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Guest chapter 21 . 8/29/2020
Wow, it's a good thing they're not trying to hide who they are, especially from people who associate with Albus, otherwise the kids and the parents running their mouths and name dropping for no reason would have seemed really reckless.

Also, thank god there's no anti-bullying or harassment laws in the wizarding world, otherwise there'd be no way to perpetuate the Gryfindor/Slytherin hatred. Woo, go sexual harassment of minors in a co-ed school!

Guest chapter 17 . 8/29/2020
You probably could have condensed the last 8-10 chapters into a single chapter. You're constantly repeating things (or occasionally changing what you've already said) and having people discuss the same points over and over.

And it's really not interesting to have half a dozen chapters of, essentially, exposition and info-dumping. Especially when it's repetitive.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/29/2020
It's always a bit annoying when authors use the 'accelerated time learning' cliche. Not because there's anything inherently wrong with it, but because it's usually completely useless or pointless.

Oh, Harry and Hermione will be getting 5 years of education in a month? And they'll do it 4 times before getting to Hogwarts? Hood for them. So that means they'll never have any problems because they'll know everything they need to know?

No. They'll still have just as much difficulty. Because *drama*. At which point why do they bother training in the first place?

I really hope that's not the case here. I guess I'll find out.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/28/2020
"Sounds silly to me," Hermione said. "Honestly! They don't care when we can't control magic, but they do when we're learning how?"

Technically, this makes the most sense.

If you can't control what you're doing, punishing people for it or trying to regulate it in Amy way is doomed to fail.

On the other hand, if you're supposed to have at least some measure of control, then you're responsible for your actions. Especially when you consider the secrecy laws which imply you shouldn't be doing anything at all because you're too young to fix any problems you might cause that would reveal the entire magical world.

The British wizarding government might have a lot of problems, but their monitoring of magic in non-magical areas is not one of them.
iamjmph01 chapter 50 . 8/29/2020
I do honestly hope that you are fine, and just stopped writing... also hope you still at least read reviews...Ok, im rereading this one again, and had to search to find this chapter, because I remembered this bit after reading chapter 14. And i have to say, i have absolutely no idea how the two portrayals of Malfoy add up... In one he was" on the verge of his life long ambition" of having "lesser mortals" bow and pay tribute to him and his master. These are his thoughts along with Harry being a half-breed abomination.

The Malfoy of this chapter actually worked for the "lesser mortals" and was only a DE cause they asked him to be. For someone who hates Harry Potter for prevent his "rise" and considers him "to low to breath the same air" for having non-magical grandparents, I just can not see any way he would work with non-magicals. If just having non-magical relatives, when both his parents were magical makes him filth and have corrupt blood?

This is my biggest problem with this story. It just doesn't make sense...

BUt as this is my 7th reread, I can assure you i do love this one. I know its been seven years since your last update, but if you ever get back to writing, completing this series would be amazing.

Hope all is well, and thank you for writing and sharing...
Bronze chapter 21 . 8/26/2020
Oh buy Merlin's flaming underwear! Percy pulled a prank?! Charlie said he and Bill would get him to loosen up and play pranks but this?! Maybe he won't end up working for the Ministry of/for Morons as a Brownnoser! Oh, poor Mini! Fred, George, Charlie, Bill and Percy all working together to pull pranks. She'll be white haired before the first term of the next year ends! Maybe working together they can prank Fumblemort in his office!
MSgt SilverDollar and Snake chapter 8 . 8/28/2020
I fail to understand why some people don't realize that fan fiction by definition is not canon. The 7 books penned by JKR make up canon, everything else is an opinion.
Grest start by the way.
For those who don't like it, find something you do like in one or more of over 750,000 HP stories on this site. Of course you could write and post a story of your own.
~~ Snake ~~
Bronze chapter 16 . 8/24/2020
Damn glad you said NO BROTHER X SISTER love scenes nor Harry X Hermione love scenes till much later! Now I can see Harry having two wives. One for each line with Luna being the second. Of course that'll put a mega spanner in Fumblemort's plans but, that's his problem! He's already killed the human race off once! Why give him a second shot at it?!
Bronze chapter 13 . 8/24/2020
Always knew the damn thing was phony!
Bronze chapter 1 . 8/23/2020
Not the exact quote but close. But then, who the hell knows how long that saying's been around! The quote I know comes from the Starslayer comic book. Would the last person leaving Earth please turn off the lights? It's not really part of the storyline. It's graffiti on a wall in the background of one panel in the comic. Anywho, this seems like an interesting story. I already know ol' Fumblemort won't approve of Harry not being under his control. Nor Harry killing the Death Eaters. Which is something I've never understood about Canon Fumblemort. Why did he insist on keeping Murders, Rapists and those that enjoy torturing their victims alive. It just never made any kind of sense! He had to know from the first war with Riddle that his Death Eaters were either allowed to escape or bribed their way out and went right back to murdering, raping and torturing.
sp4rtan12 chapter 55 . 8/8/2020
This is just making the story almost quite redundant lots and lots of character progression with little to no story progression.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/4/2020
Lyria17 chapter 1 . 8/3/2020
That was a great story, I loved it! Even though some of the details were confusing sometimes and there were a few things where you confused something as well. For example, you said the minister did house cleaning and also fired Fudge and Umbrige, and a few chapters later Xeno and Luna talk about them still being at the ministry. But other than those small things I really enjoyed your story and will go on to the second part right away!
kimjo2 chapter 55 . 7/27/2020
Fascinating story. Thanks so much
Guest chapter 9 . 7/16/2020
I think Sensei's beliefs about Dark Magic are bit simplistic. Yeah, I get that he is talking to kids now- but still, these are very smart kids. No need to dumb down the info to the point that it is wrong. Saying Dark Magic has no other uses except for doing evil just isn't the case. We see that in canon when Snape uses Avada Kedavra to kill Albus painlessly so that Albus isn't tortured by the other Death Eaters present and Draco doesn't harm his soul carrying out his orders. For Snape, the use of AK meant furthering the Light's war effort and putting a comrade and mentor painlessly out of his suffering. He has mastered his mind, so of course he can call on negative or positive emotions at will to power whatever spells he needs to cast. For Draco, it would have been a soul-fracturing murder serving a madman that he knows will kill his family if he failed. Maybe Cruciatus could be used in mediwizardry in conjunction with containment or warding to selectively damage only the nerves reporting continuous pain signals at the site of an old injury. If the patient were out cold at the time they wouldn't feel the pain of the curse itself. Experiencing some after-shocks for a few days might be well worth it if the patient could be rid of constant back pain for the rest of their life. Imperius could be used to cause a toddler who found a loaded Muggle gun to put down the weapon safely instead of playfully shooting it at a sibling. Avada Kedavra could be used to painlessly slaughter animals for meat or put down infirm pets or to end the suffering of the terminally ill wizards or even injured allies trapped behind enemy lines who would face torture for months if not years for whatever information they might have. Isn't it all really more about a caster's intent than about the spell itself? If a person casts a light magic dancing or tickle spell trying to make someone fall to their death off a cliff is that not just as evil? I get that some dark spells require negative emotions to cast and can exact a personal cost on the caster. A caster would have to weigh the benefits vs the costs- but isn't channeling our inner darkness- our fear, anger, etc into something positive what all good people strive to do? We all have darkness within us. The best people in the world make sure that their negative energy gets expended only in positive ways. Muggles can do that too through art, exercise, or dedication to a worthwhile cause.
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