Reviews for Innocent Enough
Sora-Mito chapter 1 . 7/31/2009
Seriously I'm shocked after reading this, but please don't get me wrong as this was one of the most positive shocks I had :D This fanfiction had all that a good fanfiction ought to have - visible relation with the main plot of the series and it's universe, a good balance with the descriptions and the dialogue and, what I think is the most important, the character's are written quite IC ( the kiss scene made me squint my eye though ,_, )! 3 I think that your work is a little shining pearl among the Boktai stories posted here :) ( I was surprised by the amount of slash actually, but sadly most of them were just written OOC/crackish for fun though )

The story was not too long but also not too short and of course those cute-moments made me wrinkle my nose delight 3 LuAa is among my favourites and currently my leading OTP so it was a double pleasure to be able to read it _ ( that's what I dislike in Lu-chan the most... *sigh* )

Gah! Sorry for the longish post I tend to blab too much... ;


lady-of-destruction-aria chapter 1 . 7/11/2009
It's funny, I started liking NaruSasu because I realized they were so similar to this pairing. Guess we just think backwards. XD

I REALLY liked this one. I don't know why you thought you failed at being sweet and not OOC, because you didn't. The characters were done perfectly, and I most definitely think that this is what should've ACTUALLY happened on the way to the Planet Eater. Though as soon as you see the little scene with Aaron's name, you can pretty much imagine what happened. P

Thanks for writing this; you made my day.