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KSkylaR chapter 4 . 7/27/2011
i realise that this may be a long shot as it has been 2 years since you last updated but please update? this is an amazing story and i would love to read what happens next? :)
brucasfanatic chapter 4 . 2/28/2010
DUDE. Why, why, why, why, WHY does BL have to be in a constant state of misunderstandings? I'm so fricken sad right now! And as always, I still hope that you end this a BL. Because both need to heel, and the best way for them to do that is with each other. You must update this as soon as you can. It's absolutely wonderful. Even though it's tearing apart my BL heart.

Great job!
brucasfanatic chapter 3 . 2/28/2010
I love Lucas for packing up for her the way he did. Honestly, just imagining what he had to go through to see everything that reminded him of Peyton just so he could make things easier on Brooke breaks my heart. I can see that you're going heavy on the BJu, but I don't particularily mind. I'd still love for more BL, but it's understandable that she feels distanced from him somehow.
brucasfanatic chapter 2 . 2/28/2010
PEYTON EFFING KILLED HERSELF? Are you kidding me? Wow. I did not see that coming, at all. I honestly thought she'd been murdered or something, for whatever reason. And I liked how you mentioned that Lucas took out his anger on Brooke during the Keith death as well. and I liked the way Julian tried to distract Brooke and their talk at the coffee shop. My Brucas heart was a little distraught at the comparisons between him and Lucas, but honestly, I think it was very realistic given the history and pain she experienced with Lucas. Julian is a great guy. I still hope for a BL ending, tough he didnt follow her and julian did. totally bitter about that. lol
brucasfanatic chapter 1 . 2/28/2010
So, truthfully I am terrified to read this fic. Mostly because I know that you are a BJu fan (and I HATE BJu) and that you have a soft spot for L/P, which makes me worried that you might go heavy on alluding to their love. It would be realistic, but I just can't stand it. lol But after reading this chapter I have to say I am hooked. The way you write, the emotions you evoke through your metaphores and descriptions are positively stunning. The numb atmosphere of this chapter is very much how I would imagine Tree Hill to feel in the event of Peyton's death. Excellent job and I am looking forward to reading the rest of this story.
Princesakarlita411 chapter 4 . 12/16/2009
evil lindsey

poor brooke

cant wait to read more
ILoveSarahSophia chapter 4 . 12/14/2009
Wow. Wonderful and intense chapter. So full of emotions. I love everything about it. Made me sad that Peyton is gone but love how you go about. Loved it. Hope you update soon.
LifeIChose chapter 4 . 11/22/2009
Ahh you have no idea how in love I am with this story.

It is so well written, so heartbreaking. Just a beautiful chapter.
Angell4NEPatriots chapter 4 . 10/25/2009
Thank you for another incredible update!

Nathan and Haley are all kinds of adorable! It is beautiful to see how much they love each other and are trying to be the rock for one another in these tragic circumstances. It is clear that this is only bringing them closer. I loved that Nathan isn't putting on a facade with Haley about the intensity of his grief. I loved that while Haley wants to be strong for everyone, especially her husband she allows him to see her vulnerability. It was very sweet that he just reassured her that her being there was more than enough for him! It is no wonder why Naley is the perfect example of everlasting love that the rest of the Tree Hill residents are striving to find! And failing at rather miserably if their current situations are anything to go by!

Trust Julian to break the silence that engulfed them by comparing Brooke to a literary character, a classic for sure. He so lives and breathes what he does! LOL I was kind of disappointed that as Brooke took in Julian's messy appearance, she immediately thought of Lucas. Selfishly when she is with Julian I would like her thoughts to be of him alone but given the circumstances I will take what I can get. LOL I suppose now is not the time. Of course Brooke would worry about Lucas and feel bad for taking off from her best friend's memorial. I loved how Brooke pressured Julian for more of an answer as to why he compared her to Holly Golightly. My heart melted with the reveal of his reasoning for the comparative! I loved his thoughts about how he shouldn't have made the comment and him wondering how crazy Brooke thought he was. I loved that his thoughts were so off base about her, that she understood what he was trying to say and more she appreciates the message! I loved that being around her is giving him so much comfort. Again selfishly I am hoping that makes her unforgettable to him later on and vise versa for her as well.

I adored that his half smirk can give her butterflies! That should not be taken lightly! LOL That d mn book shows up at the worst times it seems. *Sigh* It has so many bittersweet memories associated with it for so many people it seems. I really wish Julian would have confided his secret about the book and his reasons for wanting to contact Peyton originally to Brooke. I wonder what her reaction would have been. I mean I suppose him not telling her wasn't the best time and his bending of the truth was harmless enough considering how much everyone is dealing with. I am truly relieved that he doesn't love Peyton anymore and isn't even certain he ever did. Something tells me that Brooke didn't pick up on that little fact and proving otherwise to her is going to be a challenge in the future if that is something you choose to pursue in this story later on! I can also understand why Julian wouldn't want to upset Brooke further with the truth and as he understand the reason that he was interested in the book no longer applies. I just wonder if that bending of the truth is going to come back around and bite him on the a$$. I do hope not!

I am more than okay with the fact that Julian lacks the words that he is sure Lucas would have to comfort the lost girl. We all know how words can often be so lacking and actions speak louder anyway! I LOVED that he hugged her, offering her the only measure of comfort he could. I hate that guilt over Peyton had to ruin in the moment after she was being soothed by him. Totally understandable yes but I still hate it, for entirely selfish reasons of course! LOL At least Julian isn't oblivious to the reason for the sudden change in Brooke'e behavior either. I was relieved that he softened his attitude with her after briefly being so cold in response to her abrupt rejection of his comfort. I would hate to see them end on such a sour note. I was so happy that she gave him one last hug and told him to look her up if he is ever in New York! I certainly hope he takes her up on that offer one day! SOON! Even if there is a time jump! I also adored the fact that he watched her leave.

It is crazy how she can have such a connection to Lucas after all that they have been through, that just his scent alone can alert her to his presence. I do liked how she noticed the even while everyone was dealing with the days events Lucas makes it about himself. For how unselfish she is, he is the polar opposite and is a shining example of how selfish someone can be. I hate that he just gets mad at her when it is so obvious she is hurting! He doesn't even give her a chance to explain, just assumes the worst based on circumstantial evidence, never even considering that she has a perfect reason for being there. Lucas frustrates me beyond belief sometimes! UGH! I wish he could see how much he means to her, the lengths she is willing to go to protect him. But he is too caught up in himself to see anything right now, let alone HER! I was actually proud of her for sticking up for herself and reminding him that they wouldn't be burying Peyton if it hadn't been for him being such a coward. Yes, it was harsh and yes it probably even crossed a line for being low but seriously something needs to be said to bring him out of his self absorbed world! Of course Brooke being Brooke would regret saying it to him after the damage was done. That is one of the most amazing things about her.

It is a fascination how Lucas makes Brooke feel: guilty, mad, heartbroken, protective, so many things and yet so far hardly any of the emotions that he envokes in her are good ones. The fact of the matter is they seem to have a pretty negative impact on her. Right now these two are so explosive but in an entirely unhealthy way. Mostly I suspect because there is so much unresolved and unspoken between the two of them and it breaks my heart for Brooke! I am happy to hear that she refuses to feel bad for comforting Julian though! Larry broke my heart as well. I am glad that Brooke was there to comfort him to. I can definitely see why Brooke felt the need to get out of town. I would say the faster the better even if some might say she is running.

As for Lucas and his thoughts, I really am having a hard time trying to find a way to feel sympathetic towards him. His thoughts are too self centered for my tastes, especially when he reflects in the fact the he and Brooke had an unspoken understanding to get through this together and yet he zeroes in on her leaving him all alone. He never should have attacked her without finding out why! What effort has he made to make this easier on her since they got back to Tree Hill. My impression is he is waiting for her to do all the work and that isn't fair at all. He needs to make an effort as well, imo. He also really needs to deal with his hero complex. He is not the reason that Peyton died. Yes, he probably handled the situation badly and left her broken but she is responsible for the actions that took her life, no one else is! I hope he gets help to deal with this because I don't think he will survive otherwise.

It is so sad that Brooke is feeling so guilty over her decision to leave town even if it is the best thing she could possibly do for herself, imo. I loved that Haley is being so supportive and understanding because that is what Brooke needs the most right now. It is also interesting that while Haley is soothing Brooke with circles on her back she is reminded of Julian and that solidified her decision to return to New York. I liked knowing she can pop into her head unexpectedly and with such a short acquaintance. I was also relieved when Nathan was also accepting of Brooke'e decision to leave.

What is it about Lucas Scott that inspires such devotion form the women in his life? It is kind of amazing to me and I hope something that can be explained and explored. I know he is capable of being sweet and loving, he is capable of amazing words but also harsh ones too and a cold and judgmental attitude, not to mention completely conflicted in his feelings and what his heart wants. It just really confounds me on some level. LOL But I am glad he has someone to turn to for comfort even if I think he should be trying to locate Brooke to patch things up between them since he woke up feeling so bad about their last encounter!

Wow! I hate that Brooke jumped to all of those horrible conclusions based on Lindsay's appearance and presence at Lucas'. Not that I can really blame her but that just makes the whole situation that much worse because really Lucas is not guilty of her worst thoughts. Brooke should know the dangers of jumping to conclusions based on evidence alone, isn't that why they got into a fight the day before? If only Brooke and Lucas could have a real and honest conversation devoid of any accusations and hurtful words. Distance might be the best thing for them right now though since they both seem to think the worst of one another. Maybe they can start over again when their emotions aren't so close to the surface. Because if nothing else these two need to resolve things once and for all.

It is also very sad that Lucas never found out about Brooke's visit to his place since that would have made a huge difference to him and how the future plays out. Even if Lindsay didn't do it on purpose she should have known how important that would have been to Lucas! I am anxious to see what happens when the truth comes out! Oh the drama of it all!

I don't blame Brooke for wanting to get out of town and not look back with the exceptions of a few things.

This was powerful as always and I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them and how they all come together again because I have to believe they will. As I said there is so much left unresolved for Lucas and Brooke. I am also hoping Julian isn't out of the picture permanently either as I believe they share a connection
SparklingIvy chapter 4 . 10/11/2009
This was a great chapter! I'm so glad you updated! I was scared you'd forgotten about this story.

In all honesty, I read this a few days ago, as soon as I got the email, but I had to go and couldn't review. So I made a mental note to come back and drop you a line because it was great.

I liked the way Brooke handled the Julian situation...and talk about twists at the end of the chapter... reminded me a bit of surfaces and the confusion that pull B/L apart.

Honestly, I don't even know who I'm shipping for anymore, and this is what's so great about this story: it's about Brooke - her grief, her loneliness, her feelings. So it doesn't need a couple's storyline to make the plot strong.

I hope you update soon!

boothimyours chapter 4 . 10/5/2009
wow again. love it. it's definately worth the wait, but I'm of course hoping for faster updates. I'm really hoping for a BL ending here, just because rooting for BL is my default setting (well, besides BN in fanfiction maybe). but Julian can be someone for Brooke to lean on in this process. the other characters' dealing with peyton's death is just heartbreaking. and I love your portrayal of NH in this story! just keep it coming, this fic is something special.
othfan326 chapter 4 . 10/3/2009
whoa. a lot happened here.

so will there be a time jump after this? like lucas is in new york a few months or a year from now and runs into brooke and confronts her about running away without saying goodbye, and then brooke confronts him about what she thought she walked in on after he criticized her the night before.

oh man, im thinking there are going to be some epic fights coming up. at least, that's what i can imagine. i could be totally wrong.

im so curious to see what happens next.

Babi chapter 4 . 10/3/2009
I love this fic, and especially the way you write Brooke and Julian - which I hope is your ultimately ship for this one.

This chapter is full of emotion and so well written that I will need to read it one more time to ensure I got all you wanted to show.

I hope you update soon, I am really curious to know how Julian and Brooke will reconnect with her on NY.
koumi11 chapter 4 . 10/3/2009
god I loved it... it was absolutely amazing... Julian is awesome (hahah) and Lucas is a dick but brooke is stupid too... anyway cant wait to see what happenes next

update soon please

Angell4NEPatriots chapter 3 . 8/5/2009
WOW! This is just an amazing story! Thank you so much for the dedication! That was extremely sweet of you and I feel so honored! THANK YOU!

I love how Brooke is soft towards Lucas on the inside but yet she is not afraid to give him attitude when she speaks to him. He definitely deserves it. I also agree with her reasoning, he always says mean things to her and gets away with it, why can't she do it too. LOL The sad thing is, is its true. Someone does need to give Lucas a taste of how own medicine so to speak, maybe then he will realize he can't treat people, especially Brooke, the way he does. He is so oblivious at times and it frustrates me to no end that he takes her for granted as much as he does.

It was sweet though how Lucas kept tabs on Brooke even if they weren't speaking. I also liked his speech to Brooke, his apology and his reasoning for why she should remain in Tree Hill actually made sense. Them all being together might be a really good way for them to heal from this. This leads me to wonder if you will be revealing more details about the events surrounding Peyton's death, like who found her and how she took her life. Anyway, they all seem so fractured right now and I think them all being in the same place will make such a huge difference as they try to go on with their lives.

Aw I hate that Brooke got so upset over the fact that she needed to pretend for a little bit. I don't think that there was anything wrong with wanting a distraction from all the grief that is surrounding this situation. I am glad that Lucas was there to comfort her and that he took such good care of her as she experienced her melt down. He was very sweet with her.

I am feeling really bad for Nathan and Haley right now, though more so for Nathan. Haley is doing her best to make sure her husband doesn't take any blame in Peyton's death, which is what she should be doing. Friendship is a two way street and so far I haven't heard of Peyton making much effort to reach out to her friends either. Had she let them know that she was in such a bad place, there is no way her friends wouldn't have been there for her in whatever way possible. But again I am so glad that Nathan isn't dealing with all of his pain alone either. Thank goodness for Haley!

It was nice of Lucas to pack up most of Peyton's stuff during the night. I am hoping that Brooke will figure out the answer to her musings about why she can only be honest with Lucas when he is sleeping. That should be a really interesting self discovery. It doesn't surprise me to learn that Lucas has a playlist for both the women he loved. Part of me wishes Brooke had discovered that so she could realize that she was just as important to him as Peyton since I know how much that haunts her. However there is another part of me, a bigger part that is relieved that she didn't find out because I really do not want to see her sucked back into Lucas' world. I have some issues wit Brooke becoming involved with Lucas romantically again since Peyton is gone. I am going to refrain from mentioning them now, to see how this all plays out. I know if anyone can convince me that Lucas is who she belongs with it is you and your incredible story telling skills. :) I do have to comment on one more thing and say that I completely agree with Brooke when she thinks that she was never Lucas's soul mate. If she was he certainly never treated her that way or made her believe that and that is why I agree with her.

I am in agony over the guilt that Brooke suffers from Peyton and her choices. I hate that she thinks she failed Peyton and her promise to Larry to take care of his daughter. As all of her friends go thru the stages of grief I hope that they will experience anger at Peyton and her choices. I think they have a right to feel anger as much as anything else they are feeling! I love that Brooke is going to stay with Larry rather than Lucas. I think she needs to keep a fair amount of distance from him while they are both so vulnerable. This way if something were to develop between them it will not be a result of the grief and pain over Peyton. I hope that makes sense.

I cannot even begin to imagine what Brooke is feeling about having deliver Peyton's eulogy! I can see why she would have been touched at first but quickly changed her mind as she realized the magnitude of responsibility that came along with that. It broke my heart when she put on sunglasses so no one could see her cry. She is always trying to be so strong and courageous! I just want to hug her or have someone hug her and never let her go.

My broke even more when she thought about how she failed her best friend and now she couldn't even remember her properly! Brooke is taking on way too much and being so incredibly hard on herself as usual. I was so excited though when just seeing Julian gave her the strength that she needed to get through the process of remembering Peyton with everyone who loved her. I was hoping he would show up but I had no idea that he would have that much of an impact on her. The idea of him looking like an angel certainly appeals to me, he seems to be her angel even if it is for today. I love that she improvised rather than went with her prepared speech. There is no doubt that she spoke from her heart. Of course I was thrilled when Brooke found it difficult to look at anyone else but him and that he gives her all the encouragement that he is capable of!

I really liked how she wanted to look at him more during the service and that she kept hoping he would show up at the cemetery. I don't think she is selfish at all to be drawn to him. It is not like he is a complete stranger, she knows about him from the things Peyton shared with her and she knows that he loved Peyton. I just don't think she feels as much pressure to be the Brooke everyone knows because Julian doesn't really know her all that well. With him he has no expectations for her and maybe that does make it easier to forget for a while. Or maybe I don't have any idea what I am talking about and am ready way too much into this. LOL If he can bring her some measure of comfort I am all for that, whatever she needs! :)

I really enjoyed the conversation between Brooke and Karen. I loved Brooke sharing her awe of how Karen does it with Lilly's being such a strong reminder of Keith every day. I loved Karen's response and her emphasis on how she leans on the people who love her to help her get through the days. Brooke needs to hear that it is perfectly acceptable to lean on the people who love her as well.

I can't tell you how overjoyed I became at the thought that Julian made her heart flutter when she heard he was asking for her. The moment between Brooke and Nathan was very sweet and I am looking forward to their talk later on since both seem to be struggling so much with the same issues.

I really wish she would have been able to see the flash of admiration in his eyes once he looked at her one the porch. I adore the fact that she is so drawn to him even if she doesn't want to be. I absolutely love that she feels vulnerable and yet exhilarated around him. I smiled at Julian informing Brooke he knew who Nathan was. How adorable was the idea of him being nervous around her all of a sudden when he tried to explain why he was there and asked for her. I really loved that she was able to have the chance to help him the way he unexpectedly helped her in LA. Already I see these two as equals.

I really love how much Brooke listened to him and let him talk about things in his own way and on his own time. I find it a bit ironic that she can so vehemently tell him not to blame himself and yet she has no trouble doing exactly that. It was bittersweet how she struggled to help him feel better about his fears and concerns. I was giddy when she reached for his hand and felt warmth from the contact. I love how she admits to him that she knows more about him than he thinks. I liked how he gained reassurance from that so he knew how much he mattered to Peyton. I didn't mind that Brooke got slightly annoyed with him about his comment either though I do think he was right in expressing how he felt. I want people to get angry with Peyton. At this point I don't even care for the reason why. LOL But I am hoping that will come in time. I was proud of Julian for admitting he was a jerk with his comment to Brooke since she was essentially there for him and because of him. My heart broke for both Brooke and Julian at his admission to how it seems to have finally hit him. Though I do hope Brooke's theory on how he might still be in love with Peyton is completely off base. It astounds me how someone like Peyton can engrave herself on these guys hearts the way she does. Peyton is no where near incredible when compared to Brooke as far as I am concerned. I loved how she comforted him and he buried his head in her shoulder. That is such a precious image for me even if it is all about Peyton. I am intrigued that Brooke had a reaction to the thought that he might still be in love with Peyton. I am so anxious to see what happens with Brooke and Julian. They seem to be developing a friendship of sorts and I can only hope that after everything settles down it might lead to something more for them.

Thank you so much for the emotional update! This is such a heavy subject matter and you are doing an excellent job of keeping it real. No matter what, these people loved Peyton and the loss of her life is going to affect them in a huge way! Thank you for taking the time to explore and show that in your own spectacular way! MORE SOON PLEASE!
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