Reviews for Eulogy of a Toy Flower
Lita Snow chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Wow, this is very interesting. I feel so sorry for the Replica. Everyone around him had no heartful feelings and thus didn't care for him the way that he did others. I loved Zexion's analogy throughout because even from the viewpoint of "This is not part of the story, this is a letter" when it obviously IS the story, it still fit ever so perfectly. I liked this a lot. It has a different feel to it than many other fics, and I really like that.

I was listening to t.A.T.u.'s song "Show Me Love" while I read this. It went really well with it, actually.
Rosepetal987 chapter 1 . 10/27/2010
-I never will quite understand the whole clone concept, but since it is Mar, I will read it~ Research, so much research...-

Hm, how poetic, and blood thirsty...rats, I now want Ketchup!

Hehe, for Zexion would end it. How I enjoy such a poetic read~ For Marluxia is much more pleasant with a heart, and Vexen truly is always alone.

*Sighs gently* Yes, for Zexion is quite the thistle after all, that little hypocrite. Not really sure if I can say 'happy' ending but the nature of 411 never really is... 3 ~Mar
The True Face chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
I LOVED IT ALL. Please,continue writing!
littlen00bgyn chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
Oh cool, you did make a story where Marluxia screws his clone _

Does this one end up dying like the one in Two Roses did? I guess I'll have to read it and find out.

Vexen's so much sweeter to this clone than he was to the other one :)

Aw man. I hate it when Marluxia's just a filthy bastard and not... sexy... like he was in the others :P

Aw *sniffle* Poor clone-Marluxia. It didn't deserve to have its heart broken like that.

I kind of wish there had been more to this. Like... more of a relationship between Marluxia and Vexen after the clone was killed.
sodawitch chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
this is the most beautiful and well written marvex i've ever read 3 yays for awesomeness! D
TheifKingofDarkness chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
aww, that was sad and cute at the same time. the cute part was Zexion's ending to the story...this "Eulogy" could be applied to many real people i know and i find it very sad. i wish i could help them-letters never seem to help.

great story, though. :)
Reverie Hekako chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
HOLY HELL. oAo I wish I could write like you! :'D That was amazing! The emotions in your writing leave me breathless. :'D
Obsidian Thunder chapter 1 . 8/3/2009
i really like this, the way that you used flowers to describe there personalities was a really good idea and you managed to get real emotion into this story as well.
Fabled-theWolf chapter 1 . 7/13/2009
i really liked this story- the analogy simply rocked. i have no criticism. keep up the good work! you write this pairing (411) better than any other authors i've read.
FlurryDivider chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
wow, i totally loved it! the last line is like, "SQUEE!"
Kuroshii chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
Wow. Wow. Wow.

That's a truly awesome and also sad story. And a story with much great symbolism. I love the way Zexion wrote that letter and that then is told, what really happened. Simply remarkable storytelling.

I always loves storys about the Nobodies not having hearts and not able to feel. Sadly, most fics I read with that theme ended in a sappy happy-ending. I like that this story doesn't have a happy, but a comprehensible ending. And here I am wondering again what life would be without a heart. I think you did very very well on that part. The lack of emotion, the few great moments Vexen has with a replica and how easy he let it fall again... This feels like it could really have happened. Truly great story.