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DemonicMaelstrom chapter 11 . 3/25
DAMN, this is the best fanfic I've ever read
Guest chapter 11 . 2/25
When you mentioned the Daimyo in this chapter being out, a thought came to my mind, what if the Daimyo came to Konoha to visit to see for himself what Naruto has become. From the Sound attack on the wave chapter it mentioned Naruto being in the sounds Bingo Book, and perhaps he is in the books of other villages as well or even other separate countries, and from hearing of the spawn of Konohas Yellow Flash and Red Death cleaning house when it comes to enemies of the Hokage he wants to see for himself just what kind of man Naruto is and maybe even offer him a position as one of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve, and since Naruto is loyal only to Tsunade he declines and that doesnt sit well with the Land of Fire ruler.
PoptartLegit chapter 1 . 2/22
Oooo, one of my favorite stories! Kinda dark though... But detailed. Hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 11 . 2/15
Please continue, I missed reading this book. It's my favorite sakura and naruto fanfic. Well maybe you could have sakura have a new wardrobe and her fighting and emotions become darker and lethal. She truly becomes a dangerous possibly emotionless but still have some emotions still attached. Her inner even becomes more dark but still keeps her old personality. I love the chapter please continue and thank you for making sakura into a strong person, many people see her as a weakling and that she can't do anything but sit there and get rescue. I know she is strong and you are making her even stronger and I love this naruto; sexy but dangerous it's the alluring thing I have read in fanfic. You are an amazing writer, so keep on writing and finish this book. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
SHADOW FLAMETHROWER chapter 11 . 2/2
Jani.Beccharelli chapter 11 . 1/31
Love the story so far hope you continue it soon!
GODHAND Gene chapter 11 . 1/31
Hola mi amigo, I am back again to say that the badass legacy is about to begin. Therefore, your mission is to make this story a EPIC one where Kishi-baka has utterly fucked up badly on. I know you can do it, I am counting on you.


P.S: Mr. Guest whoever you are, your lack of mental discipline irritates me. Let me remind you what been happening in this story. In the first chapter, the reason why Naruto went dark is wasn't petty you frickin' moron! It's all because of the villagers stupidity causing him to snap, and Sakura along with Sasuke and Kakashi realized how much they fucked up regard the blond! Throughout, the entire story Naruto returned to Konoha an angry and man with a darker intent towards those who constantly hurt him, however, when it comes to Tsunade and Shizune, he let his guard down because he sees them as his adopted family.

Moreover, during the mission in wave, Naruto has shown the rookies how extremely brutal he can really be in the battlefield causing them to fear him while realizing their incompetence they inherited as children. Afterward, Sakura physically show her man how much she love him all thanks to Tsunade's pep talk and the rest is history.

Throughout chapters 9 and 10, the change is begin to take place starting Naruto and Sakura officially formed their relationship after cleaning the air between them. Then, they are setting things right with Sasuke and Kakashi and permanently fixed and rebuilt Team 7 as a cohesive unit determined to accomplish any mission with 100% pure teamwork. As a result, they become a family through bond along with other rookies who managed to earn Naruto's eventual forgiveness and begin anew. In other words, what happened in the past, STAYS in the past. All we need is to build the present and a better future to our liking.

Now let me tell you about Naruto, when it comes to his enemies, he is harsh, brutal, unforgiving and downright merciless. Sakura, fiercely protective and loving towards her since she is his mate. During chapter 11, Sakura fought very well against her kidnappers despite the injuries she having until her man show up and brutally going postal on each and every one of them. Male and female alike, no survivors. Afterward, Sakura made a vow to become a lot stronger mentally and physically with Naruto's help and support along with Sasuke, Kakashi, Shizune, Tsunade and the rest of her friends as a family. Even they going dark, in a good way no doubt.

That is how I know the parts of this story because I read with a open mind, while being observant and analytical to fully understand the situation before I come up with a conclusion. Plain and simple.

If you didn't comprehend what I have been saying, then too bad. DN117 is on the right track with his fic, bar none.

Right now, I am outta here.
GODHAND Gene chapter 11 . 1/30
Hola mi amingo, it's been a very long while since I last visited. But hey, life kept calling on us and we got to respond no matter what. Anyway hombre, you MOST DEFINITELY impressed me with this awesome chapter; in other words, it's good to see Naruto and Sakura being together as one despite of everything they gone through to get where they're at now. Let's not forget Sasuke and Kakashi as their support and brothers in arms. Most importantly, Naruto and Tsunade's undeniable mother and son relationship is alot stronger than before while his brother and sister relationship with Shizune is equally nice as well. Therefore, the family of Konoha is officially formed.

On the serious note, I am satisfied see those morons getting their asses brutally killed by our favorite blond warrior after they foolishly kidnapped his girl! In other words, it's Fatality City for them, so full of violence deaths, I love it! As a result, your take on a Dark Naruto and Dark Sakura story is the right one hombre, I can see potential in this and I am looking forward to see what's going to happen next for the two of them afterwards.

In conclusion, you're the only one who have the mentality and brains to write a good Naru/Saku story where common sense, discipline, equality, humility, family relations and the most important ingredient of all time character development is always the key to a successful fic worth reading. Therefore, you have accomplished this mission where others miserably and EPICALLY failed to do. I am very proud of you hombre.

So keep up the excellent work and update soon, and don't EVER abandon this soon to be KICK ASS story, got that? Good!

Until next time mi amingo.


P.S. : The imbeciles who reviewed your fic years ago until now are undisciplined. They cannot tell the difference between dark and evil! Not to mention jumping into conclusions without finding out the facts! This ics the reason why I have zero tolerance towards idiots who can't use their brains to observe and analyze in order to fully understand the story! Fortunately, there are smart people, including myself who took their time to use the skills given to us and come with conclusions in a open minded manner. In fact hombre, get cracking on the next chapter when you get the chance.
Necrotic Knight chapter 11 . 1/28
Naruto went full on Lucy Elfen Lied on those guys
Guest chapter 1 . 1/28
The reason for naruto to go dark is so damn petty..
Refraction of Light chapter 10 . 1/27
Well great chapter although, on the collecting of payments, may I offer a suggestion? Procedure would either be a lot more or a lot more violent, Breaking a few things leaving some things to the imagination rather than punching them and just taking the money. Collecting of money by loan sharks would probably be more of a psychological thing. Still great story and I like how Naruto kept his ability to change people I wonder how long till more of Konoha falls into the darkness of their souls.
SweetestChick chapter 11 . 1/27
Wow I almost forgot how brutal Naruto was in this story lol. Had to cringe a few times but I still liked the chap! Go Sakura! I will have to get used to her being dark in the story as well but badazz Sakura is my fave! Just think if she fought as well as she does here in actuality.

Hey do you think you'll ever do a post chapter 700 fic? Where Kishi screwed up with the end pairings. Just asking.

Anyways nice job! Thank you for gettin back to this story!
XxAshishxX chapter 11 . 1/25
You're back. So excited. I was losing hope of this story being updated again. But now I look forward to the amazing chapters. So update soon
guest chapter 11 . 1/25
you should consider and replace 'dark' from your naruto. because this is not a dark naruto story not even close. damn it is more like a lover boy naruto then dark naruto. i have no problem with your story but this story don't deserve 'dark' tag there nothing 'dark' in your story.
Charmingly yours chapter 11 . 1/25
I am so happy . I love you so much for this story. I have been waiting for this new chap since the ch10 came out. And you honestly did not disappoint. I love love your dark beautiful soul, haha . I can't wait for what you Have in stored for this beautiful piece of art.
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