Reviews for Alice and the Purple Grimoire
Shidomaru of the Bloody Mist chapter 1 . 5/7/2015
I had a feeling that the book was Patchouli herself :P ...Alice thought Marisa and Reimu were making love at the shrine XD ...In the ending, Alice got it worse than Marisa. At least Marisa is still cute even under Patchouli's curse.
nekokuro13 chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
" a machine that would take your most cherished dreams and crush them right before your very eyes" - lol, does that involve a crushed Marisa? XD Love that idea! I want one for my birthday! Which is, if according to the lunar calendar, today! Happy birthday to me! Uh, sorry got carried away a bit there.

"Reimu sneezes so loudly" - ah, classic anime humour. rofled at "shouldn't you be elsewhere?" guess my humour is kinda weird.

"Cooking Without Skill" - I want that! My cooking has always been 10% skill and 90% luck!

Patchouli's diary! I want that too! Wow, so greedy. Loved the head-bonking. It's just a doll!

"Shanghai got really scared and held tightly on to Alice's shoulder,..." Well, trust your dog - or doll. Pet instinct is always right, especially when the master is having extravagance in mind.

*Marisa-Reimu... O/o/O *facepalms (Dang, I turned red myself!)

"sure, help me find her, then." -very Alice-like!

Double KO!

""Da~ze..." is all Marisa could quietly say as she backed away from the killer dolls." -lol, at least she's not mean enough to start another shoot-out.

"...saying a casual "whoops"" - "casual," haha.

""So... Alice... The book was actually" "Patchouli" replied Alice." - rofled. I thought Patchouli was trapped IN the book! Well, I guessed right, sort of, in a way.

""You steal me like an item, slam me like a rag doll, pick my head with a pin, use me like a TOY, you TRIED to rip me apart, and now you THINK you're going to escape? Heh... heheh... Hahahaha~~"" XD SHE'S LOST IT! Although, nice summary... :3

""well, for the black and white one, I have her a nice pair of cat ears along with a nice fluffy tail so she could cough up fur balls ever hour, and for the puppeteer, I gave her a face full of boils and nice hairy arms."" - Aww... poor Alice... and Marisa? *faints from moe overload

Running drawers... Patchouli can be so scary... And they CHASED IT? I guess they don't have spares... Now I'm questioning Gensokyou hygiene... *facepalm

Great story. Favorited.
Exilo chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
Dang, man. All your stories need more reviews. I already read 2 and all of them were just hilarious, including this one. Keep it up. ()b
KamuiK chapter 1 . 10/9/2009
Interesting short, nicely written too. I had to laugh most of the time since this story is so retardedly good, especially the ending. *thumbs up*