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MzShellSan chapter 180 . 9/21
This is great. Things are getting super interesting. Can't wait for more.
Mo.auxier chapter 180 . 9/5
So its like 5 am and I just finished your last chapter and am dying now. That's how invested I have gotten into your characters. I have been reading nonstop for over five hours. I absolutely luv your portrayal of these characters and how well developed your plot is. The one thing I don't like is this cliffhanger you seem to have stopped on. :{} But really, this story is just amazing. Thank you for taking time to write it.
hanasakura8 chapter 180 . 8/25
Please continue this story. I have been love this story for many years since u write this.
Sprout76 chapter 180 . 8/24
Please continue this case. I have been a fan of this story for years.
PotterB2utyElf chapter 65 . 8/23
Reading this make me miss Ghost Hunt more and more You did a good job
Jun-Shang88 chapter 180 . 8/22
ohmygawd! I can't believe he gave in! that Richard guy must be really something if he (unknowlingly) forced Naru to promise to spill everything! can't wait for the rest of this case :3
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18
Just started this and after reading a few ghost hunt fictions this is the first one to creep me out, that bit with the camera made me stop and shiver. Very good. I look forward to reading on. :)
Spiceandsugar10 chapter 180 . 8/13
This story is gold, I tell ya'! I'll admit I was a bit skeptical at first due to the large amount of chapters, but as I read on and the plot started to unfold, I couldn't stop reading! I initially thought this was a just a story with different cases at different time intervals (not really anything with a connected storyline), but it definitely is not. The character development and the way they're written is great! The relationship between Mai and Naru flourished in a way that I found very believable! Maybe one of the most believable scenarios for ghost hunt. Everyone was in character as well, even when Naru was being openly affectionate towards Mai. And they weren't just constantly arguing and insulting each other for no reason either; there was a definitely noticeable difference when they're arguing and when Naru's teasing. Every argument was for a reason and they weren't just throwing insults leading to Mai crying and running out the door because he called her stupid too often -_- (unlike in plenty of other fics). And even though there's so many chapters, I never got tired of the storyline! Other fics I'd slowly start to lose interest because things were overly repetitive without much of a difference between the cases. Some fics are exhausting to read after awhile, but this one kept me on my seat! There was always something new each time and I couldn't help but instantly go to the next chapter to read. Again, this fic is great and I love how you gradually developed their relationship as well as Mai's abilities!

Can't wait to read future updates :)
sleonard chapter 180 . 8/6
Hi there Truth.
I have come upon your tales rather late in the game-just now reading through the entire set over the past week. What an amazing and beautiful creation to have shared and for it still to be sharing and enrapturing readers years later. It is just amazing, and a testament to what great work you've done here. Thank you. It was also amazing to not only see the story grow and change but to also see our own life's tales accompanying it. I hope you're healed from your accident (not really knowing for sure how long ago that was) that your family has found solace in the time since your grandfather's passing. That you enjoy(ed?) your veterinary career pursuit. This story line in the GH community is surely legendary and your work here a treasure. Thanks again. I hope the updates continue, as you are able (goodness knows you've already given so much) for years to come.
Guest chapter 180 . 7/27
I've been waiting awhile for this chapter so happy it came up Naru X Mai is so cute update ASAP plz
Lioness Of the fire chapter 180 . 7/15
Oh my goodness looks like Mai will finally get some answers from her beloved naru.
Cassandra Royal chapter 180 . 7/13
There's something to be said about an author who can write as much as you have and still have seemingly so much to go. I mean this solely as a compliment to you and your wonderful writing ability. Although, I must say, 180 chapters? Kinda insane to me, and you've been writing this for what, 7 years now? Dedication, my dear, dedication!

I read this in five days, and honestly, I simply couldn't get enough. It was quite stunning however, to see the steady progression in your writing throughout the series. Interesting. Although 7 years does change a few things, doesn't it? :)

Your cases were interesting, entertaining, and completely original. I'm sure you've heard this compliment a lot over the years, but I'll reinforce it with my own opinion as well. I really loved the Disney one, as well as the theatre one. That scene where they hung from the air just rings in my head a lot the last few days, because it really owes up to their relationship. The steady progression in Naru was lovely to see, too. It made my heart bloom and squeal in so many ways, so very well done. What was especially nice about you however, in Naru's case is his personality. You somehow lept past all odds and kept Naru in character after having him fall in love with Mai. Again, your growth in these characters makes them so much for real than the real manga or anime. You made them REAL.

But what really got me so enthralled about this story was Mai's character development. Her love for Naru has always been unparalleled, but to see her fall off the wagon after getting her memories back from amnesia was heartbreaking. It always makes me see the creativity and knowledge a writer has when they take a character they've grown to love so much for so long and drive them over an edge and keep them in character at that. And you did that. It was stunning. Truly, undeniably, stunning, and beautifully written-heart-wrenchingly tragic, of course, but beautifully written.

Also Mai and Naru's relationship was... Honestly, I'm without words on how to describe their relationship from your story. Simply marvelous. But now that things are almost at their edge, I'm dying to read how Naru will break everything to her, how she'll react, and where they'll go from there. But based on the steady hints you placed in the last few chapters, something tells me that when everything's said and done she'll move off to England to study parapsychology under Naru and his father? Maybe I'm wrong, but it'd be an interesting development.

But i'm painfully curious about another thing too... Will you delve into the mystery behind Gene's murder? Is that where all these eventual revelations head towards? If that is the case, I am extremely excited, but with however you do end the story, I'll be patiently awaiting your updates.

Thank you, lovely writer, for creating this pulse-raceing, adorably horrific, action packed, ghost busting romance.

Lastly, I not only believe you have done Fuyumi Ono justice with everything, I think she would be proud of what you've done with her story, plot, and most definitely, her characters. Well done, and I hope to read from you soon!

Cassandra Royal chapter 90 . 7/9
Okay, girly, if the fact I have been reading this nonstop for the last 24 hours is any indication, I am in love with story to death and back (pun intended ;) ), but honestly, 'waste' is like trash waste. I realize you probably know this, but I also saw it back in several chapters previous (like 20 chapters ago) when you meant 'waste' and wrote 'waist' instead. This switch just bothers me, I suppose. *Sweatdrops. I also get that you probably wrote this years ago, but I just couldn't not say anything. But I really love this story, and I'll probably finish it soon! I hope to see you go into Gene's murder in the future as well, that'd be so cool~! Thanks for the incredible story so far! Continuing on now~
Guest chapter 180 . 7/6
Please update this story as soon as you can.
okaysunshine chapter 180 . 7/5
omg I need more. I'm so excited to see how this plays out! you've done fabulously so far and I really love the empathy story line you're working out
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