Reviews for 30 Minutes That Changed Everything
Niknakkitkat chapter 55 . 10/19
this is spectacular
Kirallie chapter 16 . 10/2
Was enjoying this till you brought in a sister. So good work till now. Main characters who are original are annoying.
Corwyn chapter 55 . 9/25
Loved this story. Thanks for sharing it with us!
pianomouse chapter 55 . 9/24
I just spent the last few days devouring this story and it's precursor. I have had an absolute blast. Your use of the time and how 30 minutes can effect such a drastic change is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and stories with us. I hope one day that you will have more to share. I had to leave my review here as I have already posted one for the other story.
Corwyn chapter 47 . 9/20
I am loving this story so far. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I just noticed a typo that I found a bit confusing. In the discussion between the children and Lord Black, you call him Sensei once.
ReticentRouge chapter 29 . 9/19
another random note: it would've been nice to know the compositions of the wands and staves. also you state that they know their baseform...then leave it. I'm fairly certain that willpower be in later chapters. ill just have to be sad about the wands lol
ReticentRouge chapter 21 . 9/19
just a side note that has no baring on the story, however Clarice's real parents were the ones who adopted her. Her biological parents were just that...biological. Anyway. great story so far!
KawaiiNinja.982 chapter 3 . 9/5
Bull! Seriously you lost me at 'coincidently' Harry bumps into the grangers. Fine do a romance just not complet improbable senario that would happen.
Let alone suddenly give them guadianship just because they found him. WOULDNT HAPPEN!
Cayar chapter 55 . 8/19
I have enjoyed this story, in particular the idea of time compression magic and its applications and drawbacks. However, I would have had more enjoyment had it not gone into detail every time something the reader already knows is explained.
Since the viewer is reading a fanfic, we can reasonably expect her to have read the books or at least watched the movies, and thus there is no need to rehash canon information without adding anything new at the time. Similarly, we can expect her to remember (or at least be able to reference) details given earlier in the story, meaning there is no need to go into detail when explaining a concept to another character. Granted, there is some value in a character's reaction, but only if the character has a reaction that is significant. The reader already knows, and anything beyond giving what information and to what extent is padding.
Also, this should have been proofread for homophones and typos.
BarbedCaress chapter 16 . 8/16
16 Chapters and Harry is not even out of the hospital yet.
Couldn't stand it.
Too slow!
So, I skipped ahead, planning to start where they eventually get to the train to Hogwarts first year.
and skipped
and skipped.
At chapter 55 (and 350K words in) they STILL have not made it to the train!
And that is the end of this story!
Fortunately, there is a part two.
Unfortunately, it has not been completed, only gets through November of 1st year AND has not been updated since 2011.
While I believe this story has enormous potential, I am glad I decided to look forward.
Due to the unfinished part II, I am stopping now.
I will follow pt II on the highly unlikely possibility the author will finish this.

As to what I have read so far, kudos to the author for a well thought out plot and an easily read style.
Deadache chapter 16 . 8/15
I just noticed your Part II hasn't been touched in five years. This is absolutely a fantastic story (so far), but I've found myself burnt several times in the past by authors who don't conclude things, merely to promise a sequel that never comes, or is incomplete.

Should I bother to continue reading this story in hopes that it can stand on it's own as a single story, or will the abandoned sequel make both stories useless as there's no conclusion to either?
Cayar chapter 10 . 8/15
One of your sentences here reads:
' "Probably 'cause their ignorant," Mrs. Granger offered. '
Is your homophone misuse intentionally ironic?
jchangpa chapter 50 . 8/8
As I try to at least follow the plot line, right now it not jsut get confuse it is really laughthing mess.
But what really tell me to leave this, that by the way has no end, is teh suppose Malforme been an spy for the UK goverment, that really suck and it just give an excuse to make all Malformes important. This is not anly bad is really bad, and less not talk about the other brain cells moron Ron, yeah his capable of reading and intelligent, hell yeah.
jchangpa chapter 21 . 8/6
It was good until this chapter, why any interaction with the worst weasley that exist. How you going to avoid Dumbass to know
goo chapter 24 . 7/31
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