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Luciee.x chapter 108 . 7/24/2010
Yay, update. Loved this chapter especially Spencer's line; "Spency sees all". Ahh, lol. Sorry about what happened to your computer. Anyway please continue this great story :D
the wild1 chapter 108 . 7/24/2010
i thought it was really good...i suck with english anyway so i did not see any flaws. it makes a lot of sence of how Spencer is telling the kids there deeper relationship with one another. the whole story in all is soo good...still you were very mean to sam...with teh infection and all and the chills...but it shows a lot of firendship bonding which is very very cuite...Thank u for finally updating your story is really really good...even though i looking fowared to it to finish and read all the good sence i don't want this story to end..thank you for writing tis amazing story..
mak23686 chapter 108 . 7/24/2010
Yay, finally an update (sorry about your computer, life can be so mean).

Although I usually dont like long stories and long chapters, this one really got me. Its just great how you depict the friendship between the four of them, and seeing tough girl Sam so weak and vulnerable ... you cant help but feel sorry for her.

By the way, according to Entertainment Weekly, the name of Sams mom is Pam Puckett (just search iCarly on the EW website and you should easily find it). Just wanted to say it because you said you would change it if she got an official name.

Hope to see more soon!
sockstar chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
ugh. I'd hate that. I have the same sort of thing in my long fics, if that crashed, I'd lose 30,000 words :S
the Stafflord chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
i say, okay i loved this chapter and i also say you should have been inside my head when i saw that you updated i practically had fireworks going off in every direction i had given up hope, you would never update but since you are I'm as happy as as tornado in a trailer park and please update within two weeks and i promise i will jump for joy literally.

Your Ever Faithful Reader the Stafflord.
arluna chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
Hey there OverkiII, WELCOME BACK!

My hat's off to you for being able to continue the flow and continuity of this story as if nothing happened! You are AWESOME. I have checked often to see if you have updated.

I like the way you are bringing Sam slowly along the road to recovery, you have obviously researched this subject very thoroughly. I also like the way that you have shown the loyalty Carly and Freddie have toward their freind.

This story is very well done.


Cassandra's Paradox chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
I'm so happy you're back! Ahhhhh I missed this story so much. I'm really sorry about all of your scenes, geez that really sucks. I have no doubt that whatever you come up with in terms of new scenes will be just as glorious!

I really liked this chapter, exploring the dynamics of the relationships really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Ahhhhh I'm still just reeling over the fact this was updated! I should go back and read the chapter because I was really spazy and excited for my first read.

Anyways, you get the gist. Thank you so so much for bringing this story back into my life (and all the crazy readers' lives too). Can't wait for the next chapter!
llamas1355 chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
this made my day thank you!
JamesTheGreater chapter 108 . 7/23/2010

Hahaha, when I saw this up I could barely believe it.

I tried to make myself forget this fic because I knew I had to move on, but now you're back! Which means that I still get to read one of the best multi-chaps on the site!

Though I am sorry for your crash. It must have been tough.

Favorite part: This chapter. Because it signifies a new beginning much like what Sam is going through.

CrazyKK chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
:D First off welcome back! I missed your updates but I completely understand why you couldn't update. My computer crashed last year, and it had ALL my stuff for school on it. It's so frustrating! D: Hope you get, or got it fixed. :)

I really really enjoyed this chapter. I have always though even though Spencer is a little well ya know "out there" he's totally not stupid. He knows how the kids dynamic is. Also, I really love they way you write Spencer. It's very spot on to the way he is on the show. Crazy and funny yet sweet and (sometimes) wise. xP

"'Yeah, we have to get the show ready for...' Freddie's voice trailed off when he noticed the two girls scrunched up into one measly corner of the couch. 'Do those two ever separate?'"

Loved this! It really shows how close Carls and Sam are. Too adorable. :D

"'They're two peas in a pod, or two girls in a blanket if you want to get more specific.'"

We Love Trevor And Kayla chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
Really really really good I can't wait till you update the next chapter.
Love the story chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
Yay! Your back! Loved this story and I don't blame you for not updating in awhile because now I can go back and read it all agian so I am up to date! Woohoo p. Anyway I hope nothing bad happens agian and I hope updates are gonna be fast I reeeeallly like this story D
Invader Johnny chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
YAY! Welcome back to FFN! You been missed!

Anyways as always wicked work with the characters, it certanly was a "Smart Spencer Moment" when the older Shay gave Carly and Freddie his perspective on their friendship with Sam.

Heh Sam ate ham! YES! But sadly not the amount she normaly swallows, tsk.

Look I know this is totally a random piece of information but I recall that you said that if you ever found out about Sam's mom real name you changed it, well I read on the iCarly wiki site that her name is Sarah Puckett, just thought you should know that, heh.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
krisiten chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
AHHH! So I was thinking about how to possibly sum up my feelings about this chapter into a paragraph...and then I realized that I can't. SOO..I decided to create a cute little list instead

1) I'm SO SO SO SO SO glad you're back (: I missed this story. Every once in a while I'd go and read it for entertainment and then be sad that it was on a little hiatus. I was so excited that, if I wasn't so sick right now, I'd do a cartwheel (:

2) I'm definately loving the spencer-focus in this chapter. Spencer and Sam are my favorite characters so I was like "WOOOOO!" when they were talking in the scene with them. I love how you had Spam in there, but it wasn't like romantic spam, it was friendship Spam. Good stuff.

3) I thought it was really adorable how much Carly was worrying about Sam. She's so caring that she was even upset that Sam thought she stole her blanket. I adored that part. There was a lot of Cam in this story, but once again, it was just friendship. I'm really big on the whole "cam friendship" aspect in icarly and your story has TONS of it (:

4) oh, and I love how you call Sam an enigma at the end of the chapter. Enigma is a cool word ( :

and on the completely unrealated note...ARE YOU EXCITED FOR iGOT A HOT ROOM? (: I'm looking foward to the new season.
Justine Themis chapter 108 . 7/23/2010
Oh my gosh, yay you're updating again :)You would not believe how excited I was getting the email saying you updated *squee!*

(Computers are really evil... very evil...)

Beautiful chapters as always :)

Looking forward to the next,

~Justine xxx
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