Reviews for Controlling Chaos
Lia chapter 74 . 7/6
Now this is what I call a good story
I only hope that you're going to continue it. Sincerely, I think it's amazing and that it really should have an equally amazing ending :))
Feln chapter 56 . 4/27
I enjoy the author's notes almost as much as the story. The excitement of one's own work is reminiscent of Humphry Davy dancing around the fire after discovering alkali metals.
Feln chapter 50 . 4/27
"They had her at 'destruction'... so romantic.
Feln chapter 47 . 4/27
Rogue gaining one power that interferes with another power, now THAT's interesting! I hope more about that comes up in future chapters. But I hope Rogue eventually gets her snickety snickts back. Or has she already? Are those last snickt snickts futile or fruitful? Watch me click "next" and find out!
Feln chapter 45 . 4/27
These are just a few of the eye witness accounts of the alleged failed mutant on a hospital in our nation's capital.

I don't normally worry about typos but I think you left out "attack", unless a mutant just flunked his medical exam.
Feln chapter 43 . 4/27
Back to "pure action" again... like ST:TNG season 3!
Feln chapter 40 . 4/26
It's ironic that Professor X has finally realized and admitted his mistake, yet the circumstances indicate that he may very well have been right all along. Were it not for his interference Jean likely would have had the episode anyway. Sometimes a bomb will explode regardless of how you handle it. I just don't know yet, here at chapter 40, if this irony is intended by the author or if it's emerged on its own.
Feln chapter 39 . 4/26
What's this? Xavier is the ultimate Pointy Haired Boss? Except, of course, that a true PHB would never see the error of his ways.
Feln chapter 38 . 4/26
Yet more plot thickening. Well, this one I saw coming. No not really. Anyway, time to break out the pick.
Feln chapter 37 . 4/26
As often as this plot has thickened it should be concrete by now.
Feln chapter 36 . 4/26
Love the cliffhanger-style Author's Notes.
Feln chapter 35 . 4/26
rEvolution - nice touch.
Feln chapter 34 . 4/26
Funniest chapter.
Feln chapter 33 . 4/26
This is the first fan fiction I've read and I'm very impressed with the quality of writing. Witty, coherent, riveting, well interconnected and competently complex. Superb imagery, both of the characters' thoughts, words, and actions and of the scenery and situations. I especially like the internal life of the characters, and that their internal narration is true to the characters - as if each character had written its own thoughts.

On a side note, because of this story I've started watching the "Evolution" cartoon and I'm pretty impressed by that, too. It's actually more coherent and entertaining than the movies, and tells a better story.
Reading Now chapter 74 . 2/22
Great story but I feel like you've forgotten about the Phoenix. Update soon.
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