Reviews for Moving On
Boochan82 chapter 1 . 5/20/2010
A little OOC there, arent we? I mean this was good I give it that, but Angel just didnt seem like angel to me. Also, The Potion he drank is a good idea, but I would think that Angel would have more of an opinion about it, Be a bit more happy at first, also he'd brood over it for a moment and think about the implications this meant. He'd have a soul for eternity yes and be able to have that one moment of happyness over and over again, But He'd still be a vampire. This is why the Sanshu was more practical than a potion. Still, I give you two thumbs up for origionality with idea and plot, although it was mindly out of character. Sadly because the series ended, We never did get to see if the Sanshu came true or not. I still think he should have kept the Ring of Amoria and became a daywalker. *shrug* good job anyway.
Happyangstywriter chapter 1 . 10/26/2009
I have read this story like three times, and just now noticed you never got any reviews for it! How is that? This was really good! I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for submiting it!