Reviews for Bree aka Druidess
OutsideLookIn chapter 3 . 4/11/2012
What a wonderful way to explore Hank’s gentle, intelligent, complex character through Bree’s empathic impressions of him. Bree has a very complicated past, from what you’ve written so far. Would love to read more details about it, and about her developing the skills to learn the motives behind the emotions she can sense.

Having Bree strike up a friendship with Rogue was a very effective way to convey Bree’s lack of understanding about her mutant condition, and her parents’ misunderstanding of it. Enjoyed seeing Kurt and Kitty make a bickering appearance; loved their characters in Evolution and you captured them perfectly!

I hope you plan to return to writing this story. You have a really interesting OC here, and it would be great to see how she makes her place at the Institute and how Hank fits into that. Bree and Hank seem to have much in common in their compassion, intelligence, and connection to the wild, and it would be great to see it play out in your story.
OutsideLookIn chapter 2 . 4/11/2012
Lovely description at the chapter’s beginning of winter blighted trees and vegetation and their impact on Bree through her strong empathic connection to them.

You effectively paint a grim picture of her existence on the run, wearing all her clothes, fearful of being found, avoiding places where she’d be identified, her building fatigue and emotional numbness.

Then you introduce one of my favorite characters, Hank McCoy/Beast! I can totally picture him wandering in the woods to get some time and space to himself. His “hoping he wouldn’t have to put something out of its misery” perfectly captured his gentle nature. And “how incongruent”!—Beast as a scientist with a passion for big words would have exactly that thought.

Then you capture his feral aspect in smelling Bree, and thankfully he came along just in time to bring her back to the Institute. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!
OutsideLookIn chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
You’ve packed a lot of detail into a small space for the first chapter, and it flows beautifully in the rush of events leading up to Bree’s fleeing.

Your description of her emotional state building to “angerfuryHATE” blooming in her mind was so vivid! Seems the grandfather accidentally unleashed more of her power than any of them could handle. You perfectly captured her rush to grab essential things, including her mother’s money from the abandoned room.

Love when writers convey information without spelling it all out. Its clear from what you've written that Bree and her beloved duck have been at her grandfather’s mercy for some time; looking forward to learning more of her history.

The last line-“winter was coming” perfect in its double meaning for both the season and Bree’s new life on the run.