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The Writer of Souls chapter 28 . 4/14
Great story, my friend.

- Frank
thebeezekneeze chapter 28 . 4/1
Please don't leave this as is!
It's such a cute story and I'd love to see it end strong!
realnoobs chapter 14 . 3/23
omginess she had a child with rufus shinra? i am dumbfounded
also, i hope there is more tifa action though i know action is not appropriate in this story hehe
realnoobs chapter 13 . 3/20
omginess, so rufus shinra was not all that bad? this is getting more exciting
and i hope you wrote more on zack x cissnei and sephiroth x aerith pairing, they're adorable pairings
kkaebsong chapter 7 . 3/19
i never thought aerith and sephiroth pairing could be so cute, its also fun reading sephiroth who is on the good side
realnoobs chapter 2 . 3/18
its real fun reading this
and no worries about any problem, just some typos
realnoobs chapter 1 . 3/18
omg this one's so interesting
epitaphed chapter 28 . 2/21
Please do continue writing! I would very much like to see what happens to Yuffie and Vincent! I must say it's a pleasant surprise seeing an update for this story, I honestly thought it would be like almost all of the other epics in this fandom: unfinished. I hope you see this through! :)
Guest chapter 28 . 12/15/2013
For the love of god UPDATE! Please. Going mad waiting for more. This is the only AU ive enjoyed.
leslie chapter 28 . 12/15/2013
I thought Reeve was going to be the godfather?
Okay but what I really want to say is HOLY MOTHER OF JENOVA I FOUND THIS STORY AGAIN I'M SO HAPPY AAAAA! I remember I first started this when chapter 22 was not up yet, or some chapter near the, and loving this story so, so much. Now I'm caught up again, though rereading the whole story went by faster than I wished it did, and I still absolutely adore this au of yours. I'm no writer, so I don't know how to put into words how much I love this story and your writing, but I just want to let you know this is BY FAR my favorite fanfiction I've ever read (and I would like to consider myself an avid user of ). I hope your muse stays very alive and kicking! Thank you so much for writing this amazing piece!
Wasuremono Secrets chapter 28 . 12/1/2013
oh my god, just shut up AND KISS! òwo
i hope rufus has realized that tifa will NEVER leave cloud, they're just so good together:3
i hope you'll find the motivation to end this story, it'd be such a pity to leave it like this, as much as i'd love for it to never end.
keep going!-
Sakura Trees chapter 28 . 9/25/2013
I know you lost motivation for this story. But I really enjoyed it ! Please keep on writing your almost done! Email me if you need some motivation.

Btw I love the way you created tifa bc it shows that she is human
The Hollow Luner Fang chapter 28 . 9/23/2013
First off, this was absolutely a great read. I couldn't really focus on my own work because i was busy reading this from the beginning. If people are complaining about Tifa then they have to look at what made her a good character in the beginning. the emphasis of the story was always Cloud's and Tifa's relationship. Don't make light of them getting back together but don't over do it. If I have to say anything the concept of time confuses me a little. Your time skips aren't well conveyed and we're left to slowly figure it out. This is to the point that I thought Yuffie should have had her child by now 3 times over, yet its only been nine months since the drunken marriage. I also like how you are incorporating FF veterans (if I can call it that) from more then 7. The matches are well done, looking forward to the closing chapters (if thats where your going with this), and don't give up! What makes this story great is how creative the premiss was and Cloud and Tifa's love/sex(lol) Keep up the good work:)
Tenma Ryuhara chapter 28 . 9/12/2013
Amazing story. You build the characters and story up so well I cnt stop reading. I look forward to the rest and I hope what Cloud meant is what I think he meant
Lazy chapter 6 . 9/8/2013
So wait. Cloud was 10 when he moved in with Zack. Zack is not that much older than Cloud. Tifa and Zack dated for a year. In College. Wouldn't he have told his family about her?
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