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Marie Allen chapter 17 . 10/16/2014
Just spent the better part of today reading this - loved it! I'm not always a huge fan of AUs just because I don't like how authors go with them, but I really enjoyed this one. :)
yogurtjelly chapter 17 . 5/19/2014
Thanksfir the anazing story! I've read everything in one day. If I didn't have any work, I would've finished it all during the afternoon! It was that good, you wouldn't wanna stop :)
AkaneKagome chapter 17 . 4/5/2014
Well, finished my reading at last.

From this chapter, the sacrifice part was beautiful. It was very sweet how they both discovered their feelings for each other, how the gave power to the goddess and managed to save the land and also bring peace to their kingdoms.

The confession of their feelings was so amazing. I was hoping for a lemon scene during this last chapter and I wasn't disappointed. Great job finally letting Akane live her passion more freely. These two are fire and have a special connection that you very well portrayed on every intimate moment.

I have really enjoyed every single chapter of this wonderful story. A true masterpiece, crafted carefully, with an interesting AU scenery, a good use of the characters and their personalities changing what was needed to make the fic work. I loved the magical elements, the swirls, sudden plot changes, mysteries and so on...

Hot scenes were awesome and you manged to write them in a great way. You truly know how to heat up the room.

This goes directly to favorites. Great fic, thanks so much for sharing your talent and unique ideas.

AkaneKagome chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
Just one more to go... This chapter had such a shocking end. I'm glad that bastard Ryoga is finally dead. If the Guardian had taken care of him before it would been easier.

Now off to read the last one...
AkaneKagome chapter 15 . 4/5/2014
Oh no, I only have two chapters left to finish. :( This story is so good I don't want it to end.

The Guardian is a very interesting form. I liked how mixed the nekoken into this new supernatural fighting mode. What can I say about the scene in the garden, just: HOT!

Now I'm worried about Akane. What will happen once she reaches the goddess.

Off to read...
AkaneKagome chapter 14 . 4/5/2014
Things just keep getting more and more interesting. Awesome fight! Shit is about to get real!
Guest chapter 13 . 4/5/2014
OMG! This chapter was the "the bomb". What an expected turn of events. I'm so shocked, I love it!

I wasn't expecting the betray... Just wow, oh and yes, what a bitch!

I can't believe what I'm gonna say, but I kinda like Shampoo in this story. Since she is not obsessed with Ranma and Akane likes her, it's easier to feel her character is good. That's a nice change for once.

I also liked Kasumi was impressed with Ranma. Good thing they left her safe.

That's a mortal cliffhanger, so glad I can read what's next...
AkaneKagome chapter 12 . 4/5/2014

After a long week of work I'm all ready to resume my reading. Hopefully I can finish your story this weekend.

The turn of events of the witch was very interesting. I really enjoy all those magical elements and fantasy you have included in this wonderful story.

I like how Ranma and Akane's relationship is getting stronger and closer. I was kinda of expecting more moments between them when they lost their memory, but so far things are working great.

The tree scene, very nice...

AkaneKagome chapter 9 . 3/30/2014
This chapter was pretty hot. I'm so happy with Akane's revenge. It was great to see Ranma all fired up without being able to do anything about it.

I really enjoyed all those moments filled with sexual tension and having Ranma-Ranko with almost a hear attack. The part where he had to "relief" himself was just great.

I'm also glad the plan to rescue Kasumi worked. Now lets see if they can save Soun...
AkaneKagome chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
I love this chapter. It was amazing. We got a couple of hot moments again here. You have managed all this girl-girl stuff very tastefully. I'm glad Akane also discovered the truth. As Ukyo said her attraction to Ranma is so strong, regardless the from he has she is still drawn into him.

I wonder what that evil idea in her head was hehehehe... Now off to read to see if it comes alive in the next chapter.
AkaneKagome chapter 7 . 3/30/2014
Things are getting more mysterious as the chapters go by. I enjoy the magical elements involved.

I don't understand why Ranma doesn't want Akane to know about his transformation. By the way when I read shapeshifter on chapter 5 I totally thought about Game of Thrones. Getting back to Ranma, I found the whole Ranko-Akane scene kinda hot. I've always though regardless of Ranma's shape they both feel the same for each other, it just makes things a bit more weird.

I hope back in the bedroom he takes advantage of his girl form to talk to her and discover more about her feelings towards her husband.

The temple gives me a bad vibe, but I hope nothing too bad happens. Now back to my reading...

AkaneKagome chapter 4 . 3/29/2014
Hello there,

I remember someone had recommended this story, but at the time I wasn't ready to starting reading in English. After reading a current story by Angela Jewell, I saw mention of your name and your fic, so I decided it was time to come over and give it a shot. I know this story is a great AU in the Ranma world and I'm happy to be finally reading it.

I really like the story line, the pace and how the fic has marched so far. Ranma is a bit different from his normal self, but I like the changes I see. Akane is true to her character and that's great. I love that she is a rebel princess.

The first encounter and kiss was simply magnificent. I think I even enjoyed it more than the wedding night. I just loved the tension and how bold Ranma was. For a moment I think Akane liked him.

The wedding night was nothing like I expected, but it was amazing. Lots of fire... These two have contrasts between their shy and explosive selfs. I'm glad you choose the explosive-passionate side for this story.

I can't promise I'll leave many reviews as I read, but I'll try to write my impressions as I go through what seems so far as an epic story.

UGC chapter 17 . 2/22/2014
I am re-reading this after a year. I continue to enjoy how you write the characters, the tone, and the just plain fun of reading your stories.
Phoenixstar117 chapter 17 . 12/22/2013
I really liked your au setting for this and the themes you used were great. It's the first story of yours I've read and I look forward to the others.
Masayume85 chapter 17 . 11/13/2013
This is the first time I've read anything AU for Ranma and I'm not entirely sure what drew me to your story, but I'm really glad I read it.

It was a completely different setting and scenario and yet the characterizations are still in character within the confines of your story. I kind of love (okay not kind of, totally love actually) Mousse being Ranma's bodyguard. I love them getting along. I don't know I just love the banter that was bouncing between all the "guys".

This was one of those stories that just pulled me in and I hated that I had to put it down to sleep or work heh. I really love your writing style as well, everything flowed really well and it would be fun to read more from this universe if you ever felt like writing from it again. Wonderful story!
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