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Indra201 chapter 21 . 9/20/2016
Timelordkid chapter 7 . 2/7/2013
hey its me again I justwanted to adjust something with my OC. Can I have a custom Zeronos System where i have two forms, Vega and Emperor
Vega is the mix of Den o gun form and rod form
Emperor is a black and red version of Kiva's Garulu form
Timelordkid chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Jut for future AKR or TKR stories here is my OC rider:Name: Takeo Kensei
Rider Name: Kamen Rider Gambit
Age: 21
Height: 6'2
Interests: Reading, Sparring, Working on his rider system to make it more powerful
Personality: Can’t take criticism, smart, calculating,
Rider System (Original): Dealer Driver- Resembles OOO’s driver except that it is black and white and has each suit’s (CARDS) symbol on the slot where the poker chip belongs. It also has a lever on the side that’s like a slot machine so when it’s pulled the chip(s) spin.
Gambit uses poker chips to transform; each chip has their respective symbol on it. He has 5 form changes
GAMBIT- Normal form with black and white armor
SPADE- Red Poker Chip, basically Gambit’s sword form: Red and black armor with spade symbol in the center
CLUB- Green poker chip, Gambit uses cards as weapons: Green and blue armor with club symbol in the center
DIAMOND- Blue Poker Chip- Gambit’s gun form: Blue and Silver armor with diamond shape in the middle
ACE- All three poker chips are put in (Like how OOO puts in the medals)
Finisher- Luck of the Draw- Ejects chips throws them into the sky and they become giant rings. He does a Rider Jump. Like Decade, he kicks through each ring gaining more power.
Catchphrase- “Guess it wasn’t your lucky day!”
Muhammad Ammar chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
i also have to become kamen rider
Xu Yanfeng chapter 8 . 5/3/2011
Gatakirizo chapter 26 . 2/8/2011
this is an interesting fanfic. the character interactions are well done as well as the overall plot. I hope you're accepting OC's for Term 2. I came up with one who can serve as a rival to Lucifer (but as a protagonist).

Name: Sven Furude

Rider Name: Kamen Rider Marchio

Rider appearance: mainly resembles a streamlined version of Gai but the helmet resembles more of a demonic wolf and there's no horn visible on the shoulder in addition to a cape. jump suit color is grey while the armor and cape is black. the Fang Visor is located on the right arm.

Contract monster: Techan (rhymes with Tekken) a mechanical black wolf with griffin wings and a serpentine tail. claws and teeth are silver and is able to breathe fire.

Advent cards: up to you to decide, except for these ones

Slash : grants Marchio the Techan gauntlets, which are similar to the weapons Taiga uses, but are more wolf like in appearance.

Hell Vent: ignites the Techan Gauntlets into an inferno before Marchio slashes his opponent with them.

Confine Vent

Final Vent: Techan appears and pounces onto the foe, biting into the shoulder before flying up into the air. Techan then hurls the foe into the ground before Marchio jumps up into the air and stomps onto the downed foe's chest. If the Techan Gauntlets are wielded at the time, Marchio then just leaps onto the foe and slashes at him/her repeatedly untill an explosion happens.

personality: Serious, reckless, stubborn

Bio: Sven arrived to Hongo Island in hopes of becoming stronger, but upon hearing about Lucifer, he changed his goal to solely defeating him by fighting fire with fire. He feels that he doesn't deserve friends as he sees those using the Hell Vent card as "forsaken" and are destined for to be alone. As such, he'll stubbornly refuse any gestures of friendship. Unlike Lucifer, Sven won't support his beliefs, even though they have similar powers. He doesn't get along with Dax well for obvious reasons.

I hope you're able to use him. Feel free to change anything about Sven that doesn't work with you. Thanks for your time, and good luck!
Tatoba Tatoba chapter 26 . 12/3/2010
I LOVE how you written the story, I hope you're accepting OC's still for Term 2, as I have three oc's in mind that I hope you can consider.

name: Negi Hirano

gender: male

Rider name: OOO (Ozu)

system: same as canon

forms: same as canon, including the strain brought upon the combos.

personality: severely depressed, easy to discourage, uneasy to trust strangers

Hobbies: Playing SKA music, singing

bio: Negi is one of the students with the lowest grades of the entire school despite him trying his hardest. In addition to this, he's bullied all the time. The bullying caused him to become severely depressed and extremely easy to discourage. He has a phobia of bats, to the point where just seeing even a Kivat bat is enough to make him too terrified to do anything. He also has a well hidden talent for playing SKA music on the trombone or guitar as well as singing. Negi tries to avoid using Combos do to the strain that he experiences.

Name: Junpei Itagawa


Rider name: Eternal

system and gear: same as canon

personality: secretive, arrogant, oppurtunistic,

bio: a transfer student who keeps to himself most of the time. He sees Rito, Eddie, and Raz as obsolete Riders due to him using the T2 Memories and sees himself as superior, which in turn causes a fierce rivalry with him and Raz. Junpei will ally himself with anyone he think he can gain something of value from, even if it means having him join the enemy's side as a result.

Name: Shindo Shirosake

gender: male

Rider Name: Shadow Decade

Appearance: Exactly like Decade in appearance, but the magenta is dark violet while the black is light grey. The Eyes are orange and the "X" that's on the torso armor is black.

Rider powers: same as Decade but is also able to become a shadow or travel through them, but only for ten seconds at a time or else he painfully and forcibly reverts back to his physical form. The shadow abilities don't work when Shadow Decade is a different rider. The rider system is attuned to the user's will to fight, so if the user doubts himself greatly, then Shadow Decade is severely weakened. the max strength of Shadow's default mode can be equal to that of Kamen Rider W Fang-Joker if the user has no self-doubt and is willing to fight to the death for something.

Rider Gear:

Shadowdriver: similar to the Decadriver but is black with a green window in the center.

Shadecader: all gray version of the Machine Decader with violet highlights instead of Magenta

Shadow Booker: all black Ride booker, same modes as original

Ride Cards:







Dark Kabuto




Attack: same ones as Decade

Final Attack: Rider kick is called the Shadow Break, where Shadow Decade vanishes into a shadow, only to emerge from the foe's and performing a roundhouse to the head. For sword, Shadow Decade becomes a shadow and repeated slashes the foe's, which results in the foe reacting to each strike before a violet explosion occurs. The gun is similar to the sword, as Shadow Decade becomes a shadow first before firing at the foe's shadow, causing an explosion upon impact.

Personality: constantly doubts himself, hesitant to transform, constantly tormented by his past

Bio: Shindo is a troubled student, as he was responsible of the deaths of his best friend and older brother (the original Shadow Decade) while he was fighting a Fangire(who survived and ran away). the incident torments his all the time ever since, which makes him doubt his abilities of being a Kamen Rider. He became Shadow Decade in order to atone for his "sin". Whenever he is forced to fight or even spar, he's extremely hesitant to transform, as he fears that he could get an innocient bystander injured or worse.
Kamen no Sekai chapter 26 . 5/27/2010
Love this fanfic. I can't express how much I enjoyed it. I hope you're accepting OC's still, as I have one that can be considered an anti-hero.

Negi Nobunga


age 18

Kamen Rider Hercus (Or some other available canon rider if Hercus is unavailable)

personality: persistant, always focused, Loner, blinded by his goal.

Bio: A Junior who beleives that the final forms of all kamen Riders will corrupt their minds and lead to global ruin. He has a goal to destroy all objects that can invoke the transformations if possible (Hyper Zector, Survive Cards, etc.) He will stop at nothing to prevent other riders to access their final Form, all the while claiming that it's for their own good.
jmasta32 chapter 11 . 5/14/2010
srry bout my last review. got cut short by accident. anyways

Name: Ryan Desmond

Rider: Densetsu

Age: 19

Height: 6'3

Weight: 222 lbs

Interests: Spreading the word of God, hunting for the "damned"

Personality: soft spoken, always fights by letting an opponent make the first move

Rider system: Kiva styled yet angelic in nature. this belt comes in the form of Saintvat-bat the 7th. this little guy has a dry sense of humor and constantly tries to annoy Ryan to no avail.

Appearance: Rider: look up 070trigger on deviantart. slightly altered for additional fuestles. is also bound in the same Catena Chains as Kiva.

Civillian: Extremely handsome, natural bleach blonde hair and dark blue eyes, no girl has not tried to date him but he only has eyes for "somebody" whom he won't say.

Ride: A blue version of the Machine Kivaa called the Machine Winger.

Fuestles: Acension: releases chains binding his arms like Rey including wings from the back which allows a Wake Up called Divine Punisher. Densetsu creates a solar eclipse, flies high into the air and comes crashing down with two slashes.

Gabriel Shot: silver cross with a trigger on one of the short poles. very fast shooting abilities. turns the right arm, chest and eyes into a shade of Gabriel Silver. actually the sealed form of the angel Gabriel, sent down by Him to aid Ryan. Finisher is a Gabriel One True Shot, turning day to night, with a half moon of a silvery glow, gathering holy energy until finaly fired at an enemy.

Michael Sabre: a bronze sword hilt that creates a flame for a blade when used. allows Ryan to manipulate fire. Turns the left arm, chest and eyes into a shade of Michael Bronze. Finisher is called Michael Burning Slash, the sky turns black with a sun blazing in the background. flies high into the air and slashes the enemy with a zanbatou sized fire blade.

Uriel Mace: a jade mace of giant size. Uriel sealed himself into a statuette to help Ryan. turns the eyes, chest and arms into Uriel Jade. Super strength and endurance is also granted. Finisher is called the Uriel Supreme Smash, sending out waves of green energy paralyzing an enemy then finaly gathering that same energy and crushing the foe.

Metatron: the sealed form of the angel closest to Him. He takes the form of a gold dragon like Tatsulot. Unlocks the angelic forces inside Ryan's Rider form becoming the Eighth Angel. Gold and white marble encompasses this color. Wake up fever is a twin hammer kick with blue angel wings on the legs instead of bat wings like Kiva. Wake up fevers for all the other Arms Angels.

Phantom Booster: A stonehenge of a statue that boosts the Machine Winger to rediculously high speeds.

Castle Dominus: the castle/dragon home whenever Ryan's on the go. usually he lives in his dorm room of IXA. The Castle comes complete with missles and ice-not fire-breath.

Bio: A very pious man, he never seeks conflict, even with those who seem totally unreachable. The biggest annoyance is how his looks atract unwanted attention. mobs of fangirls can get quite infuriating. in fact most of his "congegation" of followers are his fangirls trying to become his squeeze. He's one of the newest and most powerful riders on earth, and he almost never releases his full power for fear he might hurt people.

Please consider
KRDKfan23 chapter 26 . 4/22/2010
Wow... this story is great! I like how you written the story, the details were able to make me imagine how the characters intereacted, though I am confused, is Rito Inukaze a protagonist or an antagonist? He looks more like a good guy in my opinion. I came up with an OC if you're still accepting them. If you decide to use him, you're welcome to change anything you don't like about him at all.

Thanks for reading my review!


Name: Shiro Tanaka


age: 25

appearance: spiky brown hair, white skin with some freckles on cheeks, blue eyes, narrow yet very visible scar on left cheek underneath the eye that can be made by a sharp blade.

personality: easygoing, caring, strong sense of justice, friendly, never backs down from a fight.

Biography: Shiro always helps out those in need, even if it gets him in trouble. He arrives at the Academy as a substitute teacher for the Riding 101 class. He comes to respect Erik and his friends for who they are. His arrival to Hongo Island has an ulterior motive as he is seeking Dark Decade, as he has a feud with him.

cycle: Lightcader, basically a gold and silver version of the Decader.

Kamen rider alias: Kamen Rider Light Decade.

appearance: white version of Decade. Magenta coloring is replaced with white while the black remains, eyes are ruby red while the "X" is completely silver.

Light Driver: shaped exactly like the original Decadriver, but is blue in the center.

Lightbooker: exactly like the Ridebooker, but is gold in coloring instead of silver.

Ride cards

Attack: The same ones that Decade and Diend both use (slash, blast, illusion, barrier, invisible, etc.)

Kamen:(summons or transforms, depending on if the real Rider is around) Psyga, Accel, G-3X, Knight, Gatack, Garren, Zanki, Ixa, and Zeronos.

Final Form Rides:

Psyga: Psyga Booster, Kamen rider Psyga transforms into a jet pack that resembles the one he uses himself. Final attack is calle "Decade Barrage" where the blasters release two charged up beams

Garren: Garren Gunner, Garren turns into a gun resembling his Rouzer. Final attack is "Decade Beam" where a beam is fired before it splits into two and hitting the opponent at opposite sides.

Accel: Accel Engine, Accel becomes a giant version of his Engine Blade. Final attack is "Decade Crasher", where Decade swings the sword and creates an energy projectile that explodes upon hitting something.

G-3X: G-3X Gattling, G3-X becomes a giant twin gattling gun. "Decade Gattling" is the finishing move, where a volley of bullets are fired and they all explode on impact.

Gatack: Gatack Zector, basically has Gatack become a giant Gatack Zector. the Final move is called "Decade Cutting" as Gatack in Final Form is weilded similar to how Decade uses the Kabuto Zector Final Form for the finishing move in the Gambaride game, only the opponent is ensnared by the energized mandibles and is squeezed slowly before an explosion happens, either knocking the foe back or destroying him.

Knight: KnightDarkwing, Knight becomes a somewhat larger version of Darkwing(Knight's contract monster). The final move is "Decade Drill" which has Light Decade perform the same finishing move as Knight.

Ixa: Ixa Hammer, Ixa turns into a giant white hammer where the head is shaped like of the Ixa Knuckle. Finishing attack is called "Decade Fissure", where the hammer is swung vertically onto the opponent, creating an explosion upon impact while creating a deep crater.

Zanki: Zanki Bass, Zanki turns into a guitar shaped like his own, and Light Decade uses it. "Decade Beat" is the name of the finisher where the opponent is struck by the soundwaves of the Zanki Bass.

Zeronos: Zeronos Tauros: Zeronos turns into a mechanical bull that resembles Zeroliner. Final attack is "Decade Zero" Light Decade stands on top of the Zeronos Taurus as it charges into the opponent, sending him airborne before Light Decade leaps up and kicks the opponent with a bicycle kick.

Final Attack: Decade Daybreak, Light Decade's body glows before doing a dropkick on the opponent.

Light Decade DOES NOT have a Complete form.
SlickTwister chapter 26 . 4/22/2010
Almost forgot to put up a bio for Baloo.

Species: Imagin

Given name: Baloo

Height: 5'8

Weapon: GrizzAxe(A double bladed battleaxe)

Status: contracted

Personality: At first Baloo was very cold towards Louis, but since he relies on his contract holder for existence, he is very protective of him. He usually gives Louis advice, which Louis ignores most of the time. Baloo is more of a father figure to Louis than anything else. Baloo also tries to make sure Louis doesn't get into any trouble, and will help him with anything he needs. He's grown attached to the "Little Sapling."
SlickTwister chapter 26 . 4/21/2010
I've been wanting to tell you how amazing this story is, as was TKR. Anyway, if you are still accepting requests, I've got a character for you.

Name:Louis Lumbers



Hair color: Dark brown

Height:6 ft

Weight:145 lbs

Rider Name:Fake Den-O

Rider System:Same as the Den-O system

Hobbies:Drawing, wandering around campus, climbing trees, sleeping.

Bio:Louis always tries hard to be different, whether it's what he wears, or how he acts, he doesn't want to conform. Despite that, he had many friends before the academy. One day he found a Rider Pass on the beach. Not knowing what it was, he took it. A day later, he was contracted by the Grizzly Imagin, whom he named Baloo. That same day, his friends were attacked by various kaiju. Baloo took action and possessed him, using the pass to turn into Den-O. His parents wanted him to learn how to use his powers, so they enlisted him in the academy. Once there, he finds it hard to make friends, so he keeps to his own.

Rider gear

Belt: A regular Set-Touch Den-o belt

Partner(s): Baloo

Rider forms(descriptions weapons and finishers)

Plat form: The same as Den-o plat form. He has access to all the dengasher weapons, along with a couple of his own. The first he uses is his scythe form. By putting part one(sword blade) on to the gun trigger, then attaching that to the axe part and finally attaching the gun barrel, he forms the scythe, with the blade extending after the formation. The finisher is "Final Reaper" where he slashes the scythe and the blade flies towards the enemy ala sword form, then reattaches to the staff where he delivers the final strike. The second weapon is rifle form, which is basically the axe formation with the trigger tilted in gun form. The finisher is "Bayonet Burst" where he stabs the enemy in the stomach and shoots.

Grizzly Form: Baloo possesses Louis and silver armor in the shape of a bear's face adorns his chest, the shoulder armor are modeled after bear ears. The mask is modeled after bear paws. His weapons are a pistol and kunai. Barrel to trigger, and blade to axe. The finisher is "Blitz kick" Baloo attaches the kunai to the pistol, fires it towards the enemy, leaving an energy chain. The chain wraps around the enemy and Baloo pulls it towards him. Once it's near, Baloo kicks the enemy in the chest.

That's all I have for now.
Xdragon212 chapter 26 . 4/20/2010
Great Ending to Term 1. Can't wait for Term 2 to begin.
KRLarc24 chapter 24 . 4/20/2010
Dude... this is an EPIC story! It should be a real series instead of just a fanfic! The action, drama, and romance are perfectly balanced! I have to give you props with doing such a great story so far. Been up all night reading this story!

Are you still accepting OC's? I have one in mind that I hope can be of use in the future involving that Rito Inukaze character. He looks like he could be a great protagonist if he changes his ways.

"Rika" (real name unknown)


age: 17

Kamen rider name: Kamen rider Larc (If not possible, then some other canon female kamen rider if available please!)

hair: brown and slightly past shoulder length, kept in a ponytail.

eyes: bluish-green

skin: pale white

personality: extremely timid when all alone, uneasy around strangers yet respectful, not easy to trust everyone.

Hobbies: watching the sunset, draw, play card games.

bio: First found lying on a beach unconcious by someone. After waking up, she has no recollections of her past or her true identity. All she has on her besides a black shirt and jeans is her Larc Buckle. Because of her amnesia, she turns to Raz for help after hearing that he's a detective. However, she feels a deep kinship towards Rito and wishes to help him out in anyway possible. She refers to herself as "Rika" since that's the first thing that came to her mind.
Zeronos fan chapter 25 . 4/17/2010
wow... this is an great story. I have to say, you're amazing with how you write, especially with the romance and action. anyway, I have a few characters that hopefully can be of use. Noticing that Erik's rider form is based on a certain card game series protagonist and his dragon, I'm doing the same thing if that's alright with two of them.

Chisame Tokugawa


gender: female

Dorm: Kabuto

physical appearance: pale white skin, long brown hair, blue eyes, wears glasses,

Kamen rider name: Kamen Rider Black Rose (similar to a Kabuto rider, but with multiple Zectors)

personality: cheerful, affectionate towards friends, quickly jumps to conclusions, worries over her friends' well beings, never completely serious.

Bio: a freshman who is always eager to make friends, going so far to make friends out of even Rito, Nobuya, and Harbinger during a fight. She has three Zectors that are special, as they are capable of verbal communication as well as advance artifical intelligence, allowing them to have personalities as well as the ability to learn. Chisame gave each one of them a name to go by. Despite her personality, she hopes to become the next champion at the next tournament.

Rider gear

Zectors: 2 for the different forms and the other to summon the weapon

Lily (Hummingbird Zector): a crimson and black colored hummingbird zector with AI and the ability to speak. Lily acts just like Chisame, yet is more hyperactive and speaks very quickly. . Lily is used to access Black Rose's Base Form. upon finishing the henshin, it declares "Change: Rose!"

Daisy (Monarch Zector): orange Monarch butterfly Zector that enables to allow Black Rose to summon her weapons. Daisy is cautious and wise, yet is quick to anger by insulting Chisame. when used, it is placed on the front of the buckle. speaks in a respectful manner

Ra(Scarab Zector): gold scarab beetle zector that allows Black Rose to assume Rose Form. constantly tells Chisame to be serious more often. doesn't speak with any honorifics and has a male voice.

RoseDriver: similar to the Faiz Driver in appearance but Zectors go in the slot instead of a cellphone.

Roserunner: red motorcycle with a black seat. it has the ability to transform into a fast moving hoverboard (similar to Agito's) that can carry up to three with ease.

rider forms with descriptions and finishers:

Base Form: blood red jumpsuit with skirt,with black armor around her upper chest with a green gem orb in the center, with black lines that go from the orb in the center in a way that resemble the photon streams of the Riders from 5. hands are encased in gauntlets that are blood red and gold trimmed around the edges with rectangular green gems on the backs of the hands. The helmet is shaped similar to the helmet of Den-o Plat Form, but has no train tracks on it and is black while eyes are blood red. The boots have shin guards encrusted with a row of three green gems going downwards. weapon is a sword whip that is blood red with the blade while the pommel is black and encrusted with a green gem and a black grip that's tipped off with a green orb. Finishing move is "Cursed Blossom" a charged up slash with the sword being used as a whip.

Rose Form: jumpsuit and armor become different shades of red, the darkest is blood red while the lightest is regular and the armor itself changes to a rose motif.

the gems are blue in this form and gains a pair of wings that are covered with rose petals. main weapon is a spiked whip that's black with a red handle. Finisher is "Thorn Hurricane" where the opponent is continuously lashed at with the whip before having Black Rose performing a dropkick on them. This form is the strongest form Black Rose can attain.

Izumi "Zoe" Sakura



Dorm: Den-o

appearance: shoulder length red hair, sapphire blue eyes, slightly tanned skin. always wears a pink headband over her left eye

Kamen rider name: Kamen Rider Nymph

personality: determined, mature for her age, extremely smart, furious towards those teasing her.

Bio: due to her age, Zoe really stands out amongst the freshmen class. People tease her, only to learn that she's quick to lash back at those, usually with a slap to the face if a girl or a kick to the shins if a guy. She came to the school to prove that age doesn't matter in order to be a great Kamen Rider. She develops respect towards Erik and his friends after hearing what happened during the last term. She also develops a crush on Erik later on. She wears her headband because it covers a nasty scar that appears around her left eye that reminds her of an incident involving an imagin.

Rider Gear:(Similar to Zeronos')

Faerie Buckle: belt used to become Kamen Rider Nymph. It is similar to Zerono's belt in how its used and in appearance, but theres only one card available. However, this card can be used repeatedly. One side of the card is blue, while the other is grey. The buckle itself is completely silver as the belt is dark grey.

Nymphgasher: has three modes : scythe, spear, and gun

Nymphskater: motorcycle that is blue in color. Zoe only uses it in her Rider form.


Nymph Form: Nymphgasher is used in Spear and gun modes in this form. body suit is cream in color with a mini skirt, while the armor, helmet, gloves, and boots are sky blue and the boots and gloves are marked with magenta runes. the helmet looks like Den-o Rod Form's but without the attennae and the eyes are red in coloring. Finishing move is an energized thrust with the spear. This form focuses more on speed than on power.

Wraith Form: armor is all black while the bodysuit is grey while the eyes are replaced by a green visor. Nymphgasher is used only in Scythe mode. This form is more about brute force than speed. Finishing move is a charged up slash with the scythe or it being thrown at the opponent before doing a flying side kick.

William D. Logan

age: 16

Gender: Male

Kamen Rider name: Kamen rider Zolda(or some other canon gunslinger kamen rider if Zolda is unavailable)

Physical Appearance: Tall, very short black hair, hazel eyes, sturdy body frame, skin is tanned.

personality: calm, collected, quiet, fearless, serious

bio: Logan is a freshman who was raised in an extremely harsh and strict military like life. He has became almost emotionless as a result. he is an expert sharpshooter and never disobeys an order.
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