Reviews for It Runs in the Family
Sempiternus chapter 1 . 7/17/2009
Hey, just like to say that I enjoyed reading your short of Kevin. It was very well-written, and in-character.

I could picture Kevin trying to prove himself to his older brothers, Tommy's immediate help-response, and Jimmy's not-fast-enough reaction. I also liked the references to the Donnelly's Bad Luck, how everyone in the neighborhood - Mrs. Heady, par example - knew and already reckognized their reputation, even at the boys' young age. There was a lack of Sean, but that's to be understood - I don't think that he was included much in the childhood micheives like the other brothers. I also liked how you included Tommy's reference to his first broken-bone-incident, and how even back then the brothers took care of each other.

In short, good job