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Guest chapter 36 . 7/13
i need more of this
pls its sooo good ,maybe do one on the dating life of lily and james
Guest chapter 26 . 7/12
Idk if you’re going to see this but a couple of things need to be said
1) 10/10 great job on this fic
2) when you were saying about how you wanted James and Lily to kiss but couldn’t, I feel that big time. I’m in the middle of writing a fic and in one of the scenes I just couldn’t bring myself to have the whole “this is a mistake” so I wrote the ending I wanted, then had to write in two more chapters before that to make sure the timeline worked
Guest chapter 36 . 7/11
Thank you.
It was Amazing.
Isabella Yates chapter 36 . 7/11
Why does it have to end though?
finnigan24 chapter 36 . 7/11
So I know you won’t be writing TLAT anymore and that it’s been years since the last update. Based on this, I’m not sure if you’re still checking the reviews left here or not, or if you do, how you’ll feel about getting this one (however positive and fangirl-y it may be). That’s why I’ve felt very hesitant to send this, but then whenever I come back to this fic that means so much to me I feel rubbish never leaving some kind of feedback, so here I am, sending this freakishly long ramble. If your feelings are not neutral or positive towards TLAT reviews right now, please feel free to disregard everything below.

But uhm… here we go.

Loving the Harry Potter series has been such an integral and unquestionable part of myself. It’s just always there, but it’s there mostly as a fact and generally not something I feel excited or giddy about anymore. And then there are a few things that can trigger all the giddiness and excitement I’ve ever felt about the series come back, well, for instance re-reading the books, or less time-consuming-ly watching the PoA movie, or re-reading TLAT (this is rather time-consuming, though). TLAT has been such a great part of my HP experience. If I remember feeling giddy about HP, I do not only remember the time when I stayed up all night reading HBP, or reading GoF even in the streets while I was waiting at street lamps and bus stops because my sister read ahead and knew the ending and I was afraid she’d spoil it for me, or sitting on the roof and crying about Sirius’ death, I also remember the day when I was alone at my summer job, and instead of working, I spent the whole day reading Ch21-25, because I felt like I couldn’t breathe until the Marauders are all made up, or when I was sitting on the train, reading Ch35 and couldn’t stop crying. So, I don’t care that this fic is unfinished and will remain being so, I wanted to thank you for giving us these amazing 36 chapters and giving me those memories and feelings. Although I’ve always loved the Marauders, you are responsible for every grin or sad sigh I produce when I re-read the books and there is a mention about Sirius’ or Remus’ past, or about Lily or James.

This fic feels canon. Not because most of the details in it are actually canon, but because of the way you wrote it. Your plot is amazing, your characters are amazing (more on that later, and wow, I cannot even use this expression anymore without feeling like I’ve just made a TLAT-reference), but your prose and your dialogues, omg! I love how you played with the format of certain chapters (loved when there were little infos about the future, or when the same day was told in different characters’ perspective, or when Lily made a running commentary about the scenes in a letter to Sam, etc.), yet the writing never seemed self-indulgent. Just like your plot, your prose and format was always just a little outside of the box to make your story unpredictable but also easy to follow. Reading each chapter was an experience in itself, and while with the majority of books and fanfics, I couldn’t differentiate between the chapters and tell you which was which, in TLAT I can do it so easily. It’s a fic that is long, yes, unfinished, yes, but one I don’t think anyone could regret reading, because with each chapter it gives you something, and going in a chapter you have no idea what that something will be. I mean… wow. Rowling may have never played with the format of her books or the general trajectory of her plot (we start each book in July/August and finish in May/June) , she always excelled at playing with our expectations. Everything she wrote in those books was logical but also unexpected. I cannot stress enough how hard is to pull that off in a fanfiction where we know the fate of almost every major character, yet you did it.

You’re amazing at building tension (Ch 35, I mean, come oooon), but also at writing action scenes, and at writing tender moments, and hilarious banter… I don’t know how you can be amazing in every aspect of story-telling. I mean I’m literally in awe. (Also, while I adored the earlier chapters, too, it was so heart-warming to follow how your writing improved with each update.) Please never stop writing, or I mean, at least never stop believing that if you feel like writing, you’ll be great at it (let the writing be writing a new fanfiction, or your own book, or a script, or whatever).

So the characters… A beautiful prose, or a unique idea behind a story, or an interesting world, makes me want to discuss the story with someone else, but only great characters make feel like I need to shout at everyone about the story I’ve just read. I honestly can’t remember how many skype conversations with my sister consisted of me blabbering for literal hours about the TLAT characters and the relationships between them. I’ve always been more of a Sirius girl myself (the angst, the angst), or wrote fics about Remus (the angst, the angst), and while I liked James (and jumped to anyone’s throat who attacked him and protected Snape, because wth), before TLAT, I didn’t love him. And it’s kinda the same with Lily, or well, in most of the fics I’ve read I disliked Lily, because she was always shouting or because she was literally perfect, and she never felt like a person that could’ve actually existed. That’s the wonderful thing about Rowling’s characters btw, that they may be fictional but they feel real. Before TLAT, I’ve rarely had this experience with Lily. But your Lily and your James, omg. There are only a handful of ships I feel strongly about (not just in HP but generally), and TLAT!Jily are definitely among them. I felt giddy about every interaction they had in this fic. And this line, I’m in love with this line: “Possibly Lily did not fall in love with James Potter that night, but, she would later conclude, there was no time after it that she did not love him.” (This whole scene btw is the scene that probably comes to my mind first when I think of TLAT, it’s so beautiful.) And I know this is a rather silly (and sad) thought, but there were so many Jily moments that I wished Harry could have seen. Speaking of Harry, it was heart-warming (and heart-wrenching) to think about the similarities between him and his parents. Like in the scene where Lily has her session with Madam Keepdown, her sass reminded me of Harry so very much. And it’s obviously not just Lily and James. My heart broke for Sirius (but also I don’t think I laughed as much because of another characters as I did because of Sirius), I was so happy to read about a Remus who was both so perfectly a Prefect and a Marauder, your Peter didn’t feel insignificant, I cried when I realized the fate of Marlene and Adam (it’s eerie btw how much Marlene sometimes reminded of myself), Donna is a kickass (and her family background is one of the most interesting OC background I’ve seen in a HP fic), quite controversially I even enjoyed Carlotta, etc. You operated with a lot of characters, and while I didn’t love them equally, they made the TLAT verse so rich and colorful I’d miss any of them. (Okay, maybe not Miles, I really loathe Miles. But at least, it was very satisfying to read that quidditch game with him and Marlene.)

I don’t think we necessarily should rate fics based on how much they align with our personal understanding of a character or our headcanons. While TLAT characters are not always how I imagined the characters reading the books, they feel true enough to imagine them being like this. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy other interpretations, because with fanfics there isn’t one true interpretation. But what you did with this fic was creating this little TLAT corner in the HP-compartment of my brain, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful; I freaking love that corner.

Aaand I’m not sure what’s the character limit for reviews here, but whatever it may be I really don’t want to bore you with my rambling (if you got this far), so I’ll shut up now and just repeat this: THANK YOU FOR TLAT.
12thwallflower chapter 36 . 7/10
what about Marlene and Adam? I need to know what happens next
Book Breather chapter 7 . 7/9
Oh my goodness I have just started getting into reading fanfics and this is amazing it feels like an extension of the Harry Potter Series. I love your writing. And I understood Lily and James relationship better. I hope I’ll see more fanfics from you in the future. Great job.
Guest chapter 36 . 7/7
Wow. This was the fanfiction I didn't know I needed. I loved the writing and the way you pictured the characters. Thank you sooo much for this!
Miami chapter 19 . 7/4
I love this chapter because I identify SO strongly with Lily. I think that you really nailed the "I can be strong for everyone and myself" stereotype that, as you aptly wrote the character, is always telling everyone that they are fine despite the fact that their circumstances warrant them being anything BUT fine.
I also admire the quick wit of literally all of the characters that you have written into this fan fiction. So much. Gah if only I could have half of your wit.
Harper chapter 36 . 7/3
Oh! And one more thing, for anyone who loves song-chapter-book pairings, I loved reading chapter 36 while listening to Someplace by Jake Bugg. Jules and Bugg paint similarly wonderful scenes in which someone shows up randomly (but not randomly) right where and when they are needed xx
Harper chapter 36 . 7/3
I have returned to this story every few months for the past few YEARS - which is crazy, isn’t it? When I started reading TLAT I think that I was in middle school, and now I have my first job after college. It still makes me sad to reach the end of chapter 36 and know that we won’t get more, but reading through everyone’s recent reviews makes me smile and content with the knowledge that I am not the only one who this story has stuck with. If you are reading this review, fellow reader, I hope you are really well :)

And if you are reading this review, Jules, I raise my glass to you - sending love and thanks xx
KM05 chapter 34 . 7/2
Love love love this chapter!
Guest chapter 18 . 7/2
The way you write the marauders is GOLD. Precisely how I imagine they would be. The bit where Sirius is fighting Regulus and mentions a broken rib before giving him one may as well be canon, it's so Him.
KM05 chapter 31 . 7/1
I hate Carrott a Sooooooo much please please please break the up
KM05 chapter 19 . 6/30
Wowe. ... first of all I'm so pleased that luke and lily broke up and James quite different smoking. I LOVE the LILY and James scene
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