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Kurohyoneko chapter 1 . 7/21
If this is the revised version, you need a beta. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, misplaced words...
my 2 guys chapter 2 . 7/10
that was good keep the chapters coming
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 7/10
that was good keep the chapters coming
Guest chapter 9 . 4/25
make sakura pregnant with his demon kit
DemonicMaelstrom chapter 11 . 1/8
Hello Its me...
null chapter 11 . 12/25/2015
This the first narusaku fic I fell in love with keep going if u can its great and can still b perfected
coolchick87 chapter 11 . 11/26/2015
I love your story please update it real soon. Thanks.
GODHAND Gene chapter 11 . 10/6/2015
Guest whoever you are, you're a moron. This is not Kishi-baka's version! That's DN117's own story based on common sense, discipline, equality, humility, family relations and character development. In fact, fan fiction is this THE place where EVERYTHING can happen!

Seriously, you along with your weak mind can't comprehend the grasping of the lesson of life when it comes to the Canon version and the flaws that imbecile Masashi have made since day one. The lesson is this: Don't hate the character, hate the creator who utterly failed so EPICALLY, it's disappointing beyond belief.

In Layman's terms, it's all about chemistry between Naruto and Sakura after they cleaned the air to move forward to officially live their lives. Therefore, the story speaks itself as a person reads, observe and analyze a event nor situation a lot further to fully understand while developing an insight to come with your conclusions in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, you fail miserably all because of your lack of reality sense, imagination and mental discipline. Very disappointing I per say, ugh.

This stupidity gonna stop right now! Or you never survive Real Life when it comes to education based on book reports whenever you're in High School or College. Everything else included. Plain and simple.

Get. My. Point?! You better.

I am outta here.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/6/2015
Why did Sakura kept on calling Naruto, Naruto-kun? It's annoying. Remind me of Hinatits calling him that way. Yrghdjjrhu
Guest chapter 2 . 10/6/2015
How the fuck did you write this fic? So messed up yo.
draco7347 chapter 11 . 9/14/2015
love this story cnat wait for new chapters
GODHAND Gene chapter 11 . 8/30/2015
Hola mi amingo, give me a holla when you coming with the next chapter.


P.S.: Bookcoda, you really missing the point of this story! Not to mention, you just read 6 chapters. Only a inexperienced reader could messed up like that! Seriously, you need mental discipline and eye training along with the ability to observe and analyze like a professional. Moreover, you did read my review and note from 7 months ago. So let me pound some sense into you. Throughout the entire story, Naruto sees Tsunade as his adopted mother, while seeing Shizune as his adopted older sister who cared for him and do anything in their power to make sure he is happy no matter what. In other words, it's all about family.

As for Sakura, she show Naruto how much she loved him after the Wave village mission all thanks to Tsunade and her "advice." Pep talk to be precise. Afterwards, Sakura talked to Naruto she apologized to him for her mistakes and fuck ups regarding him. Such as being a blind little girl who being naive to everything surrounds her. Therefore, Naruto is fully convinced that Sakura speaks the truth all thanks to the chakra spirits of his parents Minato and Kushina who openly understand their son's situation, while supporting and comforting him during their hour long reunion. In addition, Naruto officially formed the relationship with Sakura after they cleaned the air between them, forgiving Kakashi and Sasuke, then rebuilding Team 7 as a cohesive unit with a very strong sense of equality among each other. Also, the other rookies and their teachers managed to earn Naruto's forgiveness and start anew. Chapter 12 will show how much Sakura have improved under her man's teachings and beyond.

Bookconda, DN117 made the right call on his story because he using common sense, discipline, equality, humility, family relations and the most important ingredient of all time in every story nor novel: Character Development. Get. My. Point? If not, then you are lost and missing out on everything due to your lack of insight, imagination and discipline. One more thing, he accomplished this feat where the imbecile Masashi Kishimoto and any other FF author has miserably and EPICALLY failed to comprehend and fucked up badly in the worst manner that I don't want to think about with a ten foot pole! That's real life, not fantasy! Plain and simple. In fact, learn to use your brain and eyes properly and a whole lot further, even when they start to hurt. Think about it.

That's is all I got to say about this issue.

I'm out of here.
bookcoda chapter 6 . 8/30/2015
Wtf seriously so why does Sakura finally love him now after he attempts to kill them and after he does all this other horrible stuff when she totally ignored him and confessed her love to sasuke when he was an actually nice good person that cared. Also why is naruto doing any of this stuff if he has the will to leave for three years to train to destroy the village why is he suddenly nice and obedient to tsunade. Also why is narutos team so overpowered I'm pretty sure that the three of them would have no chance against a small team of akatsuki much less the whole of akatsuki at once even if they were slightly stronger. Naruto should have destroyed them with no effort even if he was drastically underestimateing them. sorry I just can't continue reading my suspension of disbelief has stretched and broken.
Samantha chapter 11 . 7/28/2015
I can't wait for the chapters in the future. You are amazing I love this book so please hurry up and update. I am excited for the next chapter. Sakura badass is going to be the bomb. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for making this book. I enjoy it a lot.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/2/2015
He already destroyed Sound
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