Reviews for Pride Blind the Foolish
the reader chapter 1 . 8/18/2016
This is amazing, though even still maybe even more so that America's problems have become more prodidant more to the world visually. Well if the government stop making bad decisions and the rich people of the police and stop wasting money such as you know making that Stadium in Texas for the Super Bowl which is foolish and nonsense maybe all economy would actually go up instead of down but that is my opinion. sorry I was rambling a bit, good story though
sasunaru13 chapter 1 . 6/19/2015
wow..just, wow. i love this
CocaColaKidd chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
Jeez, I know I'm late by 4 years, but, dang, finally someone who doesn't particularly like our current president. And a Glenn Beck fan at that. Sucks that very few people really seem to realize what's happening...
braveleo5 chapter 1 . 1/28/2013
Thank you for writing this (and for the book recommendation, I will be sure to buy it when I'm in a book store again!). What you have expressed is so true. I remember sitting in my AP Government class and watching "The One's" inauguration speech and thinking, 'there goes our future.'

*hugs* Please keep up the great writing!
EJM513 chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
This is very well done. I'm not the best person to be commenting on political issues (because unlike a lot of other bone headed kids in my grade I have other problems to deal with than keep up with politics), however I am aware that America is in a time of crisis. I've heard many different sides (one side saying we needed to abolish the government, one saying the government was taking our DNA at the airport). You are like my Dad, very republican (it sounds like) and very opinionated yet oddly level headed at the same time. I normally don't pay (or necessarily believe) attention to people who say America is fascist/socialist-because the very idea scares me. I personally believe America is a young country that still has a lot of learning to do, and we will eventually come out of this mess. :) Great job!
Readers of America chapter 1 . 3/15/2012
Nice, and very political. I know what's going on in America today, and I am sure my neighbors do to. From what I've been seeing (and I have been looking, not every American is so oblivious not to) the talk on politics has been raging after every move any politician makes. The problem perhaps has something to do with the Democrat/Republican idiocy, but I think more to do with the fact that no one has proposed an answer. The people know if something's wrong, but at this time they don't know how to fix it. How do you get a population to fully understand the situations and possible answers of problems in a field that they have never been taught about? most of the knowledge about politic is being fed to the population through media "scandals" and other exadurated and/or misinterpreted methods. For a person worried about the future of America (and able to consider a Russian opinion) I suggest you read a book called: Atlas Shrugged. It’s by Ann Rand, a name I'd suspect you to know... and compare that to todays "scandals and politics" you'll find that it’s not far off, but still has a way to escape such a fate.

iNatix chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
HALLELUJAH! Dang, you got everything in that perfectly. First of all, the detail in your story was awesome, it really gets you in the mood, but also the main idea. You sure got this dang situation right. Nice to see some other's that like Glenn Beck on this site, too. Anyways, awesome story!
Oracle of the Stars chapter 1 . 7/27/2011
Well at least your not pointing fingers at specific parties. Actually... I think we should have come up with other solutions back in the past you know try different ways. It's obvious to many of us that no matter who is in office Republican or Democrat as President the other party will come in and screw them over through the house and senate. It happens all the time, I think we need not a party that is all one or the other but a mixture of the two. For both republicans and democrats each are better at something then the other and if you combine their strengths but instead of using extreme conservative and liberals find those who have the good qualities of both. Plus I really don't think four years is enough to make changes for so far all our Presidents that come into office can do is just fix the mistakes of the predecessor. Life no matter how you look at it needs a balance when it comes to government that is no question also. If there is too much of one thing then everything will get thrown out of proportion. That is just my opinion though.

But I did like this fic even though I'm as many would call a 'socialist liberal' (pfft~please). I just think we all need to have an open mind on both sides.
RemainingAnonymousForMyRep chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
This is quite a gutsy little peice, isn't it? Not the story itself - which I quite enjoyed, just so you know - but the lengthy authors note that followed. I agree with you that its a bit irksome to find your escape from politics infused with politics, yet for some reason find myself ever more compelled to read them. I like yours. Ive only read two so far - one terrifyingly pro-communist and yours - that I've truly enjoyed. I agree with what you said about us listening to the Russians more. We forget that the USSR has only need news for 30 years and that many many adults in eastern Europe have birth cirtificates that say "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" on them. While I don't trust the Russian government as far as I can throw it (not far) I do give the people credibility.

On a related note, many people, both the talking heads and my crazy-yet-somehow-intelligent grandfather, point out how what America is turning to now it what Europe is beginning to realize doesn't work. Americans have grown to take their country of granted, and like Russia said in your story, this simply isn't a 'pro-American values' generation fOr us. It seems as if everyone whants us to be the Chamberlain of international politics. No, we're not imperialists anymore, but that doesn't mean that we don't still need to be a strong country.

Oh, you did say the dirty name. Beck's name has fallen so far that it's kind of sad. While I feel that his television credibility has taken a bit of a tumble in recent months, I do like his books. They're usually pretty factual and historic, which is nice because I've read some pretty swung books that are just supposed to be entertaining.

The next time I'm on an actual computer I'll be sure to check out that article.

Wow. I wrote a lot. I apologize for using your story as an opportunity to have a political rant but I guess it's nice to finally find someone on this website with similar views to my own. I really, truly enjoyed the story aspect of your story, especial the part at the end about the vodka. I apologize again for the many grammar mistakes that are likely in this review; I'm on my iPod right now :)
dragonheart3 chapter 1 . 3/15/2011
I really like this! Thank you for writing this, I've really been looking for a story like this. I wish England made an appearance, but ah well. God bless America!
River Jaeger chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
I really like this fic! Though i don't know where i stand on politics...I'm a little young (But I'm not a huge fan of the conservative republicans most of the time). It does seem like we're heading a bit towards socialism though huh? The thing is that capitalism doesn't seem to be working in the long run, people are greedy / But i don't know...maybe we need a new "ism" that's a healthy medium between the from what i understand the healthcare thing would actually be a good idea, it works for other countries. I think it's sad what's happening to our country. I like the line about the pitchforks! It's so true.

I actually don't mind when people put their political beliefs in fanfics, i find it interesting actually. We Americans really need to start taking the initiative and fix things! We're falling behind and if we aren't careful we'll never catch up. I really do love the U.S.A. but patriotism seems to be in short supply. I think one of the problems is, as you said, people are just pointing fingers. I'm going to read the article you mentioned and maybe even the book if i can get my hands on it. I'm interested in politics but I want to become a journalist, if I became involved in government I don't think i could make an impact there. I don't have the charisma (or tolerance for stupidity...) to do it XD I'm just waiting for the U.S. to get a wake up call, then we'll see who the real Americans are. This may be the land of the free, but it's only the HOME of the Brave!

Back to your fanfic, I really liked it. Sympathetic Ivan isn't something you see all too often. Poor Alfred :(
SakuraLetters chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
I freaking love you.

Sadly, it seems common sense is in short supply nowadays. I've been studying for years to become an English teacher, but I think the current trend is going to force me to try my hand at politics. (Actually, I'm not entirely fond of politics. I'm more of an instigator...)

I honestly cried the day the "Chosen One" was elected. The first thought in my mind was "Well, there goes freedom." Looking around now, I'm terrified of the amount of work and effort my generation is going to have to put forth in order to fix this mess. I don't know if we have it in us. (Oh, I hope!)

I haven't been able to read much of Common Sense, but I love what I have read. This country just needs one huge wake-up call. It can't be about Republican or Democrat anymore; we have to unite as one people. Enough with the finger pointing; let's just calm down, breathe, and start figuring out smart ways to work our way out of this hole instead of reacting on blind panic.

I grew up in a heavily conservative household, and was encouraged to debate politics and such since I was very young. I am never against a candidate because of his or her party. I'm against a candidate because I am certain their policies are not was is best for America.

Reading this story, I felt deep sorrow. Especially with lines such as "The young nation who stood against the strongest empire of the age with only farmers and pitchforks; a kindled fire of liberty blazing in his eyes and an unstoppable will for the freedom of his people." and "The pain in seeing your people succumb to power, it hurt, but the pain of seeing your people walk into a stranglehold by their own government without so much as a whimper, was even worse." just ripped at my heartstrings.

To quote countless others before me: "Oh, how the mighty have fallen." (huggles America)

Still feeling the strong stirs of patriotism remaining from Veterans Day,

demonlifehealer chapter 1 . 4/27/2010
Holy crap! You know, I actually started wondering a few days ago if America was on it's way to communism (which I do not want!). I read the article and it seems to make sense, especially about how below standard our school systems are and all the bailouts. I was reading a book on finances and I remember thinking wait, spending doesn't make more money, because you have to pay it back often with interest. You know, like a credit card? Then I started thinking well, won't we have to pay all the other countries we borrowed money from back eventually? There is also a book you should read called "Generation Me" and it talks about how this generation is feels entitled and apathetic to what is happening. It talks about how we don't care as long as something doesn't affect us and how we feel fate is out of our hands. I mean before people would at least protest but to most young people (myself included) protesting doesn't even cross my mind. The one thing I disliked about that article was his dislike of homosexuality, call me liberal but I think two guys together are hot, even hotter if they're married. I will try to read that Glenn Beck book just to see what it says. Great story and I sorta felt sorry for America. Bye!
PsychicOtaku182 chapter 1 . 4/13/2010
*glomps* Love it! I'm not the only one! Hooray! *dances*

My poor nation! Going, going, gone are our freedoms! case you couldn't tell, I loved the story, agree with your assesment, and happily count myself as an American revolutionary in this messed up day and age.
CatastrophicLight123 chapter 1 . 3/23/2010
You are a very good writer XD Usually I'm not a fan of politics getting mixed in with Hetalia, but you did such a good job with this. I loved it; it flowed and it made me feel for my country. It's nice to see something about the possible dark reality we may soon be facing. I'm a fairly moderate democrat, but a large majority of my family are conservative republicans or conservative and liberal democrats (Thanksgiving dinner can get ugly sometimes)so I can understand where people on both sides are coming from. It does seem like we're heading towards socialism at times doesn't it? I was all for healthcare though(my brother has a pre-existing condition). Personally, if I really thought the President was a socialist inside and out I would be the first to call for an impeachment( I like my Freedom of Speech, thank you). At the moment I'm more concerned about certain Congressmen who spend more time campaigning than doing their jobs.

Gosh, I'm sorry for going off on tangent like that! I really did enjoy your story! It made me me worry a little more about the state of the nation.
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