Reviews for 30 Minutes That Changed Everything
Susan Schreiber chapter 55 . 9/13
Just came across this fantastic story and have binged it over the last 3 days. Your world building and plotting are absolutely magnificent!

On to Hogwarts!
HeartsGlow chapter 42 . 9/2
Dumbledore can get the ring from the shack. It would make more sense to hide it in a vault.
HeartsGlow chapter 40 . 9/2
Barty Crouch used the potion for almost TEN months. From Sept 1st to June 24th, which was the date of the Third task.
HeartsGlow chapter 8 . 8/28
In canon, there were many. many empty classrooms. JKR's reasoning behind the smaller classes, especially Harry's, was the war with Voldie. He ended many families. Also, there were those that had fewer or no children because of the War. Then there are the purebloods, most having only one child and getting rid of the squibs. I also don't believe there were as many people in the ministry as the movies made it seem. But I do agree with you that the total population that she gives is unrealistic.
Spielar chapter 3 . 8/25
Kind of irritated reading this as you keep referring to Harry and Hermione as the boy or the girl. They have proper names and everyone reading your story knows their names, please stop trying to make it mysterious or whatever you are doing should you write another fanfic with these characters as it comes off as you are either too lazy to write their proper names or trying too hard to be mysterious.
Bronze chapter 10 . 7/19
Downright moronic? Ding, ding, ding! You win the grand prize for thinking! Frankly, to me Good Ole Fumblemort is and always will be a Dark Lord! He was warned that the Dursleys were unacceptable as guardians and caretakers for Harry by Minerva McGonagall but as per usual she was ignored because Good Ole Fumblemort THOUGHT he knew better than anyone else. In canon he WAS an accomplice to Child Abuse, multiple counts of Child Endangerment before, during and after the fact of the abuse and endangerment. He knowingly sent Harry back year after year to an abusive household. While at that so-called school Harry was endangered every single year by some moronic scheme of Good Ole Fumblemorts. If it walks like a Duck, looks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, IT'S A DUCK! If he acts like a Dark Lord, schemes like a Dark Lord, attempts to kill like a Dark Lord, HE'S A DARK LORD! Don't make excuses for his moronic behavior. He went Dark long before Harry was born! Who was it that cast the Fidelius Charm on the house the Potters were hiding in? Fumblemort! Who knew the true Secret Keeper's name? Who helped put Sirius Black in Azkaban for twelve years without a trial? Who did absolutely NOTHING to get Sirius a trial after finding out he was innocent? Now try telling me again that Good Ole Fumblemort ISN'T a Dark Lord.
mumphie chapter 55 . 7/18
I do so hope that when I take a gander at your list of stories that I will find part II! So many times it does not happen.
I enjoyed your story, well thought out and woven together well. It's great to see them taking the wizarding world by storm! Also always glad to see a happy Remus and Sirius!
mumphie chapter 6 . 7/14
A good story pushes the reader to continue. I truly want to continue on!
Oh, just a tiny thing - SATURNDAY, MAY 14, 1988...Saturnday? My mind went to aliens and little green men! ;)
Bronze chapter 6 . 7/9
Well, things are going good so far. But I'm still waiting on Good Ole Fumblemort to come around to stick his beak into Harrys' life and screw it all up again. All for the Greater Good of course. But ole Fumbles MUST never learn about the future that his actions caused as he'll want to change things, so they do work out for his planned future.
Bronze chapter 5 . 7/9
I think it was because of his growing friendship with Hermione that he accepted so fast. Another part is that he'll never have to return to the Dursleys. Well, so long as Good Ole Fumblemort doesn't stick his beak into Harrys' life the way he so loves to do that is.
Bronze chapter 4 . 7/9
Things are only going to get better for Harry from here on out. Hermione's life will improve as well. But only if they can escape Good Ole Fumblemorts meddling.
Bronze chapter 3 . 7/9
I do believe that Hermione was Harry's love from the other timeline. I always found it totally stupid when JKR married her off to her number one bully. I simply can't see what possible job Ron could possibly get! He refuses to study. Instead wanting to copy Hermione or Harry's homework. He much too lazy to be an Auror. Not to mention greedy to an honest one. Chances are Harry's wind-up doing all the parchmentwork for any and every case they worked on. There's no way in hell of him ever getting on a Quidditch team! Not even the Canons would hire him! Now that the timeline has changed, I'm sure Good Ole Fumblemort will come looking for Harry to place him back in that abusive home. Of course, he'd also have to get the Dursleys out of prison as well as erasing all the records of their arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing to keep them free. And that'd be quite the problem as he'd have to get every copy from wherever they were. And of course, the Primary Dark Lord of the Mid Twentieth through Mid Twenty-First Centuries couldn't have his pawns in prison where they couldn't continue to abuse their nephew. Though, I've heard that in prison they take a very dim view of child abusers so Vernon may not live to make it out of prison. Marge and Petunia as well. But not great loss in all three cases. Dudley might just end up in St. Brutus Secure Center for his action. Maybe even with his gang even.
Bronze chapter 2 . 7/9
Man, that Butterfly must be really flapping its wing right about now!
Bronze chapter 1 . 7/9
You say you won't write any romance between children. I ask, have you ever read Luna's Hubby? Basically, child Luna wants a husband NOW. Not in several years. MOW! Somehow her wish connects with an extremely badly beaten Harry Potter and Harry pops into a picnic she's having with Hermione and two other little girls. There's no real romance but it is quite funny. Unfortunately, another one that I'd recommend I can't remember the title to nor find it using a description of it. Luna, Hermione and Ginny are having a picnic in Luna's yard when Harry apparates onto the only vacant corner of their blanket. All four are young children at the time. Harry has been beaten so severely he's lucky to be alive. He's treated by I think Pandora Lovegood who also calls Madam Bone about it. I've tried to find it using that description but all the AI at Bing gives me are totally unrelated. Anyhoo, I started this before but lost it when my computer updated. Now I intend to finish it. I find and found it very interesting.
Ultach chapter 45 . 6/7
A couple of chapters back you wrote that Bagnold managed to cleanse the ministry of all her potential challengers. You particularly stated Fudge and his 'right hand man', Umbridge, were thrown out.
Now you claim they're still in the ministry?
Error! Error! Does not compute! RED ALERT.
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