Reviews for Dare to Dream Part II: Picking up the Pieces
Morcianhero chapter 7 . 6/5/2010
wow, just wow. I've been up all night just reading this story, it's so darn interesting. I love the way you present the characters and how they all have a different personality which makes it even more fun to read. I hope you continue this story soon, cuse i might explode from suspense
shanesnest chapter 7 . 7/27/2009
The title of this is kind of funny, since Sith Lords are all about keeping secrets. Do I sense some irony here?

Excellent description of Kyle waking up. The cacophony of Jan's voice, the harsh light and waking up so suddenly, just like being suddenly surprised in your own bed.

Ouch! The two of them sniping at each other is kinda said and painful, but given their situation, one can understand exactly how they feel. Angry upset and wanting to lash out at something, anything.

"I thought you be taller" Absolutely classic!

"But you're going to anyways", classic Kyle. Well timed!

Castin reminds me of the typical Imperial, so full of his own bluster. When he mentioned General Mohc, I was saying in my mind,

"Aw, you gonna cry now, baby?"

Can you tell I don't like Imps?

I have to say this, but I don't mean anything bad by it. That weapon name almost sounds like so kind of exercise machine.

Three minutes a day to perfect abs with the Abscissor!

At the same time, I have a feeling it is anything but.

Oh my gosh, Ka'tan to Katarn. How cool!

Man, I feel bad for Angel. Here he was, assigned as Jan's protector and look what happened. I just hope he doesn't blame himself.

Force Problem Solver and Force Memory. Almost sounds like games or some other activity Jedi would engage in.

Nice bantering between J & K, I can almost hear them saying the lines.

Oh snap! Kyle has found out about Morgan! And definitely not in the way Jan would have wanted.

Oh man, I really don't like Kyle leaving her like that. It's awfully petty of him.

Wait a sec...

Oh, I see now.

Man, while I understand the tension between them, it seems such a shame. But they're both such strong personalities, neither at the moment is willing to give.

Y'know, I didn't like Ganis, now I'm growing to hate him.

Classic reaction from Jan to Kyle's "something's wrong"

And now, the conversation between them that should have happened long ago begins...

And finally, finally, Kyle begins to realize the impact of what his leaving did to her.

Man, does Cole ever give up?

Oh crap, Ganis is forming his own Sith army! This is so not good!

But from one who knows, I have to say, nice cliffhanger!
shanesnest chapter 6 . 7/21/2009
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!



Revenge! Sweet revenge!

Now Kyle gets to be the one hurting with Jan's clever spinning of the "man" waiting at home for her! I just don't get why she's upset with herself. Kyle deserved this a long time ago!

Skulking off like he did before, oh he SO deserves this!

I hope it burns inside him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And I totally love your use of the classic shut up line! Very, very well done!

And really nice how Jan put the kibosh on any plans Kyle had saying they were newlyweds. He just doesn't learn.

And that firefight! Wow! I was worried for a while that they'd be captured. That bounty hunter was clearly prepared to take them both on.

And then, at the next hotel Jan FINALLY gets to lay into him with both barrels!

I couldn't believe Kyle's response. "I'm afraid I might hurt you." So you run away without even saying goodbye? Doesn't wash, Katarn. No matter how you slice it, what you did was lousy, underhanded, unfair and just plain mean.

It wasn't about Jan, it was about him.

And then the docking bay. I had a feeling something was up. Angel in a different ship made no sense and the message was just too convenient.

And since the supposed Jedi couldn't do much more than capitulate, they're both captured.

Y'know Kyle, I'd like you to explain to me exactly what your contribution is. Because so far, I ain't seein' much!
shanesnest chapter 5 . 7/14/2009
I gotta say, I'm with Jan on going home. But that dang Kyle does make sense, as much as I hate to admit it.

I love Cole's reaction to Jan, "Good talk." Classic one liner.

And then the next scene, yes! yes! yes! YES! That's it, Jan, make him suffer a little! I mean he's gone all this time, suddenly shows up and expects everything to be normal?


The Rogue nickname is cool, but I've got a better one, Director Of Production Enhancement DOPE

Jan's 100% right. She can't trust Kyle. He's about as dependable as a dish rag right now.

But then, while she's fixing the ship, Kyle has to go and push things! I mean, I know they like each other and all, but jeez! Can't he think about her feelings for once?


But luckily, Cole manages to break things up with trademark timing and lack of common sense. The Governor's wife?

Swift Cole, real swift.

And then he dares claim it isn't his fault? Then whose fault is it, you oversexed, hormonally challenged knucklehead?

Yeah, Jan is awful conflicted. I can understand it. Love is never easy, is it?

But then, crap! Attacked by a shadow? How the heck do you fight that?

And while I grit my teeth as I write this, I have to admit it was a good thing Kyle was there to help.

This guy Ganis is scary being able to use such a power.

And then, the two of them are forced together to try and escape.

I'll tell you this much, Kyle Katarn, you've already had two major screwups concerning Jan. You'd better not make it three!

And as for you two, thanks for making me have to wait to see what happens! UGH!

**Shanesnest sits in the corner and waits somewhat patiently for an update**

P.S. On another note, I have created a playlist on my Napster music service using all of the different song titles you've given me over time. I think I'm going to make it my writing playlist.
shanesnest chapter 4 . 7/12/2009
Yes! Revenge! Finally!

Jan whupped Kyle's ass sumthin' fierce. He's lucky he was able to pin her before she grabbed his saber. And then he has the guts to demand she listen to him.

Katarn, you ain't got the right to ask, much less demand anything! I mean, I know I write about this guy and all, but right now, I really hate his flippin' guts!

Cole was his usual self, and got "corrected" quite well by Ms. Jan, although I have to say I was impressed with how he handled that one Sith. Not bad at all.

That shadow thing has me worried. Ten bucks says it's Ganis. I just wonder what he's planning for the baby.

Oh and as far as Kyle learning he's a father, Jan oughta sue his ass for alimony!
shanesnest chapter 3 . 7/10/2009
I considered going postal over Jan getting pregnant, but seeing her with Morgan, it's hard to be mad about that.

Cole, Cole, Cole, will you never learn? Jan's gonna pop you if you push it much more.

Does Luke know about Morgan? Jeez, what a dope! And who says he had to know? I'm ready to clock this kid myself!

Yes, a flashback! Finally, some info, at least I hope so!

Yeah, too true, Kyle would never intentionally hurt Jan, but he still does, the stupid git!

Ah, yes! Yes, Jan, I agree! How could that knucklehead Kyle leave like that?

Touch of something my foot! Jan's got morning sickness, she canna fool my critical eye!

Y'know, I feel sorry for Jan her. She knows she's pregnant, but admitting it is just too much for her to deal at the moment. Kinda the same way for friends of mine who learned that by surprise, denial first, then acceptance.

Okay, I'm back to WHAT THE...? Kyle's father in Jan's room? What is going on?

Okay, I'm the one melting now. That whole scene with Morgan Katarn and Jan, and her deciding to keep the baby... aw crap, I think I may cry. This is so col.

And then, her revelation...

And thank you, Leia, for stomping on Han. Sometimes he can be pretty insensitive.

I think Luke's right. Kyle should know about his son. Jan's reacting from anger, but it is her choice.

Oh man! That was so beautiful I almost don't know what to say. Good bunch of people.

That makes sense. Castin seems the type that could be led around by the nose and not realize it.

Okay, I have to take a break now... That was an absolutely awesome chapter! I bow my head before the excellence of the authors.
shanesnest chapter 2 . 7/10/2009
Okay, at the beginning of this, I was still very much in WHAT THE...? mode.

I mean, what is going on here. Jan a mother, playing with a child like other moms and kids.

My head is totally spinning over that.

But I think I get some of it now. Kyle and Jan's encounter last time lead to baby Morgan, who I am absolutely love. He reminds me of my nephew when he was little.

I agree with Mon Mothma about Jan, she's completely different from who she was just a bit ago. Wow!

I love the imagery of Angel with Morgan, too funny!

The scene of Amilok reminded me a lot of Anteevy from my story.

I really liked Angel's little snipes at Jan about her weight.

And what's wrong with Angel being possessive over his weapons? It's a guy thing. And he named them too! Well done, Angel, my compliments.

It was funny how Jan wants one for herself and I loved her dance around the grenades!

And now, Jan has learned of Castin Mohc, the tension increases a bit.

And man, I was totally with Jan over Mon Mothma not telling her General Mohc had a kid! I mean, criminy, if anyone needs to know, Jan does!

You're right Angel, ol' Castin better steer clear of momma Jan or he's likely to regret it, in spades!

The scene with Dr. Bandon was neat as it shows Jan isn't completely 100% Instead of dealing with Kyle, she's just pushing him away, and that kind of tension is gonna build up...

And then, a call from Luke and who should be coming but ol' Cole Dreigan!

Yeah, I think Jan's gonna 'handle' him just right. Better watch it, Cole, or you're likely to go back to Yavin missing a few parts!

I've gotta say Castin Mohc is a little punk! He's so doggone tought by himself, but I'll bet the jerk would fold like a deck of cards in a real fight!

But Ganis worries me, he's the really dangerous one.

So where do we go from here?
shanesnest chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
I think I shall begin this review with a simple, but poignant expression.


Okay, let me see if I can get my head around this one, 'cause otherwise it's gonna explode!

First off, love love love the scene with Angel decking Commodore Saks!

And then that bit of interaction, "you think I hit him too hard?" Maybe just a little bit there, Angel.

But then, it's totally WHAT THE...?

Jan arrives home to a new apartment with some girl named Mindy, who the heck is she?

And then, she goes into to kiss a baby, her baby? And if so, how, when and where?

I swear, you're taking revenge on me for all the times I messed with y'all

And y'know what?


You better clear this up soon or... something!
Lord Of Anonymous chapter 1 . 7/9/2009
Wow, surprise ending. I can't wait until Kyle finds out about his son, I wonder what his reaction will be.