Reviews for 30 Minutes That Changed Everything
yochan123 chapter 13 . 10/9
And that’s why I despise dumbledore

Dumbledore was grooming me to become a martyr. I received little or no real magical training aside from what was taught to all the others at school. He could have seen to it I was trained to defend myself, and to fight. He did not. He all but discouraged it. After all, if I learned to fight, I might not die and he believed I had to die so that Voldemort could be destroyed for good. He was, is and will be wrong in that regard.

Fucking shit
yochan123 chapter 12 . 10/9
Yes prophecies are unreliable and Ron and Ginny suck hard time
yochan123 chapter 10 . 10/9
His humility was important to develop!"


yochan123 chapter 9 . 10/9
Yes I totally agree that they couldn’t have allll gone to hogwarts. It’s a shit institution besides with zero retard for children’s safety
yochan123 chapter 8 . 10/9
Yes the sheer hypocrisy in everything good god

I wish they would just move to say Australia or America
yochan123 chapter 4 . 10/9
Yeah I’m just gonna tell you that your parents’ death were caused by me and I placed you with abusive relatives and I’m not gonna place you anywhere better because I’m albus dumbledore and I love to lord over people

This jackass
yochan123 chapter 3 . 10/9
Revenge and murder on dumbeldore for sticking him there
Krummbein8 chapter 1 . 9/15
Great first chapter, I can't wait to read the rest!
mcepl chapter 13 . 9/9
Two points to show that you actually interpret the prophecy in a way too narrow way:

1. Do you know that the earliest a baby can survive a premature birth is something about the seventh month of pregnancy? Interesting, isn't it?

2. “him” certainly doesn’t have to mean that the One must be male. If we are in the 1970s’ then the masculine pronouns were normally used as a generalized one (the same goes for “man” meaning often the equivalent of “human” as a generalized member of humanity, not only males). fem!Harry could quite easily be the One as well. Also (unrelated, but quite often irritating), even in 1990s you wouldn’t hear anybody especially in the conservative and slightly backwards magical world addressing a female as “Ms”, it was always “Miss” or “Mrs”.
KnowInsight chapter 55 . 9/1
great story with a number of plot lines I've either never seen or given a new twist. well done.
Dayside chapter 1 . 8/13
This is dumb. He's been studying time for so long and he doesn't know the most simple yet most important thing. You can't fucking change YOUR past. If you change a past, it won't be yours, it will branch into a new timeline. All of his previous tries might of been successes, it's not like he'd ever know.
Kenshin135 chapter 3 . 7/30
Trying to say this isn't a soulbound fic and then have the Granger's be in an extremely convenient place at an extremely convenient time do to a very unlikely reason (sight seeing what canon makes very clear is a boring/"normal" place)...

In universe perspective, that could only be the meddling of a higher power (sapient or otherwise), such as Fate or Luck or something; no way it just happens. And if it's do to the meddling of a higher power, then that means "it was meant to be"; basically the definition of soulbound, just minus the magically forced feelings that are common but not required of that trope. Add in that apparently the Weasly's are unfaithful as a family trait so that the original timeline clearly wasn't a workable path, and well...

I'd think it flow much better if the Curator somehow purposefully set that in motion, like giving the Grangers a reason to be in the area or something. Or failed attempts to meddle in time before the Curator was sent back carried over and changed things, but that sets a precedent for that stuff happening elsewhere...

Or given that the Grangers are supposed to be dentists, Harry could've been brought in by random citizen a, and they instead meet him for fixing his teeth and learn of his story that way. Maybe chatting with Hermione in the waiting room or something.

Also, the police and hospital were way to forthcoming with information on both a patient, and what is probably a criminal investigation... The Grangers really shouldn't have been told any of that...
captainvyom3 chapter 42 . 7/27
I like your fic all right...but man your version of Hermione is sooo irritating.
Freddie Rindklip chapter 55 . 7/22
Thank you for writing
Freddie Rindklip chapter 1 . 7/18
Interesting premise.
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