Reviews for Undeniably His
Guest chapter 18 . 8/15
This is like the pinnacle of sadism/masochism. The inuyasha you protray has 0% reasoning, a brat, selfish, and is downright an asshole. And kagome has no backbone whatsoever. Good job, you made a worthless fanfic with no sympathy for inuyasha. Half of the reviewers hate him. It's obvious where you're going with this plot, but what kind of woman would stay and take that kind of abuse? No on except the emotionally damaged women. I've read better fanfics with the same situation than this. Done reading this nonsense.
SonicAmy1996 chapter 45 . 8/5
I love this story! I enjoy on how the relationship between Kagome and InuYasha is getting better now. I will have to ask though, what is Naraku's role in this story since he made a appearance twice already? Please continue and your awesome
brit-sama chapter 42 . 7/30
I love how you added rin into the story! Honestly I kinda ship rin and sessh but this is worth it!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/21
write more its was a good story
MiscellaneousUproar chapter 45 . 7/15
Please don't leave it like this
Kae chapter 45 . 7/12
Nooooooooo, come back, you can't just end it with a cliffhanger
M chapter 45 . 6/15
Love this new development !
Aya chapter 45 . 6/13
Oh wow this story received an update! I had to go back and re-read it to catch up. I do hope you continue regularly updating as I really enjoy this story! It would also be pretty cruel to leave us hanging with an end to a chapter like that!
PrincessRini707 chapter 45 . 6/6
Aww! Yay! OMG Thank you so much for updating! I missed this story so much! I have to ask! But not pushing or rushing, how long before he can smell her scent? The anticipation is so biggg! lol But I know with you writing it, it will be worth it )
Angel-the-hedge chapter 45 . 6/6
please continue this...i really want to see how it'll end and everything
RagingRavenRiot chapter 45 . 6/5
oh it's been so long since I read this and I really hope that you update soon. I have a feeling that there is going to be some major drama and I'm curious to see how they work through it . witchy
gigglez30 chapter 45 . 6/3
This is a very interesting and amazing story, and I can't wait for the next chapter, thanx!
sassykitten1701 chapter 2 . 6/1
Oh boy...I'm feeling a great deal of sympathy for Inuyasha...
Taino Delsan13 chapter 45 . 6/1
Oh my goodness who is this mystery guy?
Is it narsku? Why does Inuyasha know his scent?
Great job thank you for updating
giancarla12 chapter 45 . 5/31
Im so glad you updated the story! Can't wait for the next chapter. pls update soon. hehe thanks!
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