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Guest chapter 11 . 2/27/2016
Even though this story is long abandoned I have just one word, wow! Loved every minute of it. Such a shame you couldn't finish it as it was beautifully written.
MissJalna chapter 11 . 12/26/2014
I love GOOD vampire stories, and this excellently written work is my favorite Les Misérables fan fic ever, abandoned or not.
Yurrei chapter 11 . 7/18/2013
really like the idea, the story is unique and intriging. continue updating please
LydiaofNarnia chapter 6 . 6/24/2013
I never in my life thought that I would be driven to shout out "Oh my god, the vampire raped Enjolras!"
Look at what you have done to me.
RosedeVampyr chapter 11 . 5/2/2013
I know this is old and abandoned story but I still want to leave review. I am a fan of vampire folklore and 18th and 19th century vampire fiction - poems, plays, operas, short stories, novels - and this mix of vampires,Les Misérables and authentic 19th century language is delicious.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/11/2013
This story is gorgeous! I love your portrayal of Enjolras and the Amis. I love Enjolras' struggle and his ability to turn vampire into symbols. Surprisingly it reminds me of Terry Pratchett's novel Carpe Jugulum (probably because I have read very few vampire novels), and I suddenly realized the character of Granny Weatherwax, which I love very very much, share some similarities with Enjolras. I know how it sounds but at least it means I didn't love Enjorlas just for his angelic beauty. I wish you could finish this story! I suppose the Amis will track down the vampires and kill them, saving Enjolras. But at the moment I can totally imagine Enjolras in the role of Granny, choosing to enter darkness because that's where the light needs to be. Or filling the vampires with revolutionary passion by putting himself into his blood. Or wrapped by the fire of the phoenix. Thank you for those beautiful mental images cos on my own I would never connect Enjolras with vampires.
Guest chapter 11 . 2/11/2013
This is incredible. I sincerely hope you continue to update, it had me absolutely captivated the entire time I was reading.
The Grandeurs of Despair chapter 11 . 1/16/2013
Please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeease finish this story! I love it so much I must find out what happens! (Pleeeease?)
storytellers chapter 5 . 11/11/2012
So I'm on chapter five... By the time I get through all of them, will I have encouraged you enough so you would continue?
The idea of Enjolras with a beard made me giggle. Somebody has to write a fic with him bearded just to screw with the readers'
The exchange between Enjolras and Combeferre at the beginning is adorable.
Bad word for it but I can't think any clearer at 3am my time.
A very interesting take on Enjolras and Combeferre's relationship with the description of the occasional distance
between them. I think you manage rather well to make a reader sympathize with Enjolras without purposefully making him
entirely sympathetic. He's a little cold sometimes and that may be a weapon at certain times but part of his downfall at
Now, how can one not feel angry at stupid medical practices? Once again, Combeferre, if nothing else, you know the man has
lost blood. What sense does it make to treat him by drawing more?
Jehan is, of course, simply enchanting.
I love the effort you have put into Grantaire's ramble so that it is an actual Grantaire ramble. I think the rest
of us get tired before we achieve the required long-windedness. Which is funny because in real life, I'm probably
nearly as bad as he is but there you go. It's masterfully done here and I am very fond of your Grantaire to begin with.
I, being a sentimental fool and way to susceptive to Grantaires making sad eyes, would probably be banging my head trying
to find some way to make him important and at least a little bit a hero. Perhaps we should be grateful I'm not writing this.
The eroticisation of violence which you mentioned works extremely well here. Orssich and Enjolras in general work really well in
a scene which is great because - well, where would this be going if they didn't?
Still love this story, still intend to pester you to continue. Come on, wouldn't it bring you an amount of satisfaction to
see a work finished?
All the best!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/20/2012
I realise this fic hasn't been updated in months but I really hope you're able to complete it sometime as it's very good (and also because I've just recommended it to a friend who loves spooky stories). I love the way you've incorporated the vampire genre, and to me your characterisation of the Amis seems perfect.

Chapter 7 in particular scared me rigid: I made the mistake of reading it late at night in a near-dark room with moonlight shining on the blinds, and it took me ages to get to sleep after!
storytellers chapter 4 . 8/26/2012
Curious fact - in Bulgarian mythology the lamia is a very prominent creature but it is something like a three-headed dragon with a tendency to steal golden apples XDD Yes, I know this is not what poor Enjolras means here but I can't help but always think of that when I read this chapter.
I love the way you handle Enjolras's reactions at remembering or not remembering certain parts of the night, his distress at having no recollection of the alley and his relief at not having lost his memory completely. He is not only believable as Enjolras here but relate-able. I think I would have had similar reactions in the situation right down to "it is better to work". Not to mention the piles. I am very fond of his piles.
Poor Combeferre, his protest that Enjolras should 'rest his eyes' sounds so right for both the character and the time period and yet so silly from the point of view of the reader who can tell that even a non-paranormal wound in his neck would hardly be related to his eyes and that he desperately needs a distraction even more than he needs rest. Of course, that would not look the same at all to a doctor and friend standing there.
Courfeyrac is of course charming and so endearingly helpful. You do love a good Courfeyrac, don't you? This is subjective but I might shorten his episode just a little in the part where he is thinking about Enjolras. I love him planning how to spend his money since it reveals his character but maybe two paragraphs about what our main character is like could be condensed into one since we have plenty of opportunities to see what Courfeyrac thinks of him. If you are fond of a particular thought in there maybe it could be inserted somewhere else, possibly even in dialogue? (Yes, I do realize as I say this that my own stuff is full of paragraphs I should shorten.) As to Courfeyrac himself - I appreciate his layers. His sincere warmth and loyalty combined with his sometimes excessive carelessness make him a real character rather than your usual nice and charming but fairly one-dimensional 19th century French sex-symbol.
Now the Feuilly part I thought was very interesting. I like a truthful Feuilly, which is to say one who has been at least in some ways marked by the social class he has come from and his initial distrust of Enjolras is exactly what one would expect. It is both believable and an interesting outside look at Enjolras himself.
I like the detail about the cook from Courfeyrac's childhood. It runs the risk of being tacky there but it's not because it is handled well.
Also - poor kid.
Can I urge you again to continue, please? I hope you are having a good summer.
storytellers chapter 3 . 5/5/2012
Back to pester you.

"[...]supple as a reed – or a rapier blade." I love this comparison. It fits Enjolras very nicely.

Enjolras and Combeferre's exchange during revision is endearing and made me giggle. I have a certain appreciation for this type of sense of humour myself.

"It was like observing a domestic cat purring over a young lion." Another lovely phrase worth mentioning.

I like the description of where Enjolras lives, I find it very appropriate for him. It has everything he needs and is comfortable and convenient but has nothing excessive. Also, his disorderly sense of order rather resembles mine so I can relate. Piles of books are my thing. Often on the floor by the bed.

Very good dialogue between the Amis, it flows logically and doesn't get ahead of itself. They don't immediately jump to conclusions they are unlikely to have the information for, nor do they seem to stupidly forget to consider things simply for plot reasons.

The vampires are very entertaining. I always somehow find vampires a little comedic, maybe because of their operatic sort of melodrama. I say this as a fan of the opera. They are well-balanced here, dwindling between the glamour and theatrics of the past and the requirements of the modern age. What is really really good - I don't particularly sympathize with them. One of the risks a writer takes when inserting this type of popular villains is that they have been romanticized so much (even if we completely disregard things like Twilight) that it is hard to make them unlikable. I think the best part about yours is that they are not overly interesting. They have a healthy those of... mainstream? about them that makes them boring without making it boring to read about them and I think it's a good move, intentional or not.

I like the very reasonable argument that Enjolras would be of use to them on account of being from the modern day and age.

Further on...

"Would a bucket of water help?"

"It might, if you stuck your head in it."

Had to laugh at that and oh, poor darling Courfeyrac. To be honest, I might have thought it amusing to take Enjolras to a comedy of manners once or twice too. Not all the time, of course.

Lovely chapter, see you in the next one.
lushliz chapter 11 . 4/14/2012
I have just spent the latter half of this evening riveted by your work and I simply cannot wait for it's conclusion. I will burst.

Who'd have thought; les Mis and vampires? It's truly brilliant and your style is fresh air to read! You say in your comments that you are unhappy with your characterisation, well I must disagree. You have captured each perfectly and in my mind I use your characters as a bench mark for other fanfictions I am reading (I have only just stumbled into this French revolutionary world).

So I must insist you finish this, if only to show the rest how it's done!

Oh and if I may ask, who do you imagine as Enjolras for this? Just interested. X
storytellers chapter 2 . 4/2/2012
Another one of my rare free moments.

That's one of my favourite quotes at the beginning, I love both in what the author actually meant by it and the way it's used here. Ha, and it makes me think of 'Usual Suspects'. You build your atmosphere very well to the point where I start thinking this would be a lovely movie and I can tell what the sets would look like - important quality for a writer.

"Because he is Enjolras." Bahorel stated flatly. "He can walk through this muck like a salamander walks through fire and remain untouched…"

Summed him up in two sentences, Bahorel, thank you. :)

I like that you mention he is afraid in the alley. It's a little thing but not many would have written it in. Anyone would be afraid in this situation though.

Two very small technical notes: "not too copious" and "not too copious now" and "benefactor" and "would-be benefactor" are used a little too closely together. Although I'm a fine one to speak because I do that all the time and often miss it when I edit...

Just a question, I don't pretend to be certain of the answer - would Bahorel address a random slightly suspicious person who looks like he may well be an aristocrat as 'citizen' and introduce his friend by his nickname? It struck me as slightly odd but I might be wrong.

"Enjolras will have to be in the care of his beloved abaissé until we can get him home."

I really like this line. :) I also like the description of the family.

Our darling drunken Amis for some reason remind me of the three musketeers. Perhaps not much changes in France over the years XD Honestly though, they are absolutely charming and the scene is once again expertly described.

"Should we come? Is there anything we can do?" Courfeyrac asked, and Bossuet shuddered. The last thing the scene needed was a Courfeyrac on hand, full to the brim.

I find that hard to imagine but I'm sure it would be... interesting.

Towards the end with Enjolras and Orssich there is a real feeling of danger and I find that that is terribly hard to conduct in writing. It usually just doesn't work because you tend to think as a reader that the main character will get away and not worry too much. I think bringing real tension is one of your strengths so very well done on that.

I think that's it for this chapter. I will once again mention that illustrations to this would be lovely, Perhaps when you finish it?

On another note - I know you're a busy person but you are usually precise and respectful in your comments so whenever you find the time, it would be nice if you could write a thing or two here: forum/Les_Miserables_Fanfic_Discussion_Forum/107972/

(I hope the link shows up)

It might be a good way to showcase a fic you feel is under-appreciated.

See you around :)
storytellers chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
Ah, finally a weekend of my own with enough free time to write one or two proper reviews. I intend to do that for all chapters if nobody minds.

First of all, maggots, known to me as evil plot bunnies, while usually sounding a bit strange when summed up in one sentence, can sometimes make for some really good literature if the author isn't being lazy - which of course you're always anything but. I love the quotes from your sources. I think I have mentioned and I will mention again that I generally find Vampires a bit boring and overdone and very few people can interest me in a vampire story so congratulations for joining that limited group. Now, the chapter. I find your Amis very entertaining when they are in a good mood. I laughed a few times throughout the chapter which is a wonderful way to grab a reader. Enjolras... He's hard to comment on. Everyone seems to enjoy different versions of it. I very much like what is happening to him here. It is putting him in a vulnerable and very interesting position. The only small thing that bothers me - more of a personal problem than a criticism as I'm sure many people prefer it this way - is that at the beginning, before he is attacked, even when we enter his own mind he is a little too rigid for me to find him very relatable. He doesn't seem to have any particular thought or action that would immediately endear him to the reader. Obviously, I don't mean the leader of the revolution should be secretly thinking of pink unicorns but perhaps a note on his fondness of his friends or what he thinks of their jokes would have made him a bit more human. Simply put, I care a little more about his friends' feelings about what will happen to him than about the actual man himself. Then again, this isn't necessarily something that I feel needs changing as it allows the rest of his friends to shine. I'm, for example, a Bahorel fan and I enjoy him very much here and Courfeyrac being delightful doesn't even need mentioning. I won't go through the list, I like the way all of them are handled. And, of course, any problems I might have with Enjolras disappear when he fights back. Then he is simply absolutely brilliant and then you really root for him. Have you considered illustrating this fic, by the way? I would beg for illustrations if I thought you would cave... Anyway, I'll be waiting for an update and I'll see you sometime soon in the next review.
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