Reviews for The Gentleman of Weapons
echo42 chapter 1 . 8/28
I first read this story a while ago, and I immediatly knew it was going to be great. When I first watched A:tLA my favorite character was Sokka. Totally lame, yes. But I am a huge fan of the Badass Normal, sue me. When I found a story starring Piandao, I flipped my shit. It's funny, I was cleaning out my old favorites (they have a bad habit of cluttering up you know) when I saw this for the first time in a few months.

It took me a minute to remember the story, and it made me grin a bit. The technical aspects were okay, the language was meh, but the story. Oh, the story...

So few fics have truly original ideas, and this is certainly one of them. If this were published as a stand alone novel, in a world without A:tLA, I would read it, and I would say, that was a good story.

Because it was. I'm not talking about bullshit like keeping to canon, or bashing, or any of the other thousand of tropes exclusive to this site. The story, the meat of it, that made it worth the read.

The value of a good story is something you don't really think about. Not until you've read a thousand stories that just aren't up to par. But, when you find that gem, that fresh, unspoiled little thing. You know immediately its worth reading. The stories worth reading are rare on this site.

So, thank you. Thank you, Menamebephil. Thank you for adding a story worth sharing to the world. If you never update again, it would suck. But I could live with it. I got a good story out of the deal, the time I spent reading this wasn't wasted. And that makes it worth it, you know? So, sincerely, truly, thank you.
Never Morrison chapter 45 . 5/19
It's always jarring to go for the 'next' button and find nothing there. Sad too. I.. I think I may need to go cry. ... ... No? Okay. Close thing. Anyway... loving.. as in.. LO-fuggin-VING! this story so far. Now that I have stayed up all night reading it, I believe I'll go to bed. Maybe Avatar dreams? We can all hope.
SatoshiKyu chapter 45 . 5/3
So you caught me by surprise all those chapters ago when you killed Zuko pretty much out of nowhere. Please do not kill Ty Lee. She is adorable and bubbly and I am fond of her.
SatoshiKyu chapter 35 . 5/3
Azula found wanting by the dragons? Bluntness time! That's really boring. Thought maybe you having Toph go with them would make it more interesting, and it kinda did, but then 'oooh you are not worthy of the magical rainbow fire, oooh' like that isn't a thing I've read a million times. That moment with the Masters has so much damn potential and no-one bothers to make use of it. Fuckin burns me right up I tell you hwut.
SatoshiKyu chapter 14 . 5/3
Writing believably smart characters might be hard, but you do it pretty damn well. The dynamic between Azula and Piandao is absolutely delightful, here. Piandao has decades of experience on her so he's got the distinct advantage, but he also seems to at least somewhat underestimate her as a result of that lack of experience. Azula seems to have him pegged fairly well as far as being her scheming adversary, but of course she's got two massive glaring weak points in Zuko and Ursa. I think if we replaced her with canon Azula (who wouldn't care about keeping their family together) she would actually have the upper hand here.

Also, you have made Ozai a sympathetic character. I'm fairly certain you are not actually allowed to do that.
Whyhow chapter 44 . 4/25
I hope she's right about Ty Lee (I'm pretty sure that that's what she means).
Whyhow chapter 37 . 4/25
Wouldn't this situation be enough to send Aang into the Avatar State? Would he be able to at this point? With this broad an AU, continuity is tricky unless it's specified.
Whyhow chapter 34 . 4/25
It's a nice touch to make the Mechanist Leonardo da Vinci (or perhaps Leonard of Quirm). I wonder if Iroh actually did kill the dragons, it might match his new character better, or then again he might not have even found them. Of course, this is only if that incident was after Ba Sing Se (I really don't remember). Wasn't the eclipse 6 minutes earlier? It says 8 now.
Whyhow chapter 33 . 4/25
I like how Azula has changed, probably because of her parents (Ursa of course, but I suspect that Ozai wouldn't have been nearly as bad if he wasn't Fire Lord), but she's still very clearly the same person and has trouble with empathy.
Whyhow chapter 29 . 4/25
The Azula-Sokka dynamic is fairly interesting, but I hope that it doesn't lead up to romance or something along those lines. I am not too scared for Piandao about Combustion Man, but I am more scared than I would have been before Zuko's death.
Whyhow chapter 28 . 4/25
Wow. You answered both of my questions in one chapter probably at least a year before I asked them. That's impressive.
Whyhow chapter 27 . 4/25
I still have a few questions. Where is June? Where is Ursa? Actually, that's about it for the questions about the present.
Whyhow chapter 24 . 4/25
It is nice that we can distinguish Piandao's point of view from Azula's by your use of the first person rather than the third.
Whyhow chapter 21 . 4/25
Where is she?
Whyhow chapter 18 . 4/25
Children being turned into soldiers, to answer your question. I hope that he finds out about Azula soon, she might make a good ruler if she acts sensibly and has someone to keep her in check.
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