alice's pre-vamp life.

This chap really brought to the forefront what Alice's life was like - such a compelling background.

Her loneliness is overwhelming but it helps knowing she was on her way to Jasper.
sleeptalker1 chapter 2 . 6/18/2010
V & Rie you have me laughing so much.

Love this little interview - its got a bit of everything in it!
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