Reviews for Haunting Life
Reader chapter 1 . 12h
UUUmmmm... I just started reading this, but I have no doubts this is good, i just wanna know if this is completed or youre still updating.
onecrazycookie chapter 11 . 5/2
Firstly, this story is awesome so far. Secondly, near the end of this chapter, Masako should "sense" the spirits rather than "since" them. I'm not trying to be picky or anything, it's just that I always like to know if I've made a mistake in my writing.
Obsess chapter 177 . 4/17
Can not wait for more updating chapters!
Chaotic Angel7 chapter 177 . 4/16
Three took me three days to read this amazing story. I hope you update soon because I am now addicted! I have to say, I also hope that Mai and Naru actually get to relax on their vaction. They need to have some fun...mai's poor head is going to explode if she doesn't calm down.
ThisKatHasClaws chapter 177 . 4/3
I love love love love it! Please update soon! I hope you're not giving up on this story
MzShellSan chapter 177 . 3/11
Great chapter. Loved it so much. Can't wait for the next one.
WildKat25ShadowWolf13 chapter 177 . 3/4
In reference to your posed ending ideas, I believe option Mai goes to Gene's funeral is the best option for an ending. I believe the Haunting Life Naru recognizes Mai's bonding to Gene over the past 3 years and would probably feel that Mai might want some closure that a funeral offers. I absolutely love your story and believe to be one of the best Ghost Hunt fanfics out on the web. Keep up the great work, and I hope things are looking up in your real life too!
Taniux chapter 177 . 2/18
You got so much better at writing ) I truly love your stories, every case is unique and somehow intense ) I don't know about people who started reading your story when you started writing it, but i've read it in one shot and can see how you've improved grately in everything, grammar, stories and everything else. Thank you so much for writing and please update soon )
Taniux chapter 130 . 2/15
Naru is such a jerk, i cried buckets the last few chapters :(
Blatherskite3 chapter 177 . 2/13
It's wonderful to read an update and you wrapped up this case so beautifully! I look forward to reading what is to come, whenever that is (because writer's block is just unpredictable and sucky).
Taniux chapter 106 . 2/13
You can't grab something with eyes ) It would be good to change that )
Taniux chapter 102 . 2/13
You have gotten a lot better at writing. Your grammar is better and also the cases are more interesting and are described very well )
ncalkins chapter 133 . 2/12
ncalkins chapter 126 . 2/12
Eventually Naru is just going to wrap Mai in bubble wrap...or get an extra large sling and carry her around on his or Lin's back.
Taniux chapter 11 . 2/10
Sorry, but i found one mistake, that caugth my eye really badly. In the sentence "I can see that spirits have been here, but i don't since them now". Maybe you meant sense, not since?
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