Reviews for Where To Find Panic Attack Help
Jaggedlightning has a Bazooka chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
Um...What? A flat iron heater tutorial on FFN? WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHY?! Why would you post something like this on FFN?! What does it have to do with a panic attack?! NOTHING. ITS ABOUT HAIR. HAIR TOTALLY GIVES PEOPLE PANIC ATTACKS. I GET PANIC ATTACKS FROM HAIR LIKE, ALL THE TIME. I LAY ON THE FLOOR AND CRY WHEN I SEE HAIR. Yeah. No. Go post this somewhere else and quit getting people's hopes up. They see a good looking Fic and click on it, only to see that it's about hair. And flat irons. What does hair have to do with Misery? What? Oh thats right, I forgot. Hair is the main antagonist in the movie, and it's sole purpose is to make people miserable. Thus creating Misery. I can see it now. 'MISERY: Where hair shows it's true evil.' For the love of everything you hold dear, THINK BEFORE POSTING SOMETHING STUPID.
burntoutlikeabrightlight chapter 1 . 11/12/2012